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\ <br />50 Bank's motion, that a vote of th&s be exLended to the Park Board fron the Council <br />for the Board's fine rrorl: in regard to %he proposed long range park plans, 1-13s <br />seconded by Dickson and unanimously carried, <br />Eeeting adjourned. <br />I Acting Village Clerk <br />SXlNJT%s 07 THE ADJOKZZD PCRTIOU' 03 THE: <br />FZtiDAY, DECEIBZR 28, 1956, AT 4:3O P.~JI., <br />DZCZEER 10, 1956 PGGW IZEETflJG, H3ID <br />AT THE 3D37JA VmGE HRU; <br />Iiembers answering Rollcall irere Bank, Dickson, Tupa and Bredeseno <br />I SAFE DZPOSE BOX iriT lZDl5'1' 3DIIJA NAI'IOI1JPL ME. Hanager Hyde reported that z <br />Safe Deposit Box has been rented at First Edina Bank, for safekeeping of the <br />bonds of its 01;n issue recently purchased as an investment; that the Bad.: requires <br />a resolution of authority on access. <br />moved its adoption: <br />Bank: offered the follov6ng Xesolution and <br />r, msoLmIopr at ACCWS-SAFE DZPOSTT EOX <br />KC FIRST EDII~JA NATiOUL 3:Q;nI <br />TZESOLXED: That, until written notice to the contrary is given by this corporation <br />to the Safe Depsit Department of First Xdina IJ&.oniL Bank, access to safe deposit <br />boxes (herein called safes) standing in the nane of this corporation in -the vaults <br />of above named bank shall be had by the following: <br />'JIWLGZ X.3I?AGEELY 'f;TAr"E~1 C. HYDX <br />fXE~K-T~SU5~, GXECCHB5 S. AIBSJ .. PiWdICE DIZECTCE, JAEL IT. DXLEJ <br />any TKO of whom shall have full authority 'co enter said safes and to nake deposits <br />therein or remove any yar"c or all of the conterrts thereof, to rent safes and to <br />execute leases ihereof in the nane of this corporation, to mend or cancel said <br />leases, to ezhange or surrender the safes, ad in zll other respects to represent <br />this corporation. <br />llotion for adoption of 'the Resolution wa <br />RE.$&LOC.ITIO?T OF APPiLOEIfiriOIfS FOR Tf-3 YEXR 1956. fknzger Hyde presenbed Ih. <br />Dalen's end-of-year repr'Gs on actual receipts and disbursenents coqxred dth <br />estimz;tes and budget appropriations, for General Fund and Park Fund, <br />shoved that the General Fund has received some 419,000 over ZstWte; that <br />total Gensrjl Fund Disbursements are 21,917 under appropriations; -that P,-r2rs Fund <br />has received $1,468.46 over Estimate and has spsnt $1,290.70 over appropri5tions <br />B& offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Eeports <br />c E3SOLU2 IO31 RE-&LOCATIXG .JPPiiOPEIATIOiilS <br />THE Cmam TYEAR 1956 - <br />BE E RESOL-GD by the Village Council of -the Village of %ma: <br />The action taken by this Council on ICovember 12, 1956, roallocat5ng <br />appropriations made for -the General Fund for the year 1956, is hereby conTimed, <br />That, in accordance u5th reporb presented, 2b is hereby deerned that <br />certa5.n appropriations made by this Council for the year 1956 xre une:.Tended, <br />unencumbered and not needed; and 'chat their balances be transferred to other <br />appropriations as hereinaf-ter set forth: <br />GZZXG FWB: <br />1. <br />2. <br />TGJ7JSFB FZ.Oi!-i: T%V!Sm TO: <br />I-Iayor and Council $188 . 90 Atto rney c,;211 o 34 <br />court 319.06 Assessor 153 a 63 <br />Library 1, e3 2g General Aclministr&ion I, 9%). 68 <br />Village Hall 966.28 Election 526.55 <br />Police 1,10504.0' Fire 565.31 <br />Civil Defense 5 J 212 0 13 Street LicifLing 2$7 0 70 <br />Traffic control & Signals 1,048.uO5 Street name signs 65.95 <br />I Eealth Officer 24 . 20 Engineering 2,436. 52 <br />Plumbins Znspctor 39.63 Building inspactor 35.31 <br />z&xttnal Conti-ol 7.50 Strezt mairihenance 6,558.13 <br />:Teed Conti-ol 122.63 Storm Sewer drainage 677.86 <br />Contingencies 360.51 Surplus 1,917 e 72 <br />Settlenznt of clzins 420.00 $17,021$~22 <br />Unallocated payroll 476 . 50 <br />TJorkmen' s compensation 9.Go <br />Audit 10.00 <br />Planning Cormis sion 3,8%2.O& <br />Spec.llssess. on Qmzd Properby 13.95 <br />$17 , 024 22 <br />Snow & ice renoval 1,473 * 56 Garage 1,598.32