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20 I 5/23/53 payable from said Sinkg and Lterest Account and Beserve .kccount on a parity . <br />as to both principal and interest with said bonus dated Jrily 1, 1947 and I-wch 1, 1953, Wit'nout preference or priority of one bond over any other except as <br />specifically stated in said resolutions of July LO, 19h7 and February 23, 1953. <br />The holders of twenty per cent or more in aggregate6 principal amount of revenue bonds of the issue herein au%horized iihich ape at apls Lime outstanding may, . <br />either at law or in equity, la& by suit, action, mandamus or other proceedings, <br />protect and enforce the righzs-of all holders of such bonds and enforce ad <br />compel the performance of my and all of the covencints and duties herein <br />specifiedto be performed by the VilIage and its officers and agents, including <br />the fixing and maintaining of rates ad charges sufficient to meet dl current <br />requirements of said Sinking and Interest Accomt and Reserve Account, and the <br />collection and. proper segregation of'the revenues derived therefrom and the <br />application and use of such revenues. -. <br />. <br />certified copy of this resolution with the County Audi-Lor of Hemepin County, <br />l.iinnesota, Ad to obtain from said Auditor a certiTicate that the bonds herein <br />authorized have been duly entered upon his bond register. <br />prepare and furnish to the purchaser of the bonds herein authorized and to the <br />attorneys approving the legality thereof, certified copies of all resolutions, <br />ordinances and other acts and proceedings of the Tillage reIa%ing 50 the issuance <br />of said bonds and the provision of 'funds for the payment thereof, and all such <br />other cei-kificates and affidavits as to facts shown by the records of the <br />Village or facts otherwise known -to them as may be reasonably required to <br />evidence the validity or marketability of the bonds hereiin. authorized; and <br />all such certified copies, certificates and affidavils shall be deemed the <br />representztions of the Village of 9dina as to the correctness of all state- <br />ments therein contained. <br />The motion for the adoption: 'of :said resolution was duXy secona'ed by Danens, and <br />on Rollcdl there-were thee a,yes and no nays, as follows: <br />aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the Resolution was declared duly,passed and <br />adopted. <br />ATT'ST: <br />6. The Village IIanager is hereby authorized and directed to file a <br />7. The officers of the Village are hereby auxhorized and directed to <br />Li <br />36 <br />693 <br />.- <br />Danens, aye; Tupa, <br />Danens then moved <br />adjourned at 7:25 I for. adjournment. Xotion seconded by Tupa ad carried. Nceting <br />P .x. <br />Village Clerk <br />EI"TB OF THE REGTIGAB fGETl[f\TG OF THE <br />ITAY 23, .1955, AT 7:30 P..t-L, AT THE <br />EDJ3A'VI-m COUIVCIL, ÔéČBIB. IiOIUY, <br />. mDIA VImGE HAz;L <br />Neeting was opened by bvocixkbii given by Fr,.IiToss of Our Lady of Grace Church. <br />Ihiigers * anbrering Rollcall were Bredesen, Danens; Fronk and Tupa. <br />presided until the arrival of Mayor Erickson, as recorded below. <br />IEnutes of the Council Xeetings of April 25, April 29 ad Hay 9, 1955, were <br />approved'as subatted, by motion Fro&, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Clerk submitted Affidavit of Publica-Eion of Advertisement for Bids, Police . <br />Squad Cars, published in Xdina-Morningside Courier Xay 12 and 19, which were <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />of-four sealed bids, and Fronk moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer's <br />office for public opening and tabulation. 1-iotion seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Eayor Pro Tem Bredesen.then called Public Hearing on Proposed Sidewalk, Curb and <br />!'Notice of Heuingtt published in EdFna-Jrorningside CourLer Nay 12 and 19. <br />Affidavit ol" Publication TJ~S submit%ed by Clerk, approved as to fom and ordered <br />placed on file. Engineer's Estimate of Cost was [;5SO,lgO. <br />at the Hearing, and no written objections had been riled prior thereto. <br />reported that the iimerican Legion Housing Foundation, owner of the properby <br />benefi-bed, is desirous of the improvement and wishes it expedited, <br />offered the followhg Resolution &d moved its adoption: <br />- <br />-. . __ -. __ <br />Bredesen <br />_. <br />-~ <br />I4mager Hyde repo-rted receipt <br />-~ ._ <br />Gutter for Barking Lo% at 4900 Eden Avenue (America Legion Hall), pursuant to l/ <br />There were no objectors <br />It zas <br />Fronk