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250 <br />- I. <br />c <br />8/20/56 <br />i *- <br />MINUTES OF Tm MEXZTING CF THE ED3cNA 'BOARD OF REVIEW, <br />0 ' HELD MONDAY,. AUGUST 205 1956, AT THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 7130 ILK* * <br />Co&cil Menbers Bank, Fro& and Erickson acted as the 3dard of Review, <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication August 9th and 16tb, 2956, in the <br />Edina-Mamingside Courier of Wotice of, Board of Review Meeting; and AffBavit <br />of Posting of said Notice of Hearing as of August 6. AffidaV;its appr'wed as <br />to form and ordered placed on file, <br />Village Assessor Alex Greighton presented his Books if Val&bion for 1956, <br />total assessed valuation being some ~18,006,000,00, Books were- reviewed by <br />the Board. <br />' <br />* <br />. <br />(1 <br />There was no one present to caplain, either that this own <br />assessment is too high or that that of his neighbor is too 1% d <br />Fronk moved that Books of Valuation for the Year 1956 be approved as submitted, <br />Motion seconded by Bank and cmiedr .. <br />Bank moved <br />z- <br />for adjournment, Motton seconded by Fro& and carried* <br />, .* <br />I