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12/213/56 <br />eo0 <br />NO <br />YES <br />NO <br />-06 <br />4 . <br />e.. <br />e. <br />0.0 i <br />DJSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: IF YOU WSH TO VOTE It? FAVOR <br />OF %ITHE$?, OF THE, ABOVE PROPOSITIONS, ILBK A CROSS (X) <br />IIV THE SQUARE OPPOSITE THE WORD t1YES". ICGEDIATELY <br />FOLXMING SUCH PROPOSITION. <br />EIT€ER PROPCGITION, IfREIC A CROSS (X) IN THE SQU&G OPFO- <br />SITE THE WORD "NO1' LCXEDIATELY FOLLOWING SUCH PROFOSITIOI$ <br />IF YOU TESH TO VOTE AGi'iTN3T <br />. On the back of each ballot there should be printed the words WFFICWL EORD <br />the date of election, the facsimile signature of the Village Clerk <br />and lines for the initials for two judges, <br />5. The commissioner of registration shall accept registrations of voters until the 20th day prior to said election and shall then conplete <br />the &ection register for each district and deliver the register to the judges <br />for the respective districts on the day preceding said election, <br />Clerk shall also provide the election judges with suitable tally sheets, forms <br />for official returns, ballot bexes and other necessary supplies for the con- <br />duct, of said election. Said election shall be held and conducted in the manner <br />prescribed by laihr, and the judges shall record opposite the name and address <br />of each registered voter appearing in the election registers the words Wo-Ledtr <br />or "not votedl' as the sase may be, and any challenge, affidavit or other in- <br />formation as may be required. <br />closing ofthe polls shall forthwith count the votes cask, and record the <br />same in the official tally books, and said books, with the ballots cast and <br />the election registers and the official returns shall thereupon be returned <br />to the VSlage Clerk, 1957, at 1&:3O o'clock P.&, this Council shall meet as a canvassing board and <br />declare the results appearing from said returns. <br />I-lotion for adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Tupa, and <br />The Tillage <br />The judges at each polling place upon the <br />Within two days after the election, to-wit on February 7, <br />Village Clerk <br />LIQUOR CONTROL COI4tJISSION. <br />the Liquor Control Comission, now -tnat the Village government is under Optional <br />Plan B, <br />of January 1, 1957, and that the Village Attorney be directed to draft an mend- <br />Some discussion was had concerning the function of <br />Dickson's motion, that the Liquor Control Comission be abolished as