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12/27/54 <br />MINUTES- -OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDTNA VII�T,.�GE 'COUNCILS HELD , MONDAY, . <br />IiECEMB, 2, 31�1�,� 7�3fl ,P,Ij, ,AT THE <br />EDINA, Vli,I,AGE HALL. <br />Members answering Rollcall.were Bredesen, Child, Bank and Erickson. <br />Minutes of Meeting of December 13 were approved as submitted, by motion Bank, seconded <br />by Bredesen and carried. <br />Clerk Bank submitted Affidavits of Publication in Edina Morningside Courier and <br />Construction Bul.l.etin„Becember 2 and 9, 1954, of "Advertisement for Bids--Elevated <br />Steel Water Tank," which affidavit was approved as_to form and ordered placed on <br />file. ,Bank then moved that sealed bids be referred to. the Assistant Village Engineer <br />for public opening in the Engineerts Office, tabulation and - report this evening. <br />Motion seconded by Child and carried._ <br />Manager Mitchell recommended that contract for Deep Well on the McGuire site be <br />awarded to the low bidder of December 13 - -Keys Yell Drilling Company, at bid price <br />of $13,345.30• Bredesen so moved. Motion,seconded by Child and carried. _ <br />Manager Mitchell reported on bids taken December 13 fora Motor Pick Up Sweeper. <br />After some discussion, during which Mr. Mitchell reported that investigation had <br />l,een made with three other municipalities:, with two of them preferring the Elgin <br />and one the Wayne sweeper; and also reminded the Council that the purpose of <br />securing a new sweeper was to obtain a larger one,, Bank moved that the bid of <br />Public Works Equipment. Company for a 4- Cu.Yd. Elgin. Sweeper at x¢11,050.00 with a <br />trade -in allowance on the used Austin Western Sweeper of $3,000,be accepted. Motion <br />seconded by Bredesen and carried. • , <br />In reporixing on bids received December 13, for the Northwest Diagonal Trunk Sewer <br />Improvement.No. 69, Mr. Mitchell summarized events leading to,the taking of bids ;" <br />stating that,_although bids are higher than estimate he feels award should be made, <br />because of increasing labor and materials.costs and the fact that large Improvements <br />are being initiated this year in the neighboring municipalities, thus decreasing the <br />number of prime contractors available for this kind of project. Bids received were <br />as follows: ORFEI & PETER 1&MTI SANDSTROM <br />- NARIANI L DTI &_ S0� SUS & <br />W Diagonal Trunk <br />Sewer #69 <br />Inc.Plan A1ts. #1 & 3 23,494.30 0951,155.64 01,051,779.80 $98$,88$.40 -(No Alt.) <br />Mr. Mitchell explained, also showing a Yu-Graph Chart of the figures, that by a <br />change in the line, routing sewer across Interlachen Golf Course, rather than doom <br />Interlachen Blvd., a saving of $98,031.63.could be made on-the low Base Bid, making <br />the total bid., $725,462.67. He,stated that, in addition to this saving,.he feels <br />that some X46,000 can be saved by elimination of piling, cap and sheathing in <br />certain parts of the line where working conditions are-more favorable than first <br />supposed. Mr. Mitchell's figures showed a Net Estimated Contract Cost -of $679,462.67, <br />for an Estimated Per Front Foot Cost on Platted Property of 02,61 (rather than $2.36, <br />as quoted at the Improvement Hearing) and $110 pea^ Acre on unplatted property- --this <br />last being the same as quoted at the..,Improvement Hearing. Bank's motion that bid <br />be awarded to low bidder, Orfei &- Mariani,'subject to change in ,line as recommended <br />by Mr. Mitchell, was seconded by_.Bredesen and carried. At this time Messrs. <br />Dobbelman and. Lewis Jones suggested that Council delay award of bid for New Council. <br />Mr. Makkla of the Northwest section commended Council on its action, explaining that <br />d owners in that area are under constant heavy expense for cesspool pumping. Mayor <br />Erickson explained his feeling,.that the Council has for some long time had a <br />definite obligation to the good'eitizens of the Northwest corner of the Village, to <br />provide them with sewer service; that the present Council has given the problem <br />much study; that he believes the right action has been taken in awarding the bids.. <br />Trustee Child offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION <br />RE: SOUTHD= ROAD PATTERN <br />P MOLVED, that the Council .of.the_Vil.lage,;of,; approves the street plan relating <br />to France Avenue, Valley View goad, W.66tn St. and 1-1.69th St.,, all as set forth in <br />the _detailed plans- marked_ Exhibit A_ and Dated December 13.,_1954., containing twenty- <br />eight sheets, which plan is on file in the office of the Village Engineer and which <br />is incorporated herein and to which reference is hereby made. <br />f <br />