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*- <br />knutes of Xeetin& of October Zr: ad 26, 1955, were appoyed as suhitted, by Xotion <br />'3redesen, seconded b;r DGnms ad carried, t <br />Rr L&LEG OF EDS: <br />side Courier .aqd Const%uction Bplletin Novmiber 3 andLIO, 1955, foc Illidvertisement <br />for Bids-Sanitzry Sever and T;Tatemains, 11 which &f fidavits were appraved as to <br />€om and ordered placed on fqe. <br />%&en on the foUor.rirlg projects: <br />Clerk lilden presented. Affidavits of Publication in E&b~a-ZIornih.g <br />Pursuank to said Advertisenent sealed bids mre <br />i <br />1. COim&CTIEZ OF VILLA@ T~L=*XI$ htil EXEXSICjX &+D ifPPURTZ+W?CSS <br />A, W,S$%h St, betireen €iighway No. 100'Ad B&nandale Court. <br />B;' W.7Oth St. between Cornelia Drive and Trunk Highpzq Bo, 100. <br />2. CbJ$&UCTicjg ._ 02 SAIJITZtY LA- .SEER &El, MP-UREXMlC%S IN: <br />A, -&%erlgchcn Boad, from,B5sting-Tqr@ Sever to TIo Gnd of. <br />B: XL Xancho Trail, <br />C. llendelssohn Lane from Isialoney he. to Blake Rd. <br />Do T3teman Circle, <br />E, V.57th St, from Highmy No. 100 to Nomnandale Court. <br />Eredesents*m$ion, teat bids be accepted and referred to the Village Engineer for <br />public ope&g in his office, tabulation and report, ~ras seconded by Tupa and <br />carried. <br />c-_ -- ...... - .-*_ g:-. ,. <br />Interlachen Goad. - .. <br />PUBLIC i5XRDIG OX PFWOSSD ORilIi%ZCE IISO. 26k-18 vas then conducted, pursuant Lo <br />.... !%okice. of--Eez@ng qn. Petit ion. for Rezqning" published in Edina-Xomingside Courier <br />Bovenber 3.and 10, 195.5, and posted-.on offil=ial bulletin boards on November 3, as <br />substantia'ced by affi&vits of publication and posting presented by Clerk, <br />Affidavits were approved as to fom and ordered placed on Zile. <br />read the proposed Ordinance, explaining that it corrects an error in description- <br />of property rezoned in hmdtnent Eo. 261-16, <br />Orhance, moving that Council waive second reading and adopt Ordinmce as read: <br />$Ianager Eyde <br />Bredesen offered the following <br />ORDEIAIJCZ NO, 261-18 AI$ O€DD*I&fCZ &$kQDJG-Ti-E ZOlU3~G OXDTZLQKZ OF <br />'$HZ OF EDIlbI Bt I$Z@FIPJIK~ ~GEEzT~~~ <br />LIiXfS OF TI33 Co:.I1mCZL. DISTXGT. . <br />*-7. .- - .-._ - *. .I -__e - <br />Section 1. Gubparagkiph (f) of paragraph i 02 Section b-(Cokzrcial DistrLci) of <br />Ordiaance No, 261 of the Village, 2s amended, is hereby flzrt;her anended to reWd as <br />Z07OITS : <br />I "(f) South 02 Road and Bast of Railroad Bi&t-of-?iay, and thzt part of <br />the Southm510 ilcres of K31/4 of IJ"r/4 lying East of milroad Eight- <br />of-TTay, all in Section 8, Tovmship 1161~ Range 21," -- <br />Thzt part of the UorLh 60 Rods of the NZ1/4 of "Xl/& lying <br />Section 2. Tks ordinance shall be in effect from-and zfke; its passage and publi- <br />czkion accord- to lzw, - <br />3otion for waiver of secoad reading and adoption of Ordinance as read was seconded <br />by Tupa, a,nd on Rollcall there were four ayes a <br />aye; Danens, aye; %pa, aye; and Brickson, ay <br />PUjLIC &DJG OX P2OFOSED CRDZiIldiCZ NO, 261,19 was then called; this Ordlinance <br />gnendbg .$he 20-g Qdinmce .by mlcing provision therein for a Regional Kedicd <br />District and GeEining the Boundaries Thereof, Clerk presented &:Tidavit af Posting <br />on PJovember 9, ad M2idavi.t of Publication on Hovaber LO, 1955 of *fI$otice of <br />HeGing on Edina Zoging 0rdj.rlance hendement, which affidavits were. approved as <br />to form and ordered placed on file. lbneger Hyde read proposed Ordbace >Too 261- <br />19, eqlairming its provisions in detail; and Er. Tlillim Crear of Southdzle presexted <br />a plat showhg the proposed district, T.ri?ich comprises some 35 acres between Frame <br />Avenue and Chowen Avenue exbended norbh, and between 1?.66th and W,b4%h Streets. <br />kfter some'discussion, during which E?. Crear stated Ahat if the-proprcty is rezoned <br />Southdale expects to consti-uct a medical building thereon, and thzt it 5s hoped the <br />a hospital ~Lll someday cone into the area; but that Southdale has not planned for <br />futwe use of the property if a hospital should not be built on it, Bredesen noved <br />that Council accept Kr. Hxdets reading of I~OXDIXIXCE NO, 261-19; AX JI?aIiZJ5JCS <br />FOR &.?ZI@:-q 1DIC;L .Dw!aIC;T BUl DaIljpTG-*T€iIi ~l,ph!RES. TI-EE:OF,!I as tbe First <br />&*BLDEG TE? ZOXEIG CBG%.{Cs OF THE VXLL,&@3 OZ PPjA BY XK!3G FZOli~IOKaTPSFdR$ <br /><, . I1 ..... I. .. ..