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7/8/57 <br />ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS i BLACKTOPPING <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received and opened in the office <br />of the Village Manager in the Edina Village Hall,' 4801 Nest 50th Street, at 11:OO <br />A.M., Monday, July 22, 1957, and that the Edina Village Council will meet at 7:30 <br />P.Aq., on Monday, July 22, 1957, to consider said bids being for the following: <br />BLACKTOPPING OF: <br />Beard Avenue from West 60th Street to West 62nd Street. <br />ti'dork must be done as described in plans and specifications on file in the office <br />of the Village Clerk. Plans and specifications are available for a deposit of <br />$10.00, which deposit will be refunded upon return of said plans and specifications. <br />No bids will be considered unless sealed and filed with undersigned before 11:OO <br />A.M., Monday, July 22, 1957, accompanied by cash deposit, bid bond or certified <br />check payable to the Village Clerk in amount of at least ten percent of amount of <br />base bid. <br />The Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids. <br />BY ORDER OF T€E VILLAGE COUNCIL. <br />GREXHEN S. ALDEN <br />Village Clerk <br />3. <br />hereby adopted as the terms and conditions of award of the contract for said <br />improvement. <br />Each and all of the terms of the foregoing advertisemen, for lids are <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Dickson, and on Rollcall <br />there were five ayes and no nays, as foll aye; Dickson, aye; Fronk, aye; <br />Tupa, aye; and Bredesen, aye; and the Reso <br />AUDIT REPORT FOR 1956 was submitted for Council review. <br />Fronk's motion, approving payment of the following claims as per Pre-List dated <br />July 22, 1957, was seconded by Dickson and carried; <br />General Fund $8 , 518 . 95 Park & Park Const. $10,197.68 <br />Const. Fund 33,759 80 Naterworks Fund 906 -44 <br />Liquor Fund 10957.84 Poor, PIR, and <br />Server Rental 840.50 Special Assessment 4,194.10 <br />TOTAL $699375.31 <br />There being no further business to come before the Council Bank moved for <br />adjournment. Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. Meeting adjourned la$ 10:30 <br />P.IvI. /3 <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUES OF MEETING OF EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW, <br />HELD MONDAY, JULY 15, 1957, AT 5tOO P.11.y AT <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Meeting was convened at 5:OO P.M., in the Edina Village Hall, with Council <br />Members Dickson, Fronk, Tupa and Bredesen present to act as Board of Review. <br />Assessor Creighton reported that his books of valuation were not yet complete, <br />and suggested continuance of meeting to liiIonday, July 29, at 5:OO P.M. <br />No one appeared before the Board, to complain that the property of another is <br />assessed too low, or who considered himself aggrieved by his assessment. <br />Because books of valuation could not be examined at this time, it was moved, <br />seconded and carried that meeting be adjourned <br />Clerk