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8/27/62 <br />IKCNUTES OF THE REGULAR HEETIWG OF THE_ EDIJA <br />VILLAGE COUYCIL, HELD HONDAY , <br />AT 7:OO P,f.l,, AT TilE EDINA VILLAGE 3ALL <br />AUGUST 27 , 1962 , <br />bfembers answering Rollcall were Dickson , HacXillan, Tupa , VanValkenburg and <br />Sredesen <br />HIfJUTES of the Regular Meeting of August 13, 1962, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Dickson and carried, <br />COUiiCIL GRABTS REQUESTS FOR SIDE-YARD VARIANCES FROTI ZONIYG ORDII?ANCE. Planning <br />Director Hite presented Affidavits of Hailing of I?otices of Hearings relati've to <br />the following requests for side yard variances from Zoning Ordinance requirements. <br />Affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on file, and pursuant to <br />notice given, public hearings were conducted, ana action was taken as hereinafter <br />recorded, <br />1.REqUEST OF 14R, GEORGE ALARIK, 5417 BROOL<VIES AVEWE, for a three-foot garage <br />side yard at the above address (Lot 16, i3lock 7, South rlarriet Park), so tha? he <br />might enlarge his present garage, <br />of owners of adjacent properties, <br />and none had been received at this office prior thereto, <br />variance request be granted,was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />Mr, liite reported tEr. Alarik has the consent <br />There were no objections made at the Wearing, <br />Tupa's motion, that <br />2. REgUEST, OF NISS DOROTHY KUSKE, 5417 YORK P.VZ, for a one-foot north side <br />yard at above address (Lot 23, i3lock 1, Seely's First Addn.) €or construction of <br />garags, <br />on this request, but that one neighbor has conplained. <br />and recommendations, and no objections were made at the dearing. <br />is to be located one foot from alley and one foot from Xorth property line, <br />motion, that variance request be granted, was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />i4r. Hite reported that the Planning Commission has reconmended favorably <br />Mayor aredesen for objections <br />Tine proposed garage <br />Tupa's <br />COUlJCIL LEVIES ASSESSNEITTS FOR STORE1 SE':IER 1;SPROVE;IIEHT 240 47 (TRUNK STOR.1 SEllER <br />XAIiJ ii0, 1). <br />of "l?otice of Assessment Hearing on Storm Sewer Ho, 47 (!lain 1)11, said publication <br />being as of August 2nd and 9th, 1962; and Affidavit of Hailing of ;dotice to affected <br />property owners. <br />file; and, pursuant to Hotice, Public Hearing was conducted on the proposed assess- <br />ment for this improvement, <br />attached hereto as "Page 202A" of this Ninute 300k No. 25, and shall be considered <br />a part of these Minutes. <br />length, and with the aid of the map, explained the proposed rate of assessment for <br />each lettered areathereon <br />to be assessed against 1616 Parc 1? of yoparty, at the respective rates sh0r.m <br />on the accompanying map, ~efh%%.!!ow%g 'fkitten objections to the proposed <br />assessment had been filed prior to the Hearing: <br />Mr. Helge Thomsen, 4705 Hibiscus - Re: Lot 21, 3lock 4, Lake Edina 2nd Addn. <br />14r. Harold Arnold, 4701Hibiscus - Re: Lot 22, Block 4, Lake Edina 2nd Addn. <br />Hr. Douglas Yarner,Jr. ,4708 Hibiscus - Re: Lot 25,Blocl.r 3, Lake Edina 2nd Addn, <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication in Edina-Horningside Courier <br />Both affidavits were approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />tlailed Notice had included a map:, copy of which is <br />Manager Hyde reviewed the history of this project at some <br />Total Assessable Cost was given as $192,444.53 :, proposed <br />all asking that their lots be relieved of assessment because, since grade of <br />Hibiscus Avenue has been established their lots do not drain to this system; and <br />asking that only a fractional portion of his lot be included, because, since establish- <br />ment of Hibiscus Avenue grade only a small portion of his lot drains to this systern. <br />The validity of these four requests was substantiated in a memorandum from Acting <br />Village Engineer Hite, dated August 23, 1962, to Xanager Hyde--in which tlr, Hite <br />also reported that only the front 35 feet of the lots in Block 7, South Garden <br />Estates Fourth Addition drain into the system, Hanager Hyde reported that the <br />proposed assessments for these properties have been deleted, pursuant to Nr. ilite's <br />memorandum , <br />The following oral objections , made before the Hearing, were reported : <br />Nr. R, I. Pittelkow, 6729 Point Drive - Re: Lot 12, Block 1, Southdale 4th <br />Addition, being assessed at $,01100 for Storm Sewer 110. 47 (and also for Lateral <br />Storm Sewer 80. 49, at $.10690) - objecting he receives no more benefit than his <br />neighbor to the ilorth, who is assessed only for Hain 2?0. 1 (Storm Sewer Uo. 47), <br />at $.00400 per square foot, Kr. Pittelkow's lot is in Area D on accompanying nap; <br />lot to the Horth is in Area F, The memorandum dated August 23, 1962, from Acting <br />Village Engineer to Hanager Hyde , showed the results of a survey taken subsequent <br />to tlr. Pittelkow's complaint , which prove tIr. Pittelkow's lot should renain in <br />Area D. <br />Mr. David Erck, 4501 Salfanz Road - Re: Lot 1, 3lock 6, Creston X.1J.s- which <br />property vas proposed to be assessed fractionally; part being in Area F, and part <br />in Area D. <br />the South 44 feet of the lot abutting 77ooddale Avenue still drains to the South; and <br />that assessment is proposed to be levied accordingly, hlr. Erck, who was present <br />at the Hearing, objected that Itthe water cannot run uphill", and asked for a re- <br />survey, before final levy of assessment on his lot. <br />Xr, A. X. lloore, 4505 Balfanz Road - Re: Lot 2, alock 6, Creston Hills - \<nidi property is also proposed to be assessed fractionally; a very small portion baing <br />in Area D, and the balance in Area F.- who had objected that if ilr. Erck's property <br />Clr. J, Harrison Blue - 4704 Hibiscus - Re: Lot 26, Block 3, Lake Edina 2nd hddn., <br />tlr, Hyde reported that survey made subsequent to this objection finds <br />ais request vas granted.