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2/14/55 <br />.-- . "_ .- - . .. -. kvocation was given by the Rev.'Robert Skeele of Col&ial'Church of Edina; <br />.e <br />Members answering Rollcall were Bredesen, Danens, Fronk, Tupa and Erickson. <br />Xinutes of the Meetings of January 24 ad Jariuary 31 'weie approved-as 'submitted, 'Ijy <br />-I motion Danens, seconded by Fro& and cafried. 1 c <br />Mayor Erickscm announced that sealed bids would-be accepted pursuant to Advertisements <br />for Bids published in Edina-Norningside Courier and Construction Bulletin on February 3 arfd 10, 1955, for - 1. Chlorination Equipment; 2. - Venturi Netering Xquipent; zkd 3. Insurance. <br />for Public Opening in Engineer's Office, was seconded by FT-Q& and carried, after <br />Affidavits of Publication for Advertisements had been submitted and ordered placed <br />.to be as follovrs:- - <br />Bredesenl-s motion that bids be referred to Supt. of Utilities Woehler <br />on file, SC 35 -3 J' JC Later in the 'meetibg, opened bids were returned, and were found <br />CHLORINATION 3FENTuRI IQTIXRING - <br />Wallace & Tiernan, Inc. <br />-. Alternate-Nech.Diaphragm Type (4,900.00) <br />Buildersl.Providence, hc. $4, 938.00 - $2,299.00 (fit) 2,093,OO- Fischer &- Porter Company <br />The Bristol Company <br />Hoyt-A. Seveg $2,491000 ' <br />hsurance bids had not been tabulated by end of-meeting, but bidders were listed as <br />Anderson Agency, Bannite Agency, David kency, Hardware Mutuals, Curt Johnson, and <br />?!lash & McLennan. <br />Actian on all bids deferred until lfeeting of February 28. <br />Bids taken January 24, on Gasoline and Diesel Fuel were reviewed, and Fronk moved <br />for award of bids to low bidder, this being Direct Service Oil Company, at bid price <br />of 9.03 per gallon from their posted pump price, on-Gasoline; and net of &l47 per <br />Gallon on Diesel Fuel Oil. Hotion was seconded by Bredesen and carried. , <br />- $3,~0.00 <br />$2,397;'00 <br />Shplex Valve & Neter Co. 02,391oOO <br />.- - <br />Public Hearing was held on the petition of &. B.E. Crogness for permit to face <br />dwelling on Lot 1, Block I, Stocke & Hanson's Concord Terrace (5709 Concord he.) on <br />Concord Terrace rather than on Concord kvenue;_and on Lot 3, Block 1, Stocke & Hansonls <br />Concord Terrace (5701 Concord he.) on ?est Woodland Road rather than on Concord <br />Avenue. .Copy of notice mailed to all proper$y owners $.thin 500 feet of these two <br />proposed residences was read, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. I@. <br />Crogness presented a letter of 1lno objectiontt signed by some twenty owners in the <br />area. There were no objections,at the Hearing, and no mitten objections had been <br />received prior thereto. <br />Fro& and carried. <br />Mr. Lloyd Franke, owner of 5517 lfarwick Place, asked for relief on the special <br />assessment for Sanitary Sewer Imp-ovement No. 37, explaining that he has been assessed <br />for 155 Fiont Feet, whereas several of his-neighbors have equal or larger front <br />footziges .and have been assessed for less. It was explained to Sir. Franke that one <br />owner obtained assessment relief because he.dedicated a storm drainage easement to <br />the Village; that the owner directly across the street (with a triangular-shaped <br />lot) was assessed fior frontage on one street, only. Franke still maintained <br />that his assessment is unfair; and, after some discussion-on the problems of -re-= <br />assessment, etc., Bredesen moved that surplus obtained from difference in assess- <br />ment rate as against bond interest rate be applied again& I&. Frankels assessment <br />in an amount to give Mr. Franke an assessment of no less than 1QO froat feet. <br />Motion seconded by Danens -and carried. <br />&. Allivato appeared in the matter of the proposed condemnation of his property for <br />Ryan Avenue, South of Valley View Road. <br />Ettner and Wing a dedication for right-ofFway pruposes if they will. pay the cost <br />of improving the road (grading and gravelling), but that they have turned down his <br />proposal. kttorneyWindhorst stated that the Council has the power to determine <br />who is benefited by the condemnation of the property, and may assess tge costs <br />thereof 911 to Ettner & $ling, or to divide the costs between Ettner & Wing, and <br />Auivato, on basis of benefits. <br />because he has direct access to Vzlley View Road; whereas Ryan Avenue will allow <br />Btner and Iring to dispose of their platted lots. 2k. Windhorst was of the opinion <br />that s0met-g could probably be worked out wtth Xessrs, Ettner and Wing; and Mr. <br />Allivato stated he vdfl be willing to give an easement for right-of-y<ay to the <br />Village if it is held and not recorded until he can be sure that he will not have to bear an assessment for the grading and gravelling of the roadway. <br />Ekedesenls motion that petition be granted was seconded by <br />E <br />He explained that he has offered Nessrs. <br />MI?. Wlivato explained that he will not bebnefited