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.a , <br />., * 7. 1956, AT .7:30 Pi%, AT THE EDINA VlUAGE hALL; .' . ' :' <br />"e <br />INVOCA!C~& was given by'%&- Kenneth Sei? of Colonial Churci of Edina. , <br />Members -. ,answering Rollc-dU were Crbkley, Fmnk, Tupa and Ericksonr <br />Minutes of Febmary 13th and 20th meeeinga *re approved by motion Fronk, <br />seconded by Tu- and carried. <br />. C$$r@Tead affidavit of pubIica6ion for ADWFtTISEXE"I! FQR BIDS-PUMPHOUSE; <br />then announced that plans and. speciEcations had not been fay completed <br />and asked for authority to re-advertise, Fronkr s motion, granting authori*y <br />to re-adyertise, was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />AWARD OF BIDS TAKEN FEBRUARY 13, 1956: Manager Hyde presented for Council <br />review Tabuldiona of Bids, which were ordered. placed oh' file. and are- '5. '-': <br />marked Exhibit A in the official &Ute book contai-&g &nut& of this" <br />meeting. Manager? s recompnendations, and' action by Council are hereinafter <br />recordedr <br />1. DIESEL FUEL MD FUEL OIL, Marueger reported that Petroleum Service is <br />.* <br />*: : J <br />3 .. <br />> 1- *- <br />. <br />' <br />F <br />low bidder on Diesel Fuel; is identicel.biddar with Phillips Petroleum . <br />e0. an F& Oil; that Petroleun'Service will furnish Storage Tank, Drums,. <br />hoses, &cr on a loan-out,basis, fionkts motion, that contract for 9,000 <br />Gas. Diesel Fuel be .anardedtolow bidder, Petroleum Service, afid that <br />contract on Fuel Oi& and Range Type OEL be awarded to Petroleum Servlbe <br />-on basis that they are low on first item and tied for low bid an balance, <br />was seconded by Tup and carried. <br />and Council discussed them at some l&gthr Nnager reconupended award <br />of eontract to low bidder,- Brookside Service Station, and Fronk so <br />movedr Motion seconded by Tupa"and carried. <br />3. TORPEDO SAND.. &USED ROCK, MAT MATERUL AND STABSIZED MATER=. After <br />some discussion on length of' haul to %he vsrbus pits, and relative prices, <br />Mre me reported that at least one bidder feels that specifications are <br />not tight enough for competitivfr bidding; suggestion that State Highway <br />Department specifictitions be used, MI?, Zikan reminded Council that .State% <br />specifi-cation8 call for inspction; that Village ddes not have State's <br />inspection facilities. Tupar s motion, that Counctl re-advertise for bids <br />on definite specif5kations to be drafted by Engineer ZXkan. Motion seconded <br />2, GASOLRtfi FOR FEG2 OF CARS AND TRUCKS, Mr. Hyde reviewed these bids,' <br />by Fro& and carried. <br />4. ROW] OIL. Manager Hyde reported. that Richards OS Company is low bidder <br />on MC-1,2,3 and SC-4 Oil; and Fronkls motion, that contract be awarded to <br />low bidder, was seconied by Turn anl carried. <br />*received, but that %t is *in line with prices to other places; Fronkts <br />motion, that RT#4-RTfl be awarded to Republic Creosoting CO., was seconded <br />by Tups and carried, <br />the materials, but .in line dth bids to other mimicipalities, Fmnk moved <br />that bi6 for RS#2 and SS#1 be awarded to L. N. Sickels Co. Notion seconded <br />.- <br />5. ROAD TAR, Report was made that Republic Creosoting*s is the only b%d <br />6, EMUL&GD ASPHALT, The bid of. L,N@* Sickels Co, being the- only bid on <br />by Tupa and carrked. , . .. I <br />7,. READY MIX TAR .AND ASPHALT, Manager Hyde reported that the bids of <br />Blacktop Service CO.~ and Bury and Carlson, IAC, are identical, He <br />recornmended award to Blackbop Service Coo because of difference in length <br />of haul. Fro& so moved, Motrion seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />WORKMENtS COHPEXSATION INSURANCE. -.It was noted'that some companies had <br />btd on a I'participating p$ap", with divsdends in direct rstfo to loss <br />experience, <br />however, Ilanager Hyde recommended the lrguaranteed dividend" plan, recommend- <br />ing tha% bid be awarded .to - present carrier, Hardware 14utuals Insurance GO, of Stephens Point, Wisconsin. Fronk so moved.1 Motion seconded by Crinkley and carried, I- <br />8, - <br />Because of tb nmker of older employee? on YLllage payroll, <br />-. <br />* <br />qE BURGTARY AND BOBEERT-LIQUOR STORE. Manager Hyde recommended award of <br />contract to Brandow Insurance Agency, Edim-=Shelby Nutual Casualty Cost <br />Insures-on a 3-Year Prepaid basis, prediim $332.85, Tupa so moved. <br />lktkon slycfindrd by and carriedo ,