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Ebubers answering Roll.c~&l were Fronk, Danens, Tupa and Erickson, <br />&rites of the Meeting of July 1s were approved as su-tted, by mtion Fronk, <br />seconded by Tu= and carried, <br />Nayor Ericksoh announc& that'Council would accept sealed bids for sanitary * <br />' Sewer, .Stom Sewer, and Wate-s for WoodhiU, pursuant to,Advertise- <br />ment pu@l&sheCy: Sn iMina-.J@ningside' Cougier June- 30 (also in ConstnxQtion <br />Bulletb on that date),for Sanjltaxy sewer hprovementx Nos, 85 and $6, for <br />Tfatermah Improvementq Nos._88,90, hd 91, .and for I& Shtion for Sadtary <br />sewer Sniprovement No. 69, all pursuant to "Bdvert;lqenents for Mdsu published <br />@ Bdina-Norningside Courier July UC and 21* Affidavits of Publication for <br />said adve.&isements were approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Sealed bids received on Sanitary Sewer; Stom Sewer and Watehain projbds were' from Phelps-Drake Go,, OgfeieC EqLani, SandstTom & Hafner, Lametti & Sons, <br />F, $bgettini., Besbz~ross~-Nodlm@. Bids geceived on Gift Station for Sewer <br />Xmprovement NO, 69 were from Phelps=Drake Go,, Barbaross=qodlad, and .Acton <br />Const, Cor Danens moved for referral. of bids to the Village Engineer for <br />Eublic opening and tabulation, Notion seconded by %pa and carrLed, <br />Next matiter on the agenda was tce PUBLIC HEARDIG ON'PEP~IOPI. OF NwmLB HOME: <br />33um &%. FOR REZONaG FROM OPEE, DmmWMc -DSTRIGT. TO - ~~~Xl!Y .SzlOaE <br />PISTE1IGT LOTS 3,4,5,6,9,10,ll AED-12, BWKL TJ3IGDAIJ3,BROS. BROOKSIDE,-. -:: <br />At30,gney Hqsan ,Strong, .represen%ing I the.&.sociation, * spoke-k favos. a€ the <br />Fezoning., He presented copies of the plqs for the proposed bt&, rnla5.n- <br />ing that, because the €&$way Departmen€ triU not give access from Highway 169, it is necessary for access to be from W.49th Street. A. petition'.against the <br />proposal- was filed by owners of the neAghboring proper$ies, carrying some 100 <br />signatures, A delegation of some 50 persons protested the proposal on the <br />time to 0;rganize. Wonk so moved. Elotion seconded by Tupa and carried. Xr0 <br />Strong then explained that the Bssoc.iation must ask for, au extension of i%s <br />option, and asked Council to set a date for continued Hearing, Aft;er some <br />discussion as to a-suitable time, Fronk moved that Hearhg be co&hued to <br />Monday, August 22, Motion seconded by Tupa and cmied. <br />, grounds that traffic throcgh the residential area would be mterial~ increased. <br />' A spokesman for the opponents asked that Council. defer action until. they had had <br />to a;U abuttbg lots from other streets. There were no objections from the <br />floor, and no written objections had been filed prior to the Hearhg, Affidavits <br />of Publjcation and Posting were approved as to form and ordered placed Qn file, <br />Fro& offered the followbg Besolution ana moved i%s adoptionr <br />(l?ukwana.*@gp, ,.be~wgg~~t~.4&h, &We49bh Sts.] <br />-. BESDLUTION VACATIXG STRE32 <br />portLon-gS_pulrwan(a Lane lslng between W,&%h and W,49th Streets, and abutting <br />kts 6 and 2, Block-2 and bts 6 and 7J. Block 3, gingdale &os. Brookside, as <br />platted and of, record in office of the Register of Deeds of Hemepin County, <br />Minnesota, has been duly filed tdth the.+Village Corwcil; and. said Council has <br />pet at the time and plaFe specified in a-notice c@ly pubUshed and-posted and <br />has heard all,interested, and it appears in the interest of the public that said <br />portion of said street bF-vacatkd, now therefore:' <br />€E ZT RESOLVED by the Village Cornoil of the Village of Xdina'that tha% <br />portion of -.he lying between VD4&h and Wo-49th Streets, and abutthg bts 6 and 1, Block2 and bts 6 and 7>- Block 3, Tisgdale Bros. Brookside, as the <br />same is recorded in the office of the Register of,Dekds of. Hennepin County, <br />Iwesota, is hereby vacated; provided-that said Village excepts fro@ this .. vacation proceedings and reserves unto %tself and~-its assigns an easement for <br />all public utility pqoses, hcluding, without limiting the general nature of <br />said reservation, an easement for electric, gas, sewer, water, a& telephone <br />equipment on, over and under tGe center ten feet in width of the street hereb <br />vacated. <br />WHEREAS, peti-f;3on of a-majority of the owners--of rea&-prpperty abutting that <br />&tion for adoption 09 Resolution was seconded rjy Diem, and on Rolldl there <br />were four aps and no nays, as follows: <br />Erickson, we; and the Resolution was @opted, <br />Danens, aye; Fro&, aye;lwTupa, aye; and <br />-. IKllage Clerk. . . . I . . . .. *.,,.