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7/16/56 MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE JULY 9, 1956 <br />RM;UM T.IEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD AT <br />THE EDINA VILWm HALL MONDAY, JULY 16, 1956, AT 7:30 P.N. <br />Meetjng convened at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers, with members Bredesen, <br />Fronk, Tupa and Erickson answering Rollcall. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SENEiR IMPRQ9E3ENT FOR BIRCHCFLEST AREA. Clerk <br />presented Affidavit of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier July 5 and 12, 1956, of "Notice of Hearing on Proposed Storm Sewer Improvement,Il which was <br />approved and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearing <br />was had on a proposed storm sewer IIIn Easement from Nine-Nile Creek to Whiting <br />Street; Whiting Street, Easement Line to a point Ten Feet East of &N&S RR <br />Tracks; Easement parallel to NN&S Tracks, from' $biting Street to Dividing <br />Line of Lots 10 and 11, Block 1, Birchcrest Fourth Addn.; Easement; on above <br />lot line from 1.5N@ Tracks to Outlot 11A11, Pond; Forslin Drive to connect <br />Outlot IlAlt Pond and Birchcrest Lake; Easement between Lots 2 and 3, Block 9, <br />Countryside, from l.N&S Tracks to Crescent Drive; Porter Lane, w.60th St. to <br />Birchcrest Lake". Engineer Zikan showed a Vu-Graph Slide of the route of <br />the proposed sewer and the proposed assessment district, and gave as his <br />Estimate of Cost a total of $123,977.20, for 9,192.065 Assessable Square <br />Feet, for Sj.01316 per Assessable Square Foot, Objections were raised by <br />the following persons: <br />1. Mrs. Frank N. Hayden, 5317 Benton Ave., - who stated her Special Assess- <br />ments are now already more than her General Tax and she still has neither <br />water nor blacktop and cannot afford to pay for Storm Sewer. <br />2. Mr. Angus G, Grant, 5508 Highland Rd, - - who objected -I;o bringing 236 <br />feet of seiar into Countryside and trying to assess the whole West side of <br />the development, simplyto control two ponds in another development; that <br />sewer would have to be carried further to pick up water in a present slough <br />in the West end of Countryside, <br />3. Nr, COG. Hess, 920 Benton - who took exception to Manager Hydets <br />remarks that the Storm Sewer assessment district is established for all <br />property-in the drainage area. <br />to proposed storm sewer. He told Council that the property proposed to be <br />drained was once a pothole surrounded by stvramp; that developer has filled <br />part of the pothole, so-that it holds only about one-tenth of the water it <br />formerly held; that he feels the people benefiting from hprovement of the <br />property should pay for their own mistakes. <br />, 14; Nr. Oscar Johnson, 5808 Code Avenue - who objected to being assessed <br />because his water runs North. <br />5, Nr. A. GI Stringer, 5200 Valley View Road - who stated there had been no <br />mter trouble in the area until development of Birchcrest; that Surveyor <br />Cardarelle had told Nr. Stringer that developer Roy Peterson had agreed to <br />drain the water West if it got too high; that Mk, Cardarelle says that three <br />culverts of the proper size will answer the water question. He asked that <br />temporary measure= be taken, stating he realizes that, 8s the property <br />becomes more developed there ~Jill some day have to be a storm sewer but he <br />does not feel this is the proper*time for it. <br />Nayor Erickson asked, tlMr. Zikan, is there any temporary solution, until - <br />such- the as people have paid up their assessments?l' And 1-k. Zikan answered, <br />1IThere would be no way to get water out, unless line is run to Nine-Nile <br />Creek. It would be very difficult to effect a temporary solutionfl. 6, Nr.-L. T.J. Rixe, 6201 Crest Lane - who inquired whether this ~rirll be the <br />only assessment for storm sewer in his area, Nayor Erickson answered that <br />a property can be assessed only once for storm sewer; but Kr. Hyde qualified <br />this statement by saying that if a lateral storm sewer is necessary to remove <br />the water which now runs into a private slough, Mr, Rixe can be assessed for <br />this lateral * <br />7. Mr, H, R, Rosendahl complained about his new platls being in the assess- <br />ment district, stating his streets are graded to drain the other way. I&, Zikan informed him that engineers had worked from profiles proveded by his <br />survey;oq, <br />8, Nr. A. F, Tuma ccanplained that residents are unable to seeure their grades from the Village and thus cannot tell whether they would justifiably <br />be assessed. <br />There were several other objections along these same lines, by persons who did not identify themselves, <br />No one spoke in favor of the improvement at this time. <br />At this time, Trustee Fronk moved that, because of several controversial points <br />made this evening, the proposed improvement be postponed for further study. <br />Notion seconded by Tupa and carrieda <br />of further hearing. <br />I <br />>I 1 <br />Hecstated water in his block does not drain <br />Audience was told they would be notified <br />.. .- - .., .: