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MINUTES CF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONTM, AUGUST 13, 1956, <br />AT 7:30 P.M,, AT THE EDINA VILLAGE H&L, <br />.I , <br />l"0CATION was given by the Rev, Harold Schweigert of $t.Peters htheran Church* <br />ROILCALL was answered by Trustees Frank and Tupa, and Mayor Eridcaon. <br />RESIGNATION OF TRUSTEE CRLpTmY was read by Mayor Erickson; and Fro& offered <br />the following Resolution and moved it's adoption: RESQLUTIOU 'AT RESIGNATION OF VJUGE TRUSEZ <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina as' <br />follows : <br />1, That receipt of the resignation of Trustee Robert A, Criakley <br />is hereby acknowledged, and that resignation is hereby accepted <br />with rept. <br />2. <br />CrinELey has ceased to be an inhabitant of this Village, a vacancy <br />exists in- the position of Village Trustee. <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Tupa, and on Rollcall there were three ayes and no nays, as follows: F <br />on, aye; and the Resolution was adopted,. <br />(.. - <br />That, because of said resignation, and because saideR0bel.t A, <br />aye; Tupa, aye;, and <br />APPOINTMENT OF EVALD C, BANK TO FILL VACANCY: Mayor Erickson placed in <br />nomination, for confirmation by the Council,'*the name of l4rs Evald C, hnk, <br />former Village Clerk, to fill %he vacancy in the position of Village Trustee; nohation being for the unexgired tern of Trustee Crinkley, Fmnk's motion <br />confirming Mayor Erickson*s appohtment was semnded by Tup and unanhously <br />carriedr I&-, Bank came forward, was sworn3.n 7.. by the Village Clerk,-and was <br />present for the balance of the meeting, <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of July 23rd, and of the Special Meeting of <br />August lst, were approved as sutmitted, by motion Fronk, seconded by Tups and <br />carried, <br />I <br />I <br />PUBLIC HEAFUNGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVELBNTS: (Continuation of July 3rd Hearings) I <br />Mayor Erickson announced that Council would rev;iew two Public Hearings conducted <br />July 23rd, on which action could not be taken because there was not a four=man <br />guorum present; and, in accordance with his announcemen%, the folldg <br />Co&inued Public Hearings were held and action taken: <br />1. PUBLIC IBBRING ON SANITARY SEWER AND APPURTEXANCES IN W, 56TH ST. MIRRCR <br />LMES DRIVE TO DUNDEE RD.: DUNDEE RD,, w.56~~ ST, TO NORTHWOOD DR.: AZRSHIRE <br />BLVD., DUNDEE RD. TO 210 FT. E.: HIDDEN LCINE, <br />Estimated 86.63 per Assessable Foot. Mo objections were raised; the only <br />objection being that of ivlr, Robert Giebink, reported at the last meeting, <br />(See Resolutim of later in meeting, approving) * * * st. * * Then, very late <br />in meeting, after improvement had been approved, bid awarded, and other <br />business conducted, Manager Hyde reported receipt of a petition left in the <br />Police Department this evening, signed by owners of five of the eight lots <br />Hidden Lane, in opposLtion to improvement in that street* Because it was <br />too late for investiga%ion, Mr, Hyde and supplementary repoh to Council as <br />soon as possible, <br />Cost was again given, at an <br />z. ymm HEARING ON-BUCIQOPPING OF - SCHOOL RD,; CONGOP~ AVE, TO SHEIWOD Am.: Wa59TH ST., RUTH DR, To HWYeNOe 100: Wo6OTH ST,, PAWELL AVE. TO HWY,lOO: 'SIiEBWoDD Am., Wo6OTH ST, TO SCHOOL RD* RUTH DR, + SCHOOL RD. TO Wa 59TH ST*, <br />Original Estimate of Cost had been given as $2& per Assessable Fmt; bk <br />Engineer 2- reported khat one parcd of property included in tha proposed <br />assessm'errt district cannot be assessed; that this deletion will raise the cost slightly to the balance of the properties. There were no objections registered, <br />and Fronk offered the f oUaJlng Resolu6ion and moved its adoption: RESOLWION ORDERING IMPROVE3BNTS <br />BE IT RESO by the Council. of the Village of E-, lf.blllesob, that tu8 <br />Ccnrncil heretofore caused notices of hearings to be duly pub3jshd on the follow- <br />-ing prcposed impmvemerrt;~: <br />SANEARY SEWER DlPROJEMENT NO, I.I.8: STEEEX' DIPRW- NO, A092 -