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’$32 <br />I <br />.. 1-^. . .* .. <br />Rembers asrering Rollcall were Ericlrson, Bredesen, Danens, Fro& and %pa. <br />=-ager-Engineer Zikan was also present and acted as *Clerk. - <br />Advertising for tge €oflot* pieces of eqyipn6nt needed by the PUbUc liorks Dept. <br />was discussed: One - 13 Wheelheumatic Wller; One Steam Cleaner for eqdpenf;, <br />edvefis, md.catch basins; ad One Tar Tank on trai&er with hand spray. A mller for Patching, COdkng less than $500, which the Public ITorks Dept. geed&, <br />vas also discussed. Zt was moved by Nr, Fmnk that the-P.lanageT be authorized to advertise for the three pieces of equipment costing over-&DO each and that the <br />purchase of the small boller be made &rectly, Bids to be taken &rch G, 1955. Notion seconded by BIr, Tupa and carrLed. <br />Salary and wage schedules for the Villages of Richfield, St. Louis Park and Hopkins <br />were presented to the Council. for consideration in adjusting the searies of.Edina <br />employees. No action, ” <br />The request of the Council regarding the new Nater Totrer contract ?vas discussed, <br />Since C-tLcago Bridge & Iron Company have $30,000 to. $50,000 invested at the present <br />time, it was decided to.notify them to proceed 16th Che water tower as previously- <br />contracted. <br />The request of the Hopkins Council for a meeting T.rith the Edina Council was discussed, <br />and February 25, at. 7:30 Pa&., was approved for an infoma& meeting, <br />The proposed Eden Avenue entrance on W.5Gth Street relocation was discussed. The <br />Wmesota Highway Qepartment has a proposed Highway Relocation for Trunk Highway <br />No. 169, tJhich tmuld utilize Eden Avenue. <br />on February 11, 1955. <br />Company for the relocation o,f the entrance of Eden Avenue onto li.5oth Street, be <br />returned because of the State Highp.raJr Plaa. <br />Bredesen voted against tee motion, <br />motion carried. I <br />The suggestion of Hennepin County to correct the alignment and grzde of Interlachen <br />Blvd. $Iere”the NI.I Diagonal-Trunk Sewer is constructed was referred to the Engineer <br />to work out tlith. the County;. <br />The Cornea met with the following people to discuss France Avenue widening and the <br />conStruction of Valley View Road extended: <br />Henneph Comty fkighwq~pepa@rnent; Nr. Crear ancJ I&. Albrecht-_of the Dayton CompaW; <br />Kr, Bari;on, a traffic consultant; m.. Gutiman of Vgctor Gruen & Associates; and Nr. <br />Coul%er, a surveyor who prepared the plans and estinates of cost. <br />discussion was had, in which many specific items concerning the preliminary urork, <br />proposed construction and p-mposed maintenance were covered--notably the follobkgt <br />The 24-foot cut for the intersection of France Avenue and W.75th St. was of some <br />concern as to damages to Glacier Sand and Gravel Co., and the question of $he <br />lowering of the Egh pressure gas-main in both W.7Oth and Fraxce Avenue was <br />considered. <br />kevr that the-grades mre going to be lowered when they installed the mak the Gas Company vmuld be responsible-for the lowering. <br />$om Sex.rer and the -land acquisition were a Village responsibiUty. <br />The question of ab&doning lf,66th St?e&*across Lake Cdrnelia was brought up. <br />residential develog&ent had-,nothing to do with th5s abandoment--the .. Conky spends - <br />too much for maintenance on this road now, <br />Acting <br />, <br />Notion made by Fro&, seconded by Danens and carried. - <br />These plans were filed kith the Village <br />E&. Fro& moved that,,the $4,000 deposit of the Edim-_Holding <br />lk&ion-seconded by>Ir, Tupa. I&, <br />Other members voted to approve motion, and <br />- <br />I&. 25mmezyw-i and Nr. Pederson of the <br />A lengthy <br />It was felt that the Gas Cornpany was there by-severence and since %hey <br />The Cohty‘mmanbers felt that the <br />The <br />A question was asked as to whether the entire road pattern vas being coordinated <br />with the State Highway Department, and Nr. Zimmem said that it tias, <br />Elk. Codter presented his estimate of cost ?or both France Avenue and Valley View <br />Road-extended, as $4l3,2ll,10, which vas the total except for damages to the __ <br />Glacier Sand and Gravel Co.; the cost of removing one home in Psacedde Acres; the <br />T@e County Highway DepaAment members felt that the Village should be responsible <br />for traffic. signals, grass planting and cutting, and-gtom sewer naintenance. <br />C~~nty should be responsible for the construction of 22’feet of roadway, snow <br />The Edina Village Council accepted the Estimate of Cost and the plan for further <br />study, No -action taken, <br />land acqqisition for right-of-riny, .- <br />The <br />PlOiJing, and patching-