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811 2/57 <br />1.TINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDfNA <br />AT 7:30 P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL, <br />$2@ \ VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 1957, <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Fronk, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of Meetings of July 22 and 29 were approved as submitted, by motion Fponk <br />seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED REZONING TO COMMUNITY STORE DISTRICI' OF LOTS 3 AND 4, <br />BLOCK 2, ELMWOOD TERRACE (5512 S, 5516 FRANCE AVE. SO,), FOR PRAYER TOVER, was the <br />first matter on the agenda, <br />published in Edina-Morningside Courier August 1 and 8, 1957, posted on official <br />bulletin boards, and mailed to owners of properties within $00 feet of the <br />land proposed to be rezoned. <br />were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />Hyde reviewed for Council and audience the Planning Commission's favorable <br />recommendation, and explained that the Prayer Tower cannot be considered a <br />church (and thus permissible under the "Open Development't section of the <br />Village Zoning Ordinance) because it has neither a minister nor a congregation. <br />He explained that the primary function of the United Prayer Tower organization <br />is the distributi6n of prayer tracts; that there would be a small chapel in <br />the building for prayer groups, but that there would not be Sunday services. <br />The Director of the Prayer Tower spoke briefly, stating that a free lending <br />library would also be housed in the building. Mrs. Link, 3705 W.55th Street, <br />spoke in favor of the project, explaining that she knew of the group's work and <br />feels that it would be of distinct benefit to the community. <br />Beard, owner of the property proposed to be rezoned, supported her August 5th <br />letter protesting rezoning--stating she feels that the Prayer Tower should be <br />allowed in the Open Development District. <br />audience as to the type of construction, the Prayer Tower's architect explained <br />that a one-storey residential-type structure is planned, which will blend well <br />with the present character of the neighborhood. Trustee Fronk inquired as to <br />provision for off-street parking and was informed that plans had not yet been <br />made, because the organization wishes to know, first, whether they can obtain <br />a permit, but that they will provide parking. Attorney Ira Peterson, speaking <br />for the objectors, explained that while the residents do not object to this <br />religious group it is felt that there are three protestant churches within a <br />block of this property for service to the neighborhood; that this is, strictly <br />speaking, not a neighborhood congregation. He presented a petition, signed <br />by owners of some fifty lots in the area, protesting both the proposed rezoning <br />and the construction, and asking that the property be kept residential. <br />Hyde explained that because of Attorney's opinion to'the effect that the <br />Prayer House could not be allowed in the Open Development District the Council <br />cannot issue a permit for it without either rezoning to Community Store or <br />amending the Zoning Ordinance to include the function in the @en Development <br />District; and Mr. Peterson replied that it is not only the rezoning the residents <br />are objecting to--it is also the construction. <br />Niles Roaderick, Erick Bentzen and C.H. Jensen added their objections, stating <br />they feel that this land useage will devaluate their properties, cause parking <br />problems. Asked whether they would object to double bungalow on the property, <br />neighbors agreed that this land useage would be satisfactory. <br />in view of the preponderance of objections the application for permit be denied. <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />It was conducted pursuant to a Notice of Hearing <br />Affidavits of publication, posting and mailing <br />Manager <br />Mzs. Virginia <br />In answer to a question from the <br />I Mr. <br />Messrs. Harris Lindquist, <br />Fronk moved that <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION OF MR. ED. PLEHAL FOR PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT TVJO DOUBLE <br />DWELLINGS ON LOTS 14,15,16 AND 17, BLOCK 9, W*MI"EAPOLTS HEIGHTS (419-425 <br />VJASHTNGTON AVENUE, was conducted pursuant to Notice of Hearing published in <br />Edina-Morningside Courier August 1 and 8, 1957, posted on official bulletin <br />boards and mailed to owners of surrounding properties. Affidavits of publi- <br />cation, posting and mailing were presented by Clerk, to form and <br />ordered placed on file. <br />bungalows; and, on inquiry from the audience, stated that their valuation will <br />be about $22,000 each.k There were no objections registered from the floor and <br />no written objections had been received prior theketo. <br />permit be granted was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />Mr. Plehal presented plan for proposed double <br />Tupa's motion that <br />PuBLrc HEARING ON PETITION OF MR. DAVID ANDERSON FOR PERMIT TO CONSTRUCT DOUBLE <br />BUNGALOW ON LOT 13, BROOKSIDE TERRACE (4404 BROOKSIDE AVENUE2 was held in accord <br />with Notice of Hearing published in Edina-Morninqside Courier Auqust 1 and 8, <br />1957, posted on official bulletin boards and mailed to owners of-surrounding- <br />properties. Affidavits of publication, posting and mailing were presented by <br />Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />plan for the bungalow. <br />written objections had been received prior thereto. <br />be granted was seconded by Fronk and carried. <br />Mr. Anderson presented <br />Tupa's motion that permit <br />No objections were registered at the Hearing and no <br />'