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38' <br />.. -. - .I-- _I <br />Invocation was given by the-Rev. David Archie of Calvary Lutheran Church. <br />iI&ers answering Rollcall &&e BredesG, -panens, Fro&, Tupa and EricEson. <br />TAIIIEG OF BIDS: <br />Construction-Bulletin on October 13 and 20, 1955, were presented by Clerk, <br />setting forth this date for the acceptance of bids on the following projects. <br />Bffidatits piere approved as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />Affidavits of Publication in Edh-Horningside Courier and <br />1. WATEi33uN - Virginia and Parnell Aves., lf.63rd to 11.64tfi St.; V.63rd <br />2, W!!!I~~N - Bedford Aver, W052nd St. to hterlachen Blvd.; W.52nd St., <br />3 %AiiiBY SEER - Virginia Ave., IL63rd St. to W064th St . 4. @ADI"G AND GRAV3LXT;IG - Grove Sto, Tingdale Ave. to Code he. North.' 5. B&MXTOPPING - Parhmod Road, Parktood Lane to North line- of Parktmod <br />~ Knolls Fourth &ddn. . <br />Five sealed bids were received, three' being for Sanitary Sever and Tktemain, <br />one for Grading and Graveling and one for Blacktopping. <br />of bids to Viaage Zngineer for public open-, tabulation and report. Notion <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />1.linu"tes of'the Heeting of October 10, 1955, were approved as submitted, by Notion <br />Fro&, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC AE3ARIlJGS: <br />Oc%aber 13 and 23, 1955, were presented by Clerk, Zor Wotices of Hearings on <br />Proposed Iinprovmnts.f! Affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. <br />taken as recorded below: <br />1. <br />and W.64th Sts., Concord. to Parnell. <br />Gredview Lane to Bedf ord &e . '. <br />Fro& moved for referral <br />(See, later in Meeting, for action on award) - <br />Affidavits of Publication in Zdina-Horningside Courier on <br />Public Hewings were held pursuant to said Hotices, and action >ras <br />ON SAKITkRY SBEX AND APPLEIZNAIVCB in Virginia Avenue from T.J.63rd St. <br />to W.64th St. Vu-Graph Slide was shown aad Engineer's EstjmaCe of Cost <br />was read by I.Iznager at -(&,388.69, as against 1,209.95 Assessable Fe&, for &;63 per Assessable Foot, plus $2.61 par Assessable for TrLink IZah already <br />assessed, for $6;24 Total. <br />no written objections had been recegved prior to the Hearing. <br />]-mutes of kter in meeting; for Resolutioa Appro.Tiing). <br />2. .ON lfmam A$D ISPURTBJ&JCI% in Virginia and Parnell AvenueE: betveen <br />?fa63rd -ad V.64th Sts.; and in TL63rd and S.J.64th Sts. between Concord and <br />Parnell "Avenues. 'Vu-Graph Slide was shown. -arid Zngineer' s Estimate of Cost <br />%?as read by Xanager at $13,295.34, as against 2,724.85 Assessable Feet, for <br />$&m€% per Assessable Foot. <br />no written objections had been received $rior to the Hearingo <br />i-rinutes of later in aeethg, for Resolution ilpprovi'ng) <br />There were no objections from the floor, and <br />(See' <br />.(. <br />There were no obje'ctions from the floor; znd <br />(See * <br />3. OX SfiTEiaY SEm Aim AP?URTGT&ICES in El. Rancho Trail, fron 71aixmnan Ave. <br />to kterlackn; and in Interlzchen RG., El Rancho td the Vest. <br />Slide 1r2s shom, and Engineer's Estete of .Cost was read by Nanzger at <br />$U,440.68, as against 1,840 Assessable Feet; for $7.85 par Assessable Feet. <br />A 1J.r. Conover inqegd about sewer serv5ce to Lot's 3 and 4, Harold Itoods Addn., <br />stating %I&& his mm property irXL be served but that he knows the geople KO <br />tki-e East or" hiin are very a'iz;;ious to secure s-ervice. Engineer Zikan eqhined <br />t'st, because of a break in the grgde, an eaxtension to the East hi72 We the <br />proj'ect a great deal. molge exTensive (some $17.50 'per foot, estf~ukted'). <br />Bredesen asked whether the lots along Shaefer Road could be included, and Er. <br />Z&an that %he problem depends upon the securing of easements for <br />gunning a line Norbh at a point East of the presently planned juncture with <br />the trunk sewer. * Some little dis cussion was had on this problem, and Kanager <br />Hyde recornended that the Village Zngineer be directed to draft plans for <br />service to a larger district, includ5,ng Lots 3 and 4, and Shaefer Road if <br />possible; that the Council schedule a Public Hearing on this project for <br />IQovder 10; that the Village t&e bids on the originall7 outlined pr'oject <br />se Y onded by Fro& and uwninously carried. <br />Vu-Graph <br />Trustee <br />d on the aternate plan, also on November 10, Bredesen so moved. I-Iotion <br />&. OIJ SE$Ti!.iiY SEXZR iZD APPIJBTZXfM4C~ in UO57th St., Highway #lo0 to Xomdzle <br />Court. -$b-ager Hyde read Engineer's Estjmzte at 53,423.06 as agzins'c 466.24 <br />Assessable Feet, for ;j7.3& per Assessable Foot for the kterals, plus $1.09 <br />per Assessable Foot. for Cormec'cion to Trunk &in #37. <br />from the floor, and no written objections had been made prior to the Hearing. <br />(See Xinutes of later in meeting, for Besohtion Approving). <br />There were no objections