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1/9/56 - .. <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JANUARY 9,1956. <br />A� 7:30 P.M. ;AT THE EDINA VILLAGr.HALL. _ <br />INVOCATION was given by Rev. 'Fr. Forrey of Odr lady of Grace Church. <br />Members answering Rollcall 'w`e're Bredesen, Crinkley,^ Fronki Tupa and Erickson;, <br />Minutes of the Meeting of December. 28, 1955, were approved as submitted, by <br />° motion Fronk, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />° <br />-P TITIONS FOR IMPROVt3=-q, being, the last petitions presented before December <br />31, 1955 and representing Cut -off for work in 1956, °were presented as follows: <br />° 1. Sanitary Sewer - Lochlpy Drive South, Ayrshire Blvd. to Ayrshire Blvd.; <br />and Ayrshire Blvd,, Lochloy Drive to Glenbrae Circle So. <br />2. Sanitary Sewer. - Valley View Rd.-O Brookview Ave. to W.64th St. <br />_ 3. Sanitary Sewer -Extension of Grove St. (and new streets) between <br />Olinger Rd. and Hawkes Lake., <br />4.i Dundee Rd., Interlachen Country Clubs South to Mirror Lakes Drive* - San.Sewer <br />5. Watermain - Valley View Rai., Brookview Ave. to W.64th St. <br />6. Watermai.n - Extension of Grove St between Olinger Rd. and Stuart <br />Ave., and new streets, Olinger Rd. to Hawkes-Lake. <br />7, Sanitary Sewer - Dunberry Lane. _ <br />g. Watexm#n - Dunberf7 Lane; <br />F .9. Blacktopping - ,Mendelssohn Lane, Maloney Ave.'to Blake Rd. <br />`10, Blacktopping W.58th St., Brookview Ave. to ]'ranee Ave, <br />11.- Curb and Gutter - W. Woodland Road, Wooddale Ave. to Concord Ave. <br />12. Blacktopping W. Woodland Roads Wooddale Ave: to Concord Ave. <br />13. Blacktopping - -Fairfax Ave. between 5800 and X812 Fairfax. <br />14. Curb and Gutter - .Fairfax.Ave. between 5806 and 5812 Fairfax. <br />15. Sanitary Sewer -- Meadow Ridge Rd., Ridgeview Dr, to Duggan Plaza ;­Danens <br />Dr... Ridgeview`Dr, to Duggan Plaza; Tifton Dr.,`Duggan Plaza to end <br />of street;"Duggan Plaza, Service Rd. to Ridgeview Dr., Warren Ave., <br />Danens Dr. to end of street. <br />Bredesents motion, that petitions be accepted and referred to the Engineering <br />Department for scheduling of public' hearings, was seconded by Fronk and carried. <br />° <br />r PROMTS..AGAINST CANCELLATION OF GARBAGE C0=CTION 'CONTRACT. ' Fetters of <br />commendation on service granted through the years'bg Garbage Collection . <br />Contractor, Arthur K. Petersen,,and of protest against Council's recent <br />action cancelling contract as 6f July 1, written t Yy Xrs. ,Jessie M. 11iitney, <br />4610 Cascade lane; Mr. H. H. Hunt, 4601 Cascade Lane, and Mr. G.D. Olmsted, <br />91 Woodland Circle, were reviewed and ordered placed'on file.' Because it <br />-was felt that a misunderstanding exists, Manager Hyde vdlunteered ta'write <br />objectors an explanation. <br />CROSSTOWN HIGHWAY REPORT, Manager Hyde presented to the Council a detailed <br />written report dated January 9, Subject, "Report on Status of Proposed Cross - <br />Town Highway, and Recommendation Concerning Continued Prbhibiti.on of Building <br />within proposed right-of-way. 11 He reviewed report. briefly =for Council and <br />audience, stating that "Plan 4,11 (which was on display for audience) repre- <br />sents the•most feasible and most-economical plan of four- different plans made <br />as the result of a detailed field study by consulting engineers and conferences <br />with. Vill.agea County and State Highway officials.'- This plan contemplate* the <br />following: <br />i.- A 300 -foot right of way - -which is ample and can be narrowed at <br />- certain points to eliminate taking portions of existing homes. -.. <br />zThis right of way would include all service drives; as proposed <br />highway should be a limited access road,, <br />2. Provision for six moving lanes of traffic, with a center division; <br />original center division to be 37 feet wide, with two moving lanes <br />on either sides. At such time as six lanes -are needed, center line <br />will be narrowed to 13 feet. <br />3. Depression of highway at several locations, with grade separations <br />proposed at Valley View extended, at France and at Highway No. 100. <br />4. An elongated, clover -leaf at Highway No. 100--which.. will necessitate <br />taking fewer homes than originally contemplated. - -- <br />5. Necessity of, taking Drily ton homes at the 300 -foots width, from Ryan - <br />Avenue east to Xerxes (or.only four or five homes at the 250 -foot <br />width along this same route); and only nine homes for the - cloverleaf, <br />_ (Preliminary plates had contemplated the taking of some 25 to 30 home - <br />sites). ° <br />1 <br />1 <br />