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MINUTES OF THE RKSULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA VILMGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, SEPTE;MBER 10, 1956, AT 7r30 P.M. f <br />AT THE EDINA VIUAGE HALL . <br />Menibers answering Rollcall _- were Bank, Bredesen, Fronk, Ttlpa and Eriokson, -_- -. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of August 27 were approved a3 submitted, by <br />motion Fro&, seconded by Tupa and carried* <br />AWARD OF BIDS: Affidavits' of Publiaation in Edina-Mc)rningside Courier <br />August 30 and September 6, 1956, *of ~IAdvertisement for Bids, .Tmctor-S&vel,c' <br />and of "Advertisement for Bids, <br />of Publication August 16 and 23, 1956 , of Itbdvertisement for Bids, Sanitary <br />Sewer: Storm Sewer,I1 were presented, approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file, as were Affidavits of Publication for the same advertisements in the <br />Construction Bull&h on the same respective dates. <br />advertisements, Tabulat lons of Bids were presented, recommendat ions -de, <br />and aotion taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />lt RUBBER MOUNTED TRACTOR43HOVEL (Bids taken 1Q:OO a,m,, Sept.lO), Manager <br />Hyde reported three bids received: Phillippi EqUipment Company, on a "Hough <br />Model HU Payloader, at $l2,23O,OO plus #l,r+OO for Diesel if desired; Petti- <br />bone Minnestoa Corporation, on a "Pettibone Speedall11, at #ll,319,00; and <br />Mbrk-Witthauer Equipment Company on "Model 75 A Michigan Tractor Shovel," at $9,990,OOd Mr, Hyde recommended award of contract to low bidder. <br />explained that demnstrations have been had on all three types; that <br />contractors in this area are satisfied with, and recommend the Wichigabtt <br />machine. <br />of contract to Mork-Witthauer Equipment Company at $9,990.00, was seconded <br />by Tup and carriedc <br />Blacktopping: Storm Sewer," and Affidavit <br />Pursuant to said <br />He <br />Bankts motion for acceptance of Manager's recommendation and award <br />2* Manager Hyde reported that 'only one bid was received'this morhing-&that of <br />Earl A. Sewall Co,, Incc, in the amount of @7,376,25--~hich is'slightiy <br />higher than the Estimate of Cost. made in 1955, He recommended award of <br />contract, and .Tup so hoved, <br />3* OIL STABILIZED BASE, YORK'AVka, %,59TH TO tJ,60TH'STS, Manage; Hyde ' <br />reported that only one bid has been received--tha$ of Earl A, Sewan GO,, <br />Inc, , in the amount of $2,220. <br />.ing Assessment Hearing. on Supplemental Assessment for Sani+ary Seker, to <br />be'held September 2.4, and-Tup so~mu~ed,' .'Motion.seconded .. by Ba' &d 'I* '.' <br />BLACKTOPPING OF CONCORD AVENUE FROM W&T boTH STREFP TO 'SOW€" W.NE <br />... <br />Mot ion. seconded by Bank- and carried, ' *. .- <br />Mrp Zikan recommended dflafig award, ,pend- <br />.. .. <br />.. .I .- . ... ., . ._ .. carried, .. .. <br />4. S%lRM SEWER IMPROVENFXl"N0, 34-~In Lot'Line-between Lbts 16'and 1'7,' ' .I Block 1, Southdale First Addn,, from Cornelia Drive 'to Lake . Cornel5a; <br />CokkkLia Dr, from above Lot a point 4O.Pt,* Sou+h. <br />reported receipt 'of one. bid, today, that being the- b5d of' Phelps-'Drake Go,, <br />cafiied, 1 <br />kager H$de <br />.. 1 Inc,, in. the amount of $3,335;50, just +lightly below Estimate, <br />recommended .awara, ,. Fro&'. so. moved, ' Motipn seconded bs. Bredesen and - He . , .. <br />. . .. .( .. -. r . - =. .. .. .. .. .. . <br />'. ,I. . . I. <br />'5, , BIRCHCREST ARFA STOFW S-. 'It &s noted that award of bidsedepe_n& on 'outcome of' Public Hearing to be held tonigh%, (See action'bf later 9n : - <br />..I <br />,. even'hg, for new bids), , . <br />... , .. <br />PUBLIC HEABIN[;. ON PROPaED SToREl SEWBZ IMPROVEMENT FOR BIRCHCREST. AREA <br />(For Detdled Route of Sewer, See Minutes of 7/16/56, Page 2l4 of this%ok); <br />Affidavit of Publication in EdSna-Marn~gside Courier, Augbt'23 and 30, 1956; <br />was presented, approved as to form, and ordered placed on file* It was pointed out that this is .a re-hearing.on the construction a puy?lic Hearing .held July 1&h; Esthte of Cost' being $U3,977@0 for. <br />p'er &sessable Square Foot, Manager Hyde read a letter .of protest a@- <br />Assessment for the' project, by Mr. A, *C, Stringer, * 5200 Valley View Road, <br />which pleaded Itno benefit" from the improvement; and, petitions 'fLlsd-by ,. <br />the' Rosendahl Company, and Owners of twenty-seven lots in Countryside, <br />objecting to exkensisn of the sewer West of the RBilroad Tracks because it <br />will not benefit their' properties, -were read, -Cbnsulting'Ehggineer. John <br />propWbfes West of the Railroad Tracks at this time, but'that, now,, .'* <br />spface water- is drairdng intp several vacant lots; that, when these dotk - are filled +he mea will be flooded unless a storm sewer is .installed; that <br />the present line will act FS a trunk sewer, for this wrea; that without the <br />1 <br />I. Bsrlich explained that the proposed sewer does not seem to benefit the .-- <br />, .- a -. <br />C* <br />1 <br />*- <br />L. .. . <br />--