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,. <br />8/13/62 <br />MINUTES OF Ti-IE REGULAR IvIEETIi?G OF THE EDIidA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL , HELD MOiqDAY , AUGUST 13,1962 <br />AT 7:OO P.N., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL . <br />kiembers answering Rollcall were Dickson PIac?ki.llan , VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />NIlJUTES of the Regular Meeting of July 23, 1962, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />AidI?OUNCZNEIJT OF THE CONTIMUATIOiJ OF T;IE MAY 14Tl-I PU3LIC HEARIXG ON CUR3 AI?D GUTTER <br />AdD PERYAhEMT STREET SURFACIHG FOR IIILRYkIT AVEiJUZ FROH 3.62idD ST. TO VALLZY VIEtI <br />ROAD, TO SEPTEt.I3ER 10, 1962, was made by Hayor Bredesen. - <br />PU3LIC HEARIIdGS CONDUCTED ON REQUESTS FOR VARIANCES FROM ZO:?IIIG ORDINANCE REQUIRE- <br />IM?TS FOR SIDE YARDS. Planning Director Hite presented Affidavits of Elailing of <br />"idotice of Hearings", which were approved and ordered placed on fila; and, pursuant <br />to said notice the following Public Hearings were conducted, and action taken as <br />hereinafter recorded: <br />AVENUE SOUTH (Lot 7, Block 3 , riarriet Lawn Addition), <br />this request comes about by reason of the owner's having to remove a large tree <br />to meet ordinance's five-foot side yard setback for a proposed garage; tnat <br />neighbors assent to the requested variance, and that Planning Commission has <br />recommended favorably thereon, as of Jaly 11. <br />floor, and no written objections had been received prior to the Hearing, <br />MacMillan's motion, that variance be permitted, was seconded by Dickson and <br />carried. <br />1. REQUEST OF MR. LAWRENCE 3ROOM FOR A THREE-FOOT SIDE YARD AT 5621 AB3OTT <br />Mr. Hite explained that <br />i?o objections were made from the <br />2. REQUEST OF MR, ROY THERNELL NINE-FOOT EAST SIDE YARD AND EIGHT-FOOT <br />'JEST SIDE YARD AT 5128 TIFTOIJ DRIVE (Lot 8, Block 3, Brookview Xeights) <br />Planning Director Hite explained that other dwellings in the neighborhood have <br />been constructed to conform to the 7.5-foot side yard required by deed restric- <br />tion; that neighbors have expressed their approval, and that Planning Commission <br />has recommended favorably upon the request, as of July 11, <br />objections registered at the Hearing, and none had been made prior thereto. <br />Macllillan's motion, that variances be permitted, was seconded by Dickson and <br />carried, <br />There were no <br />WATCR13AIid IMPROVEMENT FOR DUNDEE ROAD FROM W .56TH ST. TO I?. LINE OF MIRROR-LAKES <br />14EADOW-WOOD ADDitI ABANDONED AFTER PUBLIC HEARIHG, Clerk presented Affidavits of <br />Publication in Edina-Llorningside Courier August 2nd and 9th, 1962, and of Mailing <br />of said notice to affected property owners; and, pursuant to said Notice, Public <br />Hearing was conducted on proposed construction of Village Natermain and <br />Appurtenances in Dundee Road from !11.56th St. to the North line of Mirror Lakes <br />Meadow-Wood Addn. to Edina Highlands. <br />proposed improvement, and area proposed to be assessed therefor, and Estimate <br />of Cost was given as $5,290.21, proposed to be assessed against nine lots for <br />$587.80 per Lot. <br />the Council's own motion and without petition, when it was learned that residents <br />desire to have the street permanently surfaced, (See Minutes of July 23, 196% <br />Neeting). FIr. Oscar Berg, 5525 Dundee Road, presented petition signed by six', <br />of the eight residents, opposing installation at this time. He told Council <br />these residents are all satisfied with their wells; that they will assent to <br />watermain construction at the time the balance of Dundee is furnished witfilater. <br />Hr. E. F. Ihehlhausen, 5528 Dundee Road, asked for the improvement, saying <br />construction will cost more in the future; that watermain in the street is good <br />insurance against well failure. The written request of Col. E. R. Berg, owner <br />of Lot 2, B1, 2, Mirror Lakes Meadow-Wood 2nd Addition, was read and noted, <br />blr. Oscar Berg told Council that owners are willing to take a gamble on their <br />wells going dry; that they are all deep wells and residents expect no trouble. <br />Dickson moved that, in view of the preponderance of opinion against the <br />proposed improvement it be abandaned. <br />carried, <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown of route of <br />Hearing on this proposed improvement had been initiated on <br />Motion seconded by VanValkenburg and <br />COUi?CXL ORDERS STREET IMPROVEHEi\TT Oi? DUNDZE ROAD FRO3 'd.56TH ST. TO N. LINE OF <br />i IIRhOR-LAKES MEA1)OkI-I.JOOD ADDN . <br />called Public Hearing on,Permanent Street Surfacing and Concrete Curb and Gutter <br />in Dundee Road from W.56th St, to N, Line of Mirror-Lakes P.leadow-Xood Addn.--this <br />Hearing being a continuation of the Public Hearing of Suly 23, at which time the <br />Council had determined to secure property owners' feeling on construction of <br />watermain before considering street improvement. <br />given as $9.87 per Assessable Foot. <br />Council residents are strenuously in favor of the street surfacing; that because <br />Dundee Road to the north is not curbed, installation of curb and gutter in that <br />OVER OPPOSITIOi\l TO-JXJR.8 AI\ID GUTTER. i4ayor Bredesen <br />v <br />Estimated Assessable Cost was <br />Mr. Oscar aerg, 5525 Dundee Road, told