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.* “““I <br />*.. .- <br />Menibers ansrering RoSLcaU. vere ’Danens, %pa and Erickson. <br />!Be acting Village Clerk presented affidaviM shoT.ling publication of not5.ce of <br />sale of $820,000 general obligation Improvement Bonds proposed to be issued for <br />the financing of Sanitary Sewer Improvement No, 69, being the diagonal trunk <br />sewer connecting the northwest area qf the Vsllage with the present outlet of the <br />municipal sever system through Richfield to the ELmeapolis-St,Paul sewage disposal <br />system, Said affidavit and the terms of the-bonds as set forth in said notice of <br />sale were examined and found satisfactory and said affidavit mas directed to be <br />placed on file in the office of the Village Clerk. <br />- <br />The acting Village Clerk reported the two sealed bids had been received in her <br />office prior to the the of this meeting, which bids were thereupon opened and pubfjcly read and considered, and the highest and best bid of each bidder was; <br />found to be as follovs: <br />NORBWESTEXN NATL, BANK, I-IPIS., .1958-1967 Hatwitis - 2.75% FIRST WTL. BANK, $PI%, AN93 1968-1977 Platurities - 2.W$ None <br />mocsam (Av, Wb, Rate 0 2.8540634%). <br />Name of Bidder kteiest Rate or Rates Premium <br />*- <br />EoJoPRBCOTT & Coo, m*m AND co”Y, 1963-1967 Haturities = 2.60% None <br />JuaAN & I.IOODY, <br />ATDT.NATL,BANK OF ST*PAm <br />PAINE,VEBBER,JACKSON & - CTJRTIS (Av.Int, Rate - 2.8327% <br />%pa introduced the follotring resolution and moved its adoption$ <br />_1 .- ” , RESOLUTION APIAFZDING- SA= OF $820,000 <br />I BE IT RESOLTTED by the Village. Council of $he Village of Edina, ELunesok <br />that in accordance. with, instructions of this Council notice has been- published of <br />the sale 9f $820,Q00 negotiable coupon general obligation Improvement Bonds to be <br />1- dated as of Narch. 1, 1955, and all bids received pursuant to said notice of sale <br />have been duly opened and. considered and the hi@est and besi of sPch bids is <br />hereby found and de%er&ned to be &at of ’E, J, fieScott & Go. of I-beapol=is, <br />and associates wed. theyein, to purchase said bpnds at a price of pas and <br />accrued interest, plus a,premium of 8 <br />years, set fori& below $0 bear- inkrest at the respective ratesrper annum set- <br />1958-i.962 pkturities - 2.002 <br />1968-1977 Naturities - 2.90% <br />flus 1.10% on a31 from 9/1/55 to 9/1/56 <br />I <br />-.* DPROIWE??T BONDS. . <br />4- . the bonds m&wing in the <br />. ” <br />~ forth opposite said majiurity years: 1ktUri-t;s Years Interest Rates’ - <br />W-mi@ZGities 2&0% <br />1963-1967 Haturities. 2.60% - <br />1968-1977 Haturities- 2*90%“ <br />. 9/&/55 tp 9m6 . <br />(Avmlht. Rate Y 2*8327%) -- <br />-~ I” <br />P~LS &.lo$ on all frp c <br />* <br />’C <br />.The Hayor and the Acting Village Clerk are hpeby authorized ade d&ected to <br />endorse the acceptance of the Village upon duplicate copies of said proposd. <br />and to return a copy thereof to said bidder ard to file the original in the <br />office of said Clerk. <br />bidder shall be retabed by the VLXLage Teeasurer pending de3jveq of the bonds <br />and papnt of the purchase price, and the ghecks of other bidders shall be <br />returned to them forthifitha <br />by Panens, and on rolkdl, 4h-e were 3 AYES NO <br />Tupa, aye; and Erickson, aye; rJhereupon said resolut <br />The good faith check furnished by said successful <br />Ths.motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution ~ras duly seconded” <br />I , and adopted, <br />.n <br />Rrpa introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />. RESOLUTION CREATING 1955 FIRST SERIES B*PROVEDENT BOND <br />FUND, BROVJDING FOR ANp KPPROPRXATING SPECZAL ASSIEsSlENTS <br />- FOR rME SUPPORT AND EIKWIXNmCE pIE3EOF, .AM) D3REC“ING <br />ISSUANCE OF IWROVENEXX BOWS . . <br />BE IT RESOLXED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Fmesota, as <br />1. <br />f OllOt7S : ~. <br />This Council has investigated the facts necessary to ascer~in and