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11/18/57 <br />IAINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDIPJA VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD O?I XONDAY, <br />JUNE 18, 1956, AT 7:30 P.U., XN THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />M3iiERS PRESENT: Dr. Reuben F. Erickson, Mayor; Arthur C. Bredesen, <br />€mil Fronk, Frank Tupa, Robert Crinkley, Councilmen; <br />John Vi. Undhorst, Village Attorney; Varren C. Hyde,, <br />Village Manager; Joseph Zikan, Village Engineer. <br />Meeting was called to order by the chairman, Dr. Erickson, who asked the <br />clerk to read the notice of hearing. Notice of hearing was read and Dr. <br />Erickson then explained that this hearing had been called on recommendation <br />of the Planning Commission. Mr. Hyde was asked to read the recommendations <br />of the Planning Commission, which he did. <br />proponents of the isSue would be given one hour in which to state their case, <br />after which the opponents would be given equal amount of time in which to <br />state their objections. <br />Dr. Erickson then stated that.the <br />Mr. Roy Peterson and L'ir.'Robert Hanson presented their plans, pointint out <br />the advantages of an industrial Park, especially in regard to lightening the <br />tax burden. <br />proposed development, stating that if it was not good for Edina, iit was not . <br />goot for them, and they wanted to know how the general public felt about it. <br />Mr. Bud Law, of the firm of Korell ti Nichols, who drew the plans, said there <br />are only three industrial areas in Minnesota. He said that if an industrial <br />area is developed, it would be some time before it is fully developed. 75th <br />Street will be the main artery, 120 feet wide with a mall in the center, <br />restricted to no parking whatever. <br />They asked anyone interested to ask questions regarding *the <br />1.k. IwlcPherson of the !;IN&S Railway stated that they have never found the <br />industrial park type district to be very noisy. <br />brings in carloads of steel and the noise never bothers anybody. <br />Devjey Nervcombe, Appraiser, said he had been asked by hlessrs. Hanson and <br />Peterson' to give an unbiased report on what effect the .industrial zoning <br />would have on the surrounding real estate values, and he said he felt it . <br />would not depreciate values. <br />On the opponents'side, Gzorge Ykatherbee, spokesman for Yne Brookviea Heiohts <br />Addn,, Bill Duggan, owner of property on K.70th Street, Robert G. Bennett, <br />5612 Concord, Mr. and fJrs. Akin, who live right next to the B.B. Nelson <br />property, and Nr. Frank Holden, who owns 9. acres on Cahill Road, protested <br />that the Industrial area would create additional traffic and depreciate <br />property values in the general area. <br />Minneapolis Honeywell <br />-. . <br />After'several more people were heard, pro and con, Council- referred the <br />matter of Industrial Park back to the Planning Commission for a firm <br />recommendation. <br />Acting Clerk <br />.. .