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7/13 /62 <br />MIlJUTES OF THE TvIEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD <br />OF REVIEM, HELD FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1962, AT <br />5 : 00 P .PI, , AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />863 <br />Meeting of Board of Review convened at 5:OO P.M., Friday, July 13, 1962, at the Villagc <br />Hall, pursuant to "Hotice of Board of Review Meetingt1 published in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier June 28 and July 5, 1962, and posted in accordance with law on June 27, 1962, <br />Members present were MacMillan Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. Mrs , Gretchen Alden <br />acted as Clerk for the Board, <br />Wayne A, Johnson, County Supervisor of Assessments, attended. <br />Village Nanager Hyde, Village Assessor Kearns, and Mr. <br />Upon introduction by Mr, Kearns, Mr, Johnson asked the Board if it intends to comply <br />with the State Tax Commissionerts policy of "upgrading and equalizing valuations to <br />33-1/3 of their fair market value". Manager Hyda answered that he had written the <br />Commissioner in Nay, that his policy would be followed; but that he had also asked <br />for some assurance that Edina property is not paying more than its fair share to the <br />State and County--and that he had had no answer from the Commissioner on this, He <br />told Mr, Johnson that because of the high median value of Edina's homes ($26,000 <br />in Edina, with Golden Valley next high in Hennepin County at $21,000) the Homestead <br />Exemption has less effect here than in other municipalities; and that unless othor <br />communities also bring their valuations to the 33-1/3% of market value, Edina will <br />be paying an unfair portion of State and County taxes, <br />and will cooperate with the Commissioner's directive, it does not intend to "lead tha <br />parade", he recommended that the Village Council officially have facts and figures to <br />prove that other municipalities are also adjusting their valuations in accordance with <br />the Commissioner's directive. <br />Saying that while Edina should <br />Mr, Johnson replied that as of this moment he has Edina Assessor Kearnsl word, and <br />the word of every other assesser in the County that they are all working to adjust <br />their valuations, but that he cannot give this municipality any information until <br />the books of valuation are presented to his office; that, however, if it becomes <br />apparent tat any municipality is not adjusting its valuations, Mr, Johnson, himself, <br />will make'recommendations to the State Tax Commission, <br />St,Louis Park, with all its industry, has a lower Total Assessed Valuation than <br />Edina, Mr, Johnson stated he can give no firm answer but feels they are falling <br />behind on valuation of land; that there should be a decided improvement this year, <br />Asked by Mr. Bredesen why <br />Assessor Kearns presented his Books of Valuations, saying that because of the re- <br />valuations taking place this year the books are far from camplete. <br />Board examine those valuations which he has now done, and make its recommendations, <br />and that the Meeting be continued to the last possible legal date, in order that he <br />have time to complete his work, <br />He asked that the <br />Mr, and Mrs P, d. Heinrich, 4510 Edina 31vd,, were present to complain that their <br />property has been assessed too high; that they ha3e receiveived two real-estata <br />appraisals for $42,000, whereas the assessor has assed the land and home at. $14,625, <br />which would mean a market value of $43,875 ,OO, <br />and heard both the Heinrichs and Assessor Kearns on this complaint. <br />Board reviewed picture and measurements, <br />Nr. Kearns presented letter from Mr, L, A. Potter, 4610 Browndale, complaining that <br />his assessment is too hAgh, Assessment on this property has been placed at $19,825.00, <br />with a market value of $59,475.00, <br />Kearns explained that this property backs up to Minnehaha Creek, comprises almost three <br />lots, and is one of the finest locations in the Country Club. <br />Wr. Potter was not present at the meeting, but Mr, <br />Mr, Kearns suggested that inasmuch as the Meeting must be continued, the Board take <br />both complaints under advisement and make its recommendations at the continued sessionr <br />He also advised the Board that letters of notification.of adjusted valuation will go <br />out to the owners of unimproved land this week, notifying said owners of the date of <br />the continued seasion of the Board of Review, in order: that any complaints might be <br />received by the Board before Books of Valuation are completed. <br />After some discussion, MacMillan moved that both complaints received tit this meeting <br />be taken under consideration for Board's recommendation at continued session, and that <br />this Meeting be adjourned to Thursday, August 2, 1962, at 2:OO P.H. <br />Tupa and carried, <br />Motion seconded by