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Kembers answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Fronk, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARIRG OH PROFOSED S&J3cTARY TRUNK II.IpEz(NE*ii?,IJT NO. C-2. Clerk presented <br />Affidavit of Publication in Edina-1-Iorningside Courier November 8 and 15, of <br />lrNotice of Hearing," itiich affidavit was approved as to form and ordered placed <br />on file. <br />owners of property within the assessable district. <br />and 100 persons vas present to hear 1.1anager Hyde's presentation of this plan. <br />A large map, showing the proposed routes of Trunk Lines C-1 and C-2, was placed <br />before the audience. <br />consideration is the size of the so-called Itconnecting link" between France Avenue <br />and Normandale Road; that, for purposes of economy, this main has been planned <br />large enough to serve the future trunk for service to the Southwest area--that if <br />the "connecting linkll is not accepted by the Southwest area, now, it will be <br />necessary to construct an entirely E line between Fr ce nd N r ndal at SUC future date as the Southwest area is to be servedf$&d?x% c s$ &%?e e f-? p?e&%r, 8 p?an e tir eo !?y by C-2 <br />charge the Southwest area 30s of the total cost of constructing the Irconnecting <br />1inkl1, this percentage being based on the relative number of potential users in <br />this district as compared with the combined C-1-C-2 districts. <br />the audience that the Estimated Cost of the llconnecting link11 is estimated to be <br />$713,000, of which the C-2 area wmld pay 30$, for a cost of 92$ per platted front <br />property. He informed the audience that, if the entire C-2 line is constructed <br />now, the cost, including C-2's portion of the "connecting link11, i?Tould be appro:rj=- <br />mately S965,OOO, for an estimated $3,42 per platted front foot, up to a m&&mum <br />150 feet per lot, or 6684.00 per acre. Nessrs. R.R, Overholt, 6944 Valley View <br />Road, LE. Jensen, 6939 Valley View Rd., and some others, protested that the <br />planning is tlpremturelt; that the area is not ready for development, and will not <br />be ready for developnent for many years. <br />one owner in Prospt Hills, protested that the ultimate cost for sewer "into the <br />homesI1 rill. be prohibitive for the already-platted hilly areas; that lots are <br />large and that several cesspools can be dug forthe cost of sewer service. <br />owning unplatted property complained that the proposed assessment amounts to <br />llconfiscation of propertrI: for them. One man advocated that the C-2 area be <br />allowed to pay the difference in the cost of the pipe onlz-vs'nich would not <br />increase the cost to C-1 and still give C-2 the opportunity of connecting at a <br />future date. Iir. Hyde stated he feels this proposition would have to be taken <br />up with the otmers in the C-1 area before it could be settled because it would <br />amount to a contribution by the C-1 area to the C-2 area, <br />that the C-2 area might go in with Bloomington, on a connection there, and Trustee <br />Tupa pointed out that Hophs is now asking to come into %a's sewer but can't <br />be taken in because of our agreement with Richfield and BIjnneapolis as to <br />maxjmm potential flowage. <br />call for participation in cost of a sewage disposal plakit--which will be many <br />times as expensive as the present plan. Nr. Horace T. I.iorris, owner of unplatted <br />property, advocated that the C-2 area pay, now, the difference in the cost of the <br />pip., only; that the remaining portion of cost be deferred until such time 2s the <br />C-2 area request connection to the "connecting link". <br />there were anyone in the audience in favor of the project as planned, ad it tras <br />determined that there were none. Tup moved that proposed Sanitary SeT.rer <br />Imprommmt No. G2 be abandoned. 'Notion seconded by Fronk and unanimously carried. <br />Council was informed that informational notices had been mailed to <br />A delegation of betxeen 75 <br />I&. Hyde explained thzt the matter under immediate <br />1.k. Hyde informed <br />. Toot, up to a ma;cimum of 150 front feet per lot, or $184 per acre of unplatted <br />Mr. Sheldon Robb, 6.405 Indian Hills, and <br />Persons <br />I <br />14r. Overholt suggested <br />I-Ianager Hyde stated that any such arrangement ?auld <br />Ikyor Bredesen asked if <br />PUBLIC HE4FLDJG ON PROPOSED IXiZRXAIN IT.IpFtOVElWT. <br />cation in Edina-Norningside Courier November 8 and 15, 1956, of Wotice of Hearing," <br />which affidavit was approved as to form and odered placed on file. <br />informed that informational notices had been mailed to property otmers ?&thin the <br />proposed assessment district. <br />proposed win--being a 1011 Trunk 1.Iain in Highway No. 100 from N. Line of Brookview <br />Heights 1st Addn. to I1.66th St. arxl in W,66th St, from Highway #lo0 to Naomi Drive; <br />and Lateral I-Iains in 3KLdred kve., V.View Rd. to 1~65th St,; Rolf Ave., TT,64th St. <br />to Fe66th St,; Tingdale he., ll.63rd St, to Il.66th St., Ililryan Ave., Roberts P1. <br />to 71066th St.; Josephine Ave., T.f.64th St. to 11.66th St.; wO63rd St., RoTT he. to <br />Tingdale Ave.; 11~64th St., lIilryan Ave. to Josephine Ave., and 1;,65th St., Hildred <br />Ave, to Rolf he. <br />lateral main; $.74 per front foot for the trunk. Nessrs. Zikan and Hyde explained <br />that some blocks in the area, namely IZildred Avenue between W.63rd and W.65th Sts., <br />and Wilryan Avenue, between W.63rd and W,6kth Sts. and between W,65th and IT.66th <br />Sts. have petitioned for water service; that it is more economical, from both <br />construction and maintenance standpoints, to constrmct a large project. <br />Nelson, 6300 Josephine Avenue, supported a petition signed by owners of properby <br />on Josephine Avenue betveen 63rd and 64th Sts., protestjng assessment for reason <br />that block is to be taken for crosstown highway cloverleaf, Dr. Charles F. Hansen, <br />5109 71,66th St., and Dr. Erling K. Hansen, 6526 Tingdale Avenue, protested the <br />proposed impmvement on the grounds that they have wells, have large tracts of <br />land, and VU derive no benefit. <br />Clerk read Affidavit of Publi- <br />Council was <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown, of the route of the <br />Estimate of Cost vas given as $5.58 per front foot for the <br />1.k. A. M. <br />I&. F.G. Jorgensen, 6516 Josephine Avenue,