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6/6/55 NiJUT323 OF THE SPXCSAL i*E23TING OF TNE <br />JUPE-6, "1955, AT- 1:30 P.,EL, AT THE - <br />EDDiiA ViIL4GE COUNCI&, HZX,D. l$OiE)kY, <br />mIitA VIgIAm HfiL., . . <br />.. .-- 1.. <br />Pursuant to due call and notice o€ me*et$g, which was read by Hayor Pro Tem <br />Bredesen, the meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.U. Nembers answering <br />Eollcall were Bredesen, Danens, Fro& and Tupa, <br />entire meeting in Ifayor Erickson's absence. <br />Bredesen presided for the <br />Kanager Hyde reported that the $5,000 partial payment for the Stow utility <br />had been delivered to the Stow Company, He presented for approval two checks, <br />to the County Treasurer for $118.73 in papent of real estate taxes for 1953 <br />and 1954, and to the Register of Deeds in amount of $19.25; stating that these <br />amounts will be deducted from the-purchase price of the utility at final payment. <br />Notion by Fronk, seconded by Tupa and carried, that checks be approved for <br />Paymen% <br />I!&. Hyde reported the Court's decision in favor of the Village in the matter <br />of the improvement of France Avenue between %Te6&.th and I.J.73rd Sts., t.s.66th St. <br />between Valley View Rd, extended south and a. point 1100- *feet east of France <br />Avenue; and Valley View Road extended from Vest 62nd St., southerly and <br />easterly to France Avenue at approximately TJ069th St. €le &so reported <br />Attorney Vindhorst s opinion--which opinion. >vas later confirmed by 3k. <br />?findhorst-to the effect that the Council should conduct public hearings ,on <br />-three separate improvements, in the interests of saving further litigation <br />expenses and time should an appeal be made against the present Court ruling. <br />After some discussion, Tupa offered the following Resolution and moved its <br />adoption: <br />RESOLUTION CALLING PUBLIC HEARmGS <br />. OU STIBZT il+PROT?EIJEIflS <br />E3E i" EiBOLllrED by the Village Council of .%he Village of Edina, <br />IEnnesota, . as . fo&Lovrs : - <br />1. <br />form of notice included in paragraph two hereof for the purpose of holding <br />public hearings on the proposed street improvements therein described. <br />place -and purpose of said meeting to" be published twice in the Edina-Norningside <br />'Courier, the official newspaper of the Village, the two publications to be a <br />week aparb and the last publication to b& at least three days before the .date <br />09 such hearing. <br />VILUG OF EDINA <br />HZi4'HEPIN CONQ'Y, -ILII@ESOTA <br />NCYZfiCf;: OF PUBLIC HEARIitGS ON FiiOPOSED <br />This Coqncil shall meet at the time and place specified in the <br />2. The Clerk is authorized and directed to cause notice of the time, <br />Such notice shall be in substantially the following form: <br />STmY l3g~o~JEs <br />BOTLCE IS HE&BY GLVEf that the Village Council of the Vi1,hge of <br />Edina, Ifinnesota, .will. meet at the Village Hall on Pionday, the 27th day of <br />June, 19.55, at 7:30 o'clock P.N., for the purpose of considering the making <br />of the following. street improvements substantially in accordance with the <br />plans and specifications therefor now on file in the Village Hall: <br />sewer in, surfacing and othemnse improving France Avenue between Vest 64th <br />and KJes% 73rd Streets. <br />present be widened south of Uest 70th Street only to a vi5dth of 90 feet, in- <br />stead of to the width proposed in tQe plans and specifications originally <br />prepared for this improvement, The estimated cost of said improvement is <br />1. Widening; clearing, grading, graveling, constructing storm <br />It is contemplated that said France livenue will. at <br />- ... 8249, 317 80 . 2. iiidening, clearing, grading, graveling, constructing storm <br />sever in, surfacing and otherwise improhg Vest 66th Street between Valley <br />View Road exbended south and a point 1100 feet east of France Avenue, <br />estimated cost of said improvement is %76,02S.60e <br />in,. surfacing and othemrise kproving Valley View Road extended from Vest 62nd <br />Skreet southerly and easterly to France Avenue at appro4xbnately West 69th <br />Street, The plans and specifications originally prepared for this improvement <br />'have been modified by providing for a connection between Vzlley View Road ex- I <br />tended and West 66th Street on the west line of said Valley View Road exzended, <br />as well as on the east line thereof. <br />is $199,653.60 . <br />of said improvements is the Southdale Shopping Center area, bounded on the <br />north by West 66th Street, on the south by ?'Jest 69th Street, on the west by <br />France Avenue, and on the east by York Avenue extended south to Vest 69th <br />Street . <br />Iiinneeota Statutes, Chapter 429. <br />The <br />3. Opening, clearing, grading, graveling, constructing storm sewer <br />The estimated cost of said improvement <br />The area proposed to be assessed for all or part of the cos6 of each <br />The Council proposes to proceed under the authority granted by