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9/24/56 29'7- <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR KEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, SEPTEI!4BEZ 24, 1956, AT 7:30 Po&, .~ .. .AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HAL% <br />.. <br />ROLLCALL .was kswered by Tkst ees Bank, Bredes&,- .- Fronk and Tupa, and by Mayor <br />m <br />September: 10,' 19 56, were approved as' submitted, <br />and carried. <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication in <br />. . .'I <br />Kt"TES of the'Regular Meeting of <br />by Motion Fronk, Seconded by Tupa <br />& <br />.I. __ PUBLIC' HEARINGS ON DPROVET~-TS. <br />Edina-Norningside Courier September 13 &d 20, 1956, of "Notice of Public Hearings <br />on Proposed Improvements--Sanitary Sewer and Watermain, *I which affidavits were <br />appmved as to -farm -and ordered placed. on file. Pursuant to notice given, the <br />following Public Hearings were held, and action taken: <br />9. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF VIJLAGE WATERUIN ESTBNSION AND <br />APPURTENANCES in West Shore Drive, W.70th'St . to Belvidere Lane; Andover Rd., <br />West Shore Drive to Wooddale Ave.; Belvidere Lane, West Shore Drive to FJooddale <br />he.; Wooddale Ave,, W.7Oth St. to Belvidere Lane; <br />at $20,535.12. <br />had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />approving) . <br />2. <br />APPURTENANCES in West Shore Drive, W.7Oth St. to Belvidere Lane; Andover Road, <br />West Shore Drive to tfooddale Ave.; Wooddale Ave., Belvidere Lane to 155 Ft. NO. <br />of Andover Rd. Estimate of Cost was given at $17,778.42, There were no - <br />Objections from the floor, and no iflitten objections had been received prior <br />to the Hearing. <br />3. APPURTENANCES in Valley View Rd., tQman Ave. to Whiting St.; Whiting St., Valley <br />View Rd, to Tracy Ave.; Tracy Ave., Whiting St. to Arbour Lane No.; Arbour Lane <br />No., Tracy Ave. to W. Line of Countryside Ad&. <br />this Trunk and Lateral Main has been engineered in response to a petition for <br />Watermain in Tracy Avenue, Arbour Lane and Crescent Drive; that it has been <br />necessary to bring th main a long way to serve this area; that the trunk main <br />has been proposed along the route recommended by the Bannister Engheering <br />Study. At this time it was reported that petitions have now been received from <br />the majority of the owners favoring the project by former petition, against the <br />proposed construction; that, in addition, opposing petitions have been filed by <br />owners of properties in the Thk District--some 60 properties in all; and a <br />petition was filed at the meeting, containing names of owners of some 25 <br />additional properties, protesting the improvement. Mr. Addy, owner of ten lots <br />along Crescent Drive, spoke in favor of construction, and stated that Thorpe <br />Bros., owners of some twelve lots in the mea, are also in favor. <br />original petition had been voided by opposition petition, Bredesen moved that <br />project be abandoned. -Motion seconded by Fronk and carried. <br />Fronk then offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption= <br />Estimate of Cost was given <br />There were no objections from the floor, and no mitten objections <br />(See Resolution of later h meeting, <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY Sam EXTENSION AND <br />(See Resolution of later in meeting, approving). <br />PUBLIC HEAR3NG ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE WATEBMAIN EXTENSION AND <br />Manager Hyde explained that <br />Because the <br />9 <br />RESOLUT ION CRDEEING IMpRcmEMENTSl <br />WATERMAIN 71UIPROVE%f€NT NO. 115, <br />SANITARY SENEB IMPROvElviENT NO. b1 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofoEe caused notices of hearing to be duly published on the follow- <br />ing proposed improvements: <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE WATERMAIN EXTENSION AND APPURTENANCES in the <br />following streets: <br />West Shore Drive, W.7Oth St. to Belvidere Lane; <br />Andover Rd., West Shore Drive to Wooddale Ave.; <br />Belvidere Lane, West Shore Drive to Wooddale Ave.; <br />Wooddale he., W.7Oth St. to Eelvidere Lanea <br />2. CONSTRUCTION OF VXLTAGE 8mX:SEmE 3Xl"STON 'ANDL APPURTENANCES <br />in the following streets: <br />West Shore Drive, W.70th St. to Belvidere Lane; <br />Andover Rd., West Shore Drive to Wooddale he.; <br />Belvidere Lane, West Shore Drive to Wooddale Ave.; <br />Wooddale Ave., Belvidere Lane to 155 Ft. No, of Andover Rd. <br />and at the hearings held at the time and place specified in said notice the <br />Council has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being <br />fully advised of the pertinmt facts does hereby determine to proceed with the <br />construction of said improvements; that - said improvenents BEE hereby designated <br />and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings as follows: NAME OF IMPL)VEMEXT <br />T2TATERYAIN IIQROVEBENT NO. 115 <br />SAN.SEcilER IMPROTEXENT N0.121 No. 1, Above <br />No. 2, Above