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.- <br />i1eeting ims convened at 4:30 PJL, Thursday, June 30, 1955, with mmbers Bredesen, <br />Dmens, Fro& and Tupa answering Rollcall. <br />I-lanager Hydx submitted Bf fidavits -of Publication for 11 Advertisement for Bids- <br />Street Improvements, 11 published in Ed$na-idTorningside Courier and Construction <br />Bulletin on June 9, 1955. <br />placed on- file, 5ir. Hyde announced that, pursuant to Advertisement, Council <br />rlill. take sealed bids, now, on Street hprovements C-66, C-67 and C-68; but <br />that bkczuse m2 the time of opening, as stated in the Advertisement differed <br />from the time stated in the specifications, any bids will be held, and other <br />bids received, until 7:3O P.Ee this day, ad rK!l be opened at that time. <br />bids were received, <br />Idlayor Pro Tem Bredesen presided. <br />Affidavits were approved as to form 2nd ordered <br />No <br />Pursuant to Council direction of June 27, I%nager Hyde presented 3Ir. Harold <br />Lorenzf right-of-way appraisal report for Street Improveaei?-i;s C-66, C-67 and <br />C-68. Report reviewed and discussed. Notion made, 'duly seconded ana <br />unmimously carried, that Village Attorney be directed to initiate condemn- <br />ation proceedings &mediately, in accordance wtth resolution adopted June 27. <br />Notion ms then made, seconded and carried, to adjourn this meeting to 7:3O <br />P.IL, for opening -and consideration of bj,& . Xeeting adjourned zt 4 : 50 P.IL <br />? 3 LGkd&/ -+ Villzge Clerk <br />-- - .r -- <br />IliaTor Zrickson called Keet& %o order at 7:30 ?.K, at the Village Hall, with <br />members Eredesen, Danens, Fro& and .Erickson answering Rollcalle He announced <br />this meeting to adjourned portion of that meeting held at 4:30 PL. "chis <br />date, Jme 30. <br />Xayor Zrickson cdled for sealed bids, pursum-t to friidver'cisernent for Bids" <br />submitted at the 4:30 PA portion OP meeting. <br />of seven sealed bids, which were then opened and read in the following amounts: <br />Nanager Hyde reported receipt <br />BIDS OR SrnT ii*rl?Eov~,E@s <br />G-66, C-67 JGEj C-68 - (SLB <br />>lo. 17 add 53 qyd Vzllex View <br />i?d.--County -Project 5516) -c <br />1, Lmetti & Sons, St. 3au1, liinn. $303,728.08 <br />2, Eirmes Const. GO?, HIzStings, Wbi~. .323,292.57 3. Qrfei &: liarid & Sons, Xnc,, St. Paul, Iinn, 300,656.26 <br />&. S. J. Groves & Sons Compwy, IEnneapolis, 1Gn.n. 383,097.Gl <br />6. Park Construction Go. ,lEnnzapolis, I%iyme 319,%4-2 . 00 7. Yolff Construction Co., St. Paul, iEnn. 377,821 . 00 <br />5. l~icLcLsn-iistleford Co e, I.Iinneapolis, IEnn. 3q 397 80 <br />Fronk moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer for checking, tabulation <br />mdl report. <br />at least an hour mould be needed.for checking of bids, Bredesen moved for recess <br />of meeting to 9:OO P.M. <br />At 9:OO P,Ii. i4e&ing was- reconvened, with &Iessrs. Bredesen, Danens, Fro& ad <br />Erickson present. <br />iiotion seconded by Danens znd carried. Upon report by Engineer thzt <br />Icotion seconded 'by Fronk and carried. <br />&,nager Hyde reported thzt dl bids had been checked and. a few minor errors in <br />exbension found; that low bid remains the sane, second low bid totals ;i;303,918eOS. <br />He recommended award of contract to low bidder, Orfei & Nar$ani eC Sons, Xnc,, St, <br />Paul, st $300,656.26. <br />Bredesen moved for aard of contract for Street Improvenents Nos. C-66, C-67 uld <br />C-68 (SJB IJoo 1-7 and 53 and Valley View Rd,--Coun'cy Project 5516) to Low bidder, <br />Orfei Ei Iiaiani eC Sons, Inc,, St. Paul, 5iinnesotaa, and for transmittal to the <br />Board of Hcnnepin County Corissiopers a duplicate copy of said contract <br />inasmuch .as viis is a joht pr.0jec.t. Xotion seconded by Fro& m.d unanimously <br />cam i ea-. -. <br />Bredesen moved for ad jourment e <br />adjourned at 3:O3 P.i-i.