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I/ Id/ 38 <br />t 41 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1958, <br />AT 7:30 P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Rollcall was answered by Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen, with Bank arriving <br />during the Public Hearing hereinafter recorded. <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 30, 1957, were approved by motion <br />Tupa, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />CONTINUATION OF DECEMBER 9, 1957 PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ASSESSMENT FOR <br />- TO ABATE DANGEROUS CONDITION. Manager Hyde reviewed for the Council the facts <br />pertinent to this assessment, stating that assessment is being made on actual <br />cost of filling the two lots, cost being divided equally between the two lots, <br />at a cost to each lot of $1114.75. Mrs. Edith Waste, owner of Lot 5, supported <br />her December 9th arguments against paying full assessment on grounds of having <br />had her lot filled before work was done by the Village, by presenting several <br />letters; one from a Mr. Bob Wight, 5342 Oregon Avenue, stating he had hauled <br />in five loads; another from hM. Zappa Company, stating that by 1957 ks. <br />Waste's. lot had been filled by the Company to 6" above street grade except <br />for one corner of the lot which needed 50 to 75 yards of fill; another from <br />a neighbor, Mrs. Scott, who stated she had noticed a bulldozer working on this <br />lot "during the time the peonies were in bloom"; and by a statement by another <br />neighbor, Mrs. Nelson, to the effect that the lot had been filled to above <br />street grade. <br />the lot had been filled above street grade before the Village began its <br />operation, but after some discussion on the matter by Mayor Bredesen--who <br />stated that in early summer of 1957, after receiving a call from a neighbor <br />who was worried that some child would drown, he had measured the water with <br />a stick and found from three to four feet of water in this lot--Mrs. Nelson <br />stated that the lot-was filled after the work was all done. Mrs. Waste <br />maintained that a mistake had been made; that the Village bulldozer had pushed <br />some of the dirt already on her lot over onto the next lot. She presented copy <br />of information secured from Village employee McNellis with regard to the amount <br />of dirt hauled into the lots, which information checked well with the information <br />read by Mr. Hyde from the work order on the project; however, it was noted that <br />the information given by Mr. McNellis to Mrs. Waste was for only three days' <br />hauling, whereas the work order covered five days ' hauling. <br />IMPROVEMENT N0:454 - FILLING OF LOTS 4 AND 5, BLOCK 4, BROOKSIDE HEIGHTS ADDN. <br />Mrs. Nelson's statement was at first interpreted to mean that <br />VILLAGE DIRT TO GUNNAR JOHNSON LOT? <br />Mrs. Waste asked the Council why it was possible for "Mr. Johnson'' to secure <br />fill for his lot for nothing, while she had to pay a price for it. <br />by the Council, Mrs. Jaste stated she had called Mr. Johnson--that she thought <br />his first name was Gunnar--about the cost of the fill for his lot, and that he <br />had told her he had gotten it for nothing; the lot being across the street from <br />hers, at about Hollywood Road and Interlachen Blvd. Manager Hyde stated that <br />he had authorized no hauls to this property; Engineer Zikan stated that if <br />Village dirt hag been hauled to the property it was without authorization from <br />him. Trustee Bank asked that, on behalf of the Council and the Manager, fhs. <br />Waste furnish the Council with whatever information she might have on fill for <br />this lot, in order that an investigation might be made and the matter cleared <br />to the satisfaction of all concerned. <br />- FREE ROAD FOR SOUTHDALE? <br />Waste made a reference to "the free road the Village is building for Southdale", <br />and the big pile of dirt on 70th Street. <br />the Village has no intention of building a free road for Southdale; that the <br />pile of dirt to which Mrs. Waste refers is a stockpile for general street <br />maintenance, stored on Village property, as the result of the Lift Station <br />vonstruction, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Southdale. <br />During the discussion on the above matter, <br />On questions - <br />. <br />I Also, during the discussion on the Waste lot, Mrs. <br />It was explained to Mrs. Waste that <br />- PUBLIC HEARING ON FILL (CONTINUED). <br />the matter of the fill for Lots 4 and 5, Block 4, with !Sirs. Waste still insisting <br />that some mistake has,been made, Eank moved that the Public Hearing be continued <br />to the Meeting of January 27, that, tomorrow, the Engineers take levels on the <br />two lots proposed to be assessed, and that IAanager Hyde make all additional <br />investigation necessary to close this matter. <br />carried <br />After considerable further discussion on <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and <br />APPOINTMENT OF MAYOR PRO-Tad. <br />as Mayor Pro Tem for the year 1958 was confirmed by common consent of Council. <br />Mayor Bredesen' s appointment of Trustee Bank