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12/10/ 56 I 4-9 <br />Zilcan reported that the Village has had a tremendous amount of trouble with these <br />signals because of the obsolete type of pressure pads in the system, <br />purchsse of magnetic pressure pads, at a cost of some $275.00 each, Bankrs <br />motion, that the Engineer's recommendation be accepted and the Village make <br />purchase of magnetic pressure pads for this signal, was seconded by Tupa and <br />carr ied <br />GLADE IS PER PRELIST NO. 23 OF DECENBER 10, 1956, as follows, were honored <br />for papent by motion Bank, seconded by Dickson and carried: <br />He advocated <br />General Fund ----- 8 4,463.93 Sewer Rental Fund ----- 8 350041 <br />Poor Fund 607 e 20 Construction Fund . 87,903.00 <br />Parks Fund 17,010.69 Spec.hssess. Fund 1,734 00 I Licpor Fund 36,4854 55 $201,0 5.4 . 49 Nat emorks Fund 6,151.11 Improvements Funds 46,34m <br />It was reported that procedure for refunding special assessments is in order, <br />except for a Resolution authorizing signatures against the "Special Assessment <br />Befund Account". Bank offered 'che following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />SIGNKC ORY RESOILJTIOR <br />SPECIAL ASSXSSfvENT REFUND ACCOUNT <br />RESOLVED, That checks on the 'ISpecial Assessment Refund Account" of %his <br />corporation drawn on FIRST BDlr\ra XATiONAL BANK, hereinafter called the Bznk, <br />2nd orders for transfer or @thdrawal of the funds. of said Vpecial Assessment <br />Refund kccountll of this corporation on deposit in said Bank, in whatever form, <br />shall be signed by two of the following officers: <br />'%Q?EEN C, HYDE, Village Nanager <br />GmCm S . ALDEN, Clerk-Treasur er <br />BE E' FURTHZB Ri3SOLVED, Thzt said Bank is hereby authorized and directed to honor <br />and pay any checks so drawn as above set forth, whethek or not such checks be <br />payable to the order of one of the foregoing persons either in his individual or <br />official capacity or deposited to his individual credit, and whether or not such <br />signatures are followed by the title or office of the person signing, <br />l4otion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Tupa, and on Rollcall there <br />were four ayes and no nays, as follows: Bank, aye; Dickson, aye; Tupa, zp; and - aye; and the Resolution was adopted <br />Village Clerk I <br />I <br />Xanager Hyde reported that the last regular mee-Ling or" t.he year vi511 fall on <br />Christmas Eve; that it is customary to dispense w5th the last regular meeting <br />each year, in favor of an adjourned meeting during the week between Christmas <br />and n'ew Years, at which finaricial matters are consideredo DicEsonKs motion, <br />that Meeting adjourn until Friday, December 28, 1956, at 4:30 POTI., was <br />seconded by Bank and carried. <br />Tillage Clerk <br />l-iINUTES OF THE SPECIAL NEETDJG OF TEE2 XDIUA VILL4GE <br />COUNCIL AND PA3.K COZ~~D, €BLD iKNDP'f, DECXlBER 17, <br />Neeting convened at 8:45 P& pursuant to due call and notice, <br />Oorrncil members Bredesen, Tupa, Bank. and Dickson; Village 14anqer Hyde; <br />Park Board members Strachauer, Stevens ; and Parks and Recreation Director French <br />answered Rollcall, with Nr, French acting as Clerk, <br />Letters ffom the Xdina Civic and Improvement Association and the 3dina Highlands <br />Homeovmer 1 s Association regarding the proposed park bond election were read. <br />Ik, French reviewed the changes =de in the park proposal, as a result of the <br />recomendakion made by the Council and Planning Commission at a previous meeting. <br />The recommendation was to add sufficient land to provide for needed fu-Lure <br />neighborhood playgrounds. This necessitated raising the bond request from <br />$750,000 to $850,000. <br />After full discussion as to how the proposition was to be pu5 to the voters, Ike <br />Bank moved and Ik, Tupa seconded. the motion to place before the voters two <br />separate propositions : <br />1956 AT THE VZLUGZ HALL, AT $:45 P,lglo <br />I <br />le $650,000 for land and development. I <br />2, $200,000 for s.whing pool. <br />Ilotion carried unanimously, <br />Bank's motfon, that $750 be appropriated to cover costs of preparing and <br />disseminath infomation pertaining to the park board plans to the voters, was seconded by 8 ickson and unanimously carried.