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2/25/55 <br />- ..-- ^. . . I. .I - <br />Nembers present were Mayor Erickson; Trustees Bredesen, Danens, Fro& and <br />Tupa. Acting llanager-Engineer Zikan was also present and acted as Clerk. <br />352. P. Cressy,'.and Mr..-J. Rudolih of Northern States Power Company presented <br />a map of the utility in.the Village, showing t@e proposed revision in the <br />street lighting changeover f Tom 2500 lumen lamps to 6000 lumen lamps during <br />the next three years. <br />The members of the Edina Village Council met with the Hopkins City Council <br />to discuss the possibilitx of Hopkins comectbg to the proposed future <br />trunk sewer in the Village of Edina, which will be in the area of Nine-Mile <br />Creek. <br />two municipalities work together to see if two c.f.s. could be provided <br />for Hopkins in the future trunk. <br />The information was filed. No action taken. <br />After much discussion it was suggestedthat the engineers of the <br />No actio <br />e