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3169 4/11/55 IN TjITI\TEsS ImF, VILLAGE and STOW have caused these presents to <br />be executed in. %heir respective. corporate narpes by their respective duly <br />authorized officers znd their respective corporate seals to be hereunto <br />afyixed the day and ybar first abbve written. <br />Discussion was had as to approval of Agreement; anCi% was noted that a <br />certified copy of expendiZukes mace-by the Stow'Company has noE been furnished <br />to the Village. FronX moved for approval of contra'ct for purchase, subject to <br />a check of expenditures. <br />Xr. J. D. Dobbehan requested that the Village take bids for a-'pumphouse for " <br />the Edenmoor Well just as soon as possible. SomG discussion was hhd, with Supt. <br />Xoehler asking the Council's opinion as €0 the @le of pumphouse wrisKed for this <br />location; md the style of the Halifax pumphouse was tent-atiirely agreed on. <br />was decided that bids should be taken just as soon as plans and specifications <br />-. - . __ _- . <br />1 <br />Notion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />.. <br />1% <br />- can be prepared. 1 <br />Fronk then moved for adjournment, rnotion*was seconded by D;tnens and unanimously <br />carried. Neeting kdjourned at 1:05 esday, April 12. <br />4 - Acting Village Clerk <br />Invocation was given by Rev. Donald C. Carlson of Normandale Lutheran Church. <br />Nembers answering Rollcall were Danens, Fro& and Bredesen, with Bredesen <br />presiding. <br />Khrtes of Neetings of Tbfarch 28 and April'll, 1955, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Fronk, Seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication for Advertisement for Bids--Deep Ifell <br />Turbine Pump, in Edina-Xorriingside> Courier and Construction- llletin April L!+ arid <br />21; said advertisement being for ~mp' for Edenmoor Well. <br />as to fom and ordered'placed on file. <br />and Fronk moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer's Office for Public <br />Opening and tabulation. <br />in the evening bids were returned, were found to 'ae as fol1or.r~: <br />I <br />-- .- ~- <br />- ... - <br />Affidavits were approved <br />Clerk reported receipt of four sealed bids; <br />Hotion seconded by Danens 'and carried. 7%- -x- 3; -% -x- Later <br />DEF2 IGXL TUnBIIE PUTIP <br />FO3 ZDEXMOOR HELL <br />II- r Goodin Company, I-Iinneapolis $6,048.00 <br />FairZjanks, Xorse & Go. $5;&13.00 <br />Layne-Hinn. Co. $5; 236.00 $6, 964.00 Iceys tTe11 Drilling cO. <br />$6,064.00 (fit .> _. .~ - <br />Public Utilities Sup-&. Woehler recommended award of bid to low bidder, Layne- <br />Tsiinnesota, at $5, 236.00; and Fronk's motion, accepting PZr. Ijoeehler!~ recommendation <br />pias seconded by Danens and unanimously carried. <br />Nayor Pro Tem Bbedesen then announced to an overflow crotd estimated at-move than <br />-- <br />500 people, that the Council would conduct the COlJTmATIOI\T OF APRIL 11, 1955 <br />PUBLIC i33ARDTG ON PROPOSED Ib@OVBE2TT OF FR@JCE AS&, W.66TH ST., AND: VBl;f;F;Y VIiW <br />ROAD. He explained that because Rayor Zrickson is ill, and Trustee Tupa is out of - __ town, 'che three members of tEe Council present will conduct the Hearing a3 scheduled, <br />but that there will be go +o&e ktil- %he other tvio-have had <br />the minutes of the meeting. I&. Bredesen then-announced that, to legally, conau$t <br />the Hearing, 3% wLl1 be necessary to-validate the petition presented; and, upon- <br />Engineer ZiIcanfg statement that the petition 'is signed by-the required percentage <br />of ovmers of property affected by the improvement (being one owner, the Dayton <br />Company, owners of some 60% of the property affected), Fronk offered the following <br />Besolution and moved its adoption: . <br />opportunity to read <br />R;E~~L~TION DECL~IBIG ADB~U.EY OF PETITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of %he Village of Edina, Ennesota, tha&^.a <br />petition signed by the required percentage df oxme& of -prope&y affected thereby <br />has been submitted to this Council by the Dayton Company for improvement described <br />as follows: <br />The widening, clearing, gradkg, graveling, constkuktion of -storm sewer, <br />blackbopping and all necessary appurtenances, in France Avenue between IT. 64th and <br />U.73rd SZs., and in W.66th St. between Valley View Road Mended South and a point <br />1,100 2%. East of France Avenue; and <br />The opening, clearjilg, grading, gkaveling, construction of storm sewer, <br />blaclktopping, and all necessary appurtenances 'in Valley View Road, exbended from <br />W.62nd St. soueh and easterly to France Avenue at approximately W.69th" St, <br />.. <br />.