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3/27/56 <br />"UTES OF THE IZEGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HEI9 TUESDAY, EWZCH 27, 1956, AT 7:30 P.N., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />INVOCA!I!ION was given by Rev, A, Eldon Palmquist of Edba Covenant' Church. <br />llembers answering Rollcall were CrinkTey, Tupa and Erickson. <br />IZfMJTEs ef Meeting DP March 12, 1956, were approved as sulmnitted, by motion, Tupa, <br />seconded by Crinkley and carried, <br />TAKING OF BIDS: <br />March 15 and 22, 1956, and in Construction Bulletin on same dates for IIAdvertisement <br />fer Bids-Curb and Gutter"; and, also Affidavit of Publication for "Advertisement for <br />Bids-Calm1ator1{ published in Courier and Construction-BuUekh- March 22,-, Aff,ida~E <br />were approved as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />ef same in: <br />A, W.52nd St,-Hwy.#169 to Bedford Ave. <br />B, FT,Woodland Rd.-Wooddale Ave. to Concord Ave. <br />C. Ashcroft Ave.-W.fjgth St. to 2cO. F't. So. <br />D, Fairfax Ave0,W.58th St. to 5812 Fairfax Ave. <br />E. IL58th St., France Ave, to W,Lot Line Lot 6, B1, 3, Southmad Am, <br />F, Ridgeview Drive, Danens Drive to Meadow Ridge, <br />Before bpening of bids, Clerk submitted Petition against Curb and Gutter and Blacktop <br />in ?lest Woodland Road between Concord Ave, and Wooddale Ave, Mr. ziksn pointed out <br />that in the specifications the bids are tied; that, if the foregoing petition is - <br />accepted, the bidders must be contacted to see if they are $Sling to accept the. * <br />balance of the projects at the unit price bid. <br />Curb and Gutter, being from %he fallowing compantes: <br />Clerk read Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier . <br />CURB AND GUTTER: Advertisement for Bids referred to above was for construction <br />Clerk presented Sealed Bids for <br />1, Carl D, Samskar & Co, 3. Victor Carlson & Sons <br />2, C. A. Carlsen 4. Art; Bolier Crinmer's motion, that sealed bids be referred to Vxllage Engineer for Public <br />Opening, and Tabuzation, and that they not be awarded until next meeting in order <br />that matter of Irest Woodland Read may be presented to the-bidders, was seconded by <br />Tup and tarried, <br />PRINTING CALCUUSTOR. There was found to be only one bid, that of Remingkon Rand, & amod af 4$5?lr50 for %heir Model 99120-5, less Trade-in of $200.00, on Marchant <br />No, 8SD291771, <br />$omparable machine, x- -3 -x Later in the evening, Tupats motion, that award of bids <br />be made to Rdgtsn-Rand at their bid price, was seconded by fq&&&$ carried; <br />It was brough-b out in discussion that no other concern makes a <br />ZNUATION OF FEBRuaRY 27TH PUBLIC HEaRING ON PROPOSED BLACKTOPPING CF LAKE RIDGE RD, <br />ger Hyde presented for -Council review the feLlowhg communications pe&ainhg to <br />la Letter dated March a, from Mr. G, tT. Tomsend, setting forth various me€&oTS" <br />of assessment, <br />2, htter dated March l4, enclosing Petition requesting Blacktopping and us& <br />method of assessment-signed by Helen $le Williams, Chester A, KLopp, Wade Wright, <br />Lamp e Builders, and COR. Carlson, Jr, 3. Letter dated March 20, signed by D,F, Hamilton, suggesting a percentage metbd <br />of assessment <br />4* Letter dated March 23, signed by Mr. Tamsend, stating he will not object to <br />5. Letter dated Harch 13, from Village Attorney, stating the Council has the power <br />7.-4 -, ."..._ this project: -- - <br />Mro Hamil'cm's plan. <br />to order in the improvement after a Public Hearing, provided not less than four <br />members are in favor of the resolutionc <br />Inasmuch as there were only three members present, Crinkley moved that Public Hearing <br />be continued to Monday, April 23. Notion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PU33LIC HEp32ING ON PROPCXSED IMFROVEMENTS: <br />Ed%-Morningside Courier March 15 and 22, 1956, for :!Notice of Public Hearings- <br />Blacktopping and Curb and Gutter Inprovanents11. <br />ordered placed on file. <br />Clerk submitted Affidavit of Publication in <br />Affidavit was approved as ta form and . Pursuant to said Notice, the following hblic Hearings were <br />conducted. and action taken: <br />I. ON 6IACKTOPPING OF - ST.JOHNS AVE, , VALXZY VIEW RD, TO w.62N.D ST,: ASHCROFT APE.. <br />VALIZY VIE31 RD, TO 1~62~~ ST.: VLRGINIA LAM?,, COXORD AVE. TO ASHCROFT Am.' <br />Engineer Zikan's Estimate of Cost was $7,593.48 as against some 2&00 Assessable <br />. <br />Feet, for $3.16 per Assessable Foot. <br />by owners of nine properties, calllng for exclusion from project of .St,Johns Avenue <br />for the reason that the area directly South is being built up and owners are afraid <br />contractors trill tear up the new blackbop. <br />%he project, is omitted, estimates on the balance must be revised. OrJners of the <br />other two streets involved were asked their opinions, and Mro McNdl, 6101 Ashcroft, <br />*stated he believes the Ashcroft residents:; feel the same as those RB St,Johns *---- __ 8- - <br />Mr. B. J, Klindworth presented petition signed <br />Engheer Zikan stated that if part of