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44 ( <br />\ <br />.. .. - <br />1;Ienbers answering Rollcall were Bredesen, Danens, Bank ad Erickson. <br />Child came later, 8s recorded below. <br />Enutes of Geetings of October 18 and 25 were approved 8s $ubmi-tted, by motion <br />Danens, seconded by Beedesen and carried. <br />Trustee <br />Clerk Bank presented Affidavit of Publication in Edina-T-lorningside Courier <br />October KL ad 16, 1954, of Wotice of Hearing on Oiling for E3roolcvieS.r Heights." <br />Affidavit was approved as to-form and ordered placed oq file. Uayor Erickson - then called Public Hearing pursuant to said notice; and Uanager IIitcktell gave <br />as his Estimate of Cost, $874.45, or 8.15 per assessable foot. There >:ere <br />no objections from the floo9, and no peitten objections had been received prior <br />to the Hearing. Bank offered the following Resolution andmoved its adoption: <br />RESO&WION 03DEZUXG It*PiiOVB*~~E * <br />OILING ~*iP~O~~ . DO. 0-90 <br />I% IT BESOLVSD by the Council of the Village of Eding, I.linnesota, that this <br />bouncil heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on %he proposed <br />improvexent cmsisting of the Oiling of Ducgan Plaza from Highuw KO. 100 to <br />Danens Drive; Danens Drive from Duggan Plaza $0. Ridgeview Drive; Warren Avenue <br />2roz Danens Drive to !.:.66Yc St., and at, the hearjng held at the time and place <br />specified in said notice the Council has duly considered the views of all <br />persons interested, aqd being fully advised of -the pertinent facts does hereby <br />detemhe to proceed with the construction of said hprovement; that said <br />improvement is hereby designated and sball be referred to in all subsequent <br />proceedings as Oiling hproveaent No. 0-90; and the area to be specially <br />assessed t'nerefor shall include all lots and tracts of land abutting the <br />streets to be improved. <br />Hotion for adoption of Besolution was s q, ad on EollcaU there <br />were four ayes and no nays, as &e DarienS, : axg; Bank, aye; <br />on, aye; and the Resolution vas a <br />Next natter on agenda was the Public Heazing on the petition of H.K. Greguson <br />for the Rezoning fron Opn Development District to Community Store District, Lots <br />15, 16, 17 and 18, Block 3, and Lots 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, Block 4, in Grandview <br />Heights, Clerk BanIr presented Affidavits or" Publication of Wotice of Hearing" <br />in Edina-Xormingside Courier November 11 ad 18, and AffidaVi.t of Posting said, <br />Notice Xovember ll. <br />There were no objections fromthe floor, and no objections to the rezoning had <br />been received prior to the Hearing. <br />recornendation of November 3 was reviewed, <br />OrcEmnce, moving that Council vaive second reading and adopt Ordinvlce as <br />submitted: <br />Affidzvits were approved and ordFred placed on file. <br />The Planning Commission's favorable <br />Danens, offered the following <br />ORDDLMGE .?;IO. 261-14. <br />Ail (XUliiGU?CE, NBkJDITiG THEl ZOBIXG 03DITi&EE OF <br />Section 1. Section 5, Community Store-District, of Ordinance 110. 261 of <br />the revised ordinances of the Village of Edinsr, as amended, is here5y further <br />mended by adding at the end of paragraph 1 of said Section 5 an additional sub- <br />pzrzgraph as I"o1lorjr: <br />"(dd) <br />Block 4, dl in Gradviev Heiats Addition. - <br />Lots -15, 16, 17 and 18, Block 3, and Lots 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, <br />Section 2. This ordinance shall be 5x1 full force and effect fron and <br />after its passage and publicztion according to law. <br />Ihtion for xaiver of second reading and adoption a <br />and on Rollcall .there were four ayes and no nars, <br />- <br />Bank,, aye; and Erickson, aye; and <br />-4% this tine I-hpr Erickson announced that Public Hearing on _C-ravel.,Pit Ordinance, <br />tertakively scheduled for this evening, TKL~ be continued to Z'Tonch$, _Dece&er 13. <br />3Zessrs. Crear and Cru-ttman presented detailed building plan for llSouthdale Center." Eanager IEtchell recornended that plan be qccepted and building-permit issued. - <br />Danens so moved. I.lo'cion seconded by Bank and carried.