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E'iINOTEs <br />VZLA@ <br />AT- I 7: 30 <br />Invocation was given'by <br />Xembers answering ROUCE&L were Bredese;, Danens, Fro&, Tupa and Erickson. <br />Ihutes bf the ReGlar M'eeting oP August 8; 1955, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Danens, seconded by Fro& and carried. <br />Pursuant to 8rA.DVBITISEMENT FOR BDS-SUEBY SBEB AND WATERMA3N,'I published in <br /> and~"~onstrmction..Bul=letin AugF.zlst 11- and-18, 1955, Rayor <br />Erickson called-for sealed bids on nine projects. <br />Publication of said Advertisement, which were approved as to form and oraered <br />placed on file; and Fronk moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer for <br />public opening in his office, tabulation and report. Motion seconded by Danens <br />and carried. <br />Pfqyor Erickson'then announced th& Council would conduct 6ON'"UATTON OF JULY 25 <br />STORE DISZtRICT z1311S 3,. 4, 5, 6, 9. 10, ll and 12, Block 4, TINC;DBEE BROS. BROOKSIDE. Redewing. $0~. the. audience the .former .Hearing, Mayor .Erickson asked %hat arguments <br />be brief. P'Ir. Harlan Strong, representative for the Home Builders Association (the <br />petitioner' stated that; to quiet questions raised by. the opponents as to possible <br />future use,of the proposed office building, the Association has had restrLctions <br />prepared which would lhi% the use of the building to its presently proposed useage. <br />He stated %hat the Association is proud of its proposed building ana feels that it <br />idll be a distinct asset to the VUage. EIr. Austin Norton, representing the <br />home owners in the area opposing the rezoning, said that the property owners have <br />some $950,000 invested in their homes, bringing the Village @17,000 in tkes per <br />year; that most of these homes are in the $35,000 to $50,000. bracket and are <br />especially vulnerable to property depreciation by encroachment of a commercial. * <br />area; that proposed construction will decrease property values in area by an <br />estitwted lo$, thus ko a large exbent offseting ahy tax hcrease"to be obtained <br />from the proposed building. 21 addition to the above, Hr. Norton butlined the <br />follotJing objections to the proposed rezoning: <br />In 1952, the owhers of property in the area--concerned wtth the then <br />considered over-all zoning in the area--sought and obtained what they <br />took to be assurance that they need not fear any encroachment of <br />commercial zoning in this area. <br />2. Additional commercial. traffic bill double the present traffic ioad into <br />and out of this area (Edinbrook) - (a) creaking a fire protection problem <br />by the possible crowding and crampingoof" the few entrances to the area; <br />and (b) complicating the already acute school transportation problem. <br />Mr. Norton-stated that, with regard to commercia3 rezomring, mahy citizens in this <br />Village have heard the statements, "This is it. This is the buffer. This is where <br />ire &op. We won't let it go any farther." He cited the matter of the rezoning of <br />the Wallace property on 50th .+d Halifax as an example; stating that restrictions <br />have-finally been secured which cannot be revoked without consent of neighboring <br />property otvners. <br />'natural buffer' between coyoperciaf.'and residential areas. <br />arguments Mr. NQrton stated that the owners he represents have agreed that the <br />solution to the problem must+be constructive--not merely obstructive; that they <br />have secured a commitment fromtwo reputable home bujlders to purchase the property <br />(providing it is available at a reasonable pri'ke) and to build thereon four homes 3 <br />$he coeined value-of which will be comparable to the value of the proposed office <br />building, to within some ten or fifteen thousand dollars; thus generating good will <br />instead of ill will. Other objections entered were, briefly, as follows: <br />Mrs. J,M,Kellogg,500~ Edinbrook Lane - There are some fifteen to seven9een homes <br />vitally.affected by the present proposition, which, if allowed, TJ~U only invite <br />other requests. <br />from heavy -traffic. <br />Hwy.100 on East, Hw.16.9 on South, Railroad Tracks on West and Greek on East-- <br />children are cpnfined to area and do play in.the streets. hcrease in traffic <br />tmuld be hazardous to them. <br />5b. Soelberg, 305 &!+9th St. - Feels that Association has not shopped far <br />enough$ for a suitable location--there are some three acres for sale farther south <br />in a commercially zoned tract. Mr. DueZlman, 4908 E. Sunnyslope Rd. - On behalf of Sunnyslope Association wants <br />to add.protest on Association to aq rezoning of area North of 50th Street; they <br />feel that it yill increase traffic on PL5Oth St., as well as in bmeaate area. <br />I&. Peter D. Burgess,4800 E. Sunnysloje Rd., First Vice President of Edina Ci6c <br />and Improvement. Association, _- Association-wishes to pote_ct civic hprovemenk in <br />Edina. <br />areas. <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of <br />(See Minutes of later in Meethg, for award). <br />PUBLIC HEPRING ON PXXE'ION TO REZONE FROM OFBN DEvELQpm DISmm TO COTNUNJTY <br />1. <br />He named W.5Oth St. and the Railroad Tracks as constituting a <br />In concluding his <br />M2.E.L. Werner,4845 Mestbrook Lane - Has three children he wants to ,keep protected <br />Mr. R.N.Benham, 4$01 kwtbrook-bne - Because of boundaries of Edinbrook area-- <br />Commercial zoning is a blight which creeps, lot by lot, into residential.