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b 7/25/55 4~ 7/28/55 l3LACKTOPPIMC: -_ . - -1.. ,a1 Streets in €brants Edina &nor Acldktion (A-77) <br />2, $&ore Ave, between Qura and North Avenues [A-74) 3. TL57th-St. between Zenith and York Avenues (A-73) <br />4. @I.ifax_Ave, between lL6Of;h St, and Frdnce <br />; Avenue <br />262 <br />Work must be done as describid and specified in plans and specifications for <br />said wprovemen2; on file in the office of the Village Clerk, Said plans and speci- <br />fications ,are available on deposit of @lO,OO, which deposit is refundable upon <br />return of said plans and specifications. No bids VU be considered unless <br />sealed and fiked"r.ri.t;h undersigned before time of said meethe and accompanied by <br />cash deposit, bond or cert5fied check payable to the Village Clerk in amount of <br />ten percent of mount of bid, <br />BY ORDEE OF THE Vm CCPTNCIT;. .'. . -- * .--_ _I - .. '- GRETCHEN S. AIDEN, Clerk <br />Vqlage of Iqiq - t <br />Pbtion for adoption of the Resolution was <br />were four ayes and no nays, followst <br />Ericksoa, aye; and the Resolution was <br />Village .Clerk . <br />Hayor Erickson suggested that the CounciL congratulate 3Ess Barbara Tennis on her <br />selection as a Mjnneapdis Aq,tdal Princess, and fionk offered the following <br />Resolukion and moved its adoption: <br />.% RESOLUTI6N CONGRATULAThG <br />*. - ~~S.~Xrn~,. 3 AQummm mmms <br />f.-, qudlifications - fog.. selection, o$ .&&meapolis Aquatermid. Princess <br />are beauty3. p@e., persondlity and tdlent; and <br />I-, Niss Barbara Tennis of Edha, competbg in a-large group of <br />especially -lovely girls,. has been chosen as nqUakennie3, Princess for 1955, NW, THEREFORE, BE I'll RES0LTl'E)D by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Fdina, that congratpXations _be, tgqdered .to Hiss Barbara Tennis of this Village on <br />her. selection as linneapolis Aquatdal Pr-hcess for 1955. BE IT FWIjEXt BBSOIXEiD that this Council convey to lass Tennis its pride <br />and pleasure fn hamg-such-a &xuming representative of this VUlage in the <br />~~~eapoUs Aquatennial. <br />Hotion for aioption of Resolution was seconded by Tupa, and on Rollcall there xere <br />aye; and the Resolution was adopt@. , <br />I <br />- <br />four ayes and no nays, as follows: Danens, aye; <br />,111 ..* <br />Village Clerk . '* -1 <br />There being 'no further business to come before the Council, Tupa moved for adjourn- <br />meat. Hotion seconded by Danens, FIeeting <br />07 . . . . . . .Village Clerk ... <br />I <br />.. <br />- .. .EDrnA.SmLAGE HAf;f * a. <br />ECeeting convened with Danens, .Tups qid @i.ckson_angwerhg Rollcall, .to act as Board <br />of Redew, L <br />Village Assessor, Ailex. Creighton, presented his books of valuation, giving as his <br />F'relininsry Estimate 03 1955 Valuations, $15,728, 500, representing an increase of <br />over 15$ over last year's valuations. 1 <br />There was no one present to complain, either that he was aggrieved by said assessment, <br />or that the property of another was assessed too low; and, after review, Tupa moved that Books of Valuation for Year 1955 be approved as submitted, Notion was seconded <br />by Danens and carried. <br />adjourned at S:30 P,lL <br />- c <br />%pa then moved for adjournment, BWion <br />. .. ,.. '1 . . <br />.e P I