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PAGE 2023 <br />NTldUTE 300K 30' 25 <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA NOTICE OF SPECIAL ASSESSMENT HEARINGS <br />.1 South East Area Storm Sewer Assessments <br />to be Considered by Edina Village Council <br />Mondag, August 27,1962, at 7p.m. <br />The Edina Village Council will meet Monday, August 87, 1968, at THE ENCLOSED MAP SHOWS - <br />7 p.m. at the Village Hall to consider the proposed assessment of a completed <br />storm sewer program which serves a large portion of the South East area <br />of the Village. <br />1. dl of the area included in the <br />assessment for the Trunk Main. <br />All colored areas are proposed to <br />be assessed. <br />8. The routes of the various sewer Projects included in the assessment are: __ <br />Storm <br />Storm <br />Storm <br />Stqrm <br />t <br />Storm <br />Storm <br />Storm <br />Area Included in Assessment <br />Sewer No. 47 (Trunk Main 1). ...... .All colored areas on map <br />(This is a main from Lake Cornelia to Nine Mile Creek) <br />Sewer No. 48 (Lateral 3). ................... .Map Area "E" <br />(This main starts on Southdale Road and goes west an <br />Dunberry to Cornelia Drive, where it joins the trunk) <br />Sewer No. 49 (Lateral 4). ................... .Map Area "D" <br />(Main starts on Dunberry at Point Drive and goes east <br />to Cornelia Drive, joining the trunk there) <br />' <br />Sewer No. 50 (Lateral 8). ................... Map Area "A" <br />(A main starting in the 6300 block of Mildred Avenue, <br />going south and east into Lake Cornelia) <br />Sewer No. 51 (Lateral 10). ................. .Map Area ''C' <br />(This lateral consists of several branches, one starting at <br />60th and St. Johns, another at Concord and Valley View, <br />and two shorter ones, which take water into and out of <br />ponding areas south of Valley View and east of St. Johns <br />and then into Lake Cornelia just south of the Crosstown <br />Highway) <br />Sewer No. 57 (Lateral 9). .................. .Map Area "B" <br />(This project was a cooperative one entered into as part <br />of the Crosstown Highway with the County and the State <br />Highway Departments. The proposed assessment represents <br />the cost of draining the private property outside the high- <br />way right-of-way.) <br />Sewer No. 61 (Lateral 2). .......... .Map Areas "H" and "J" <br />(This includes lines on France, north and south of 72nd <br />Street, which flow into a line going west on 72nd Street <br />into the trunk at Cornelia Drive) <br />lmes. <br />3. The tabulation in the upper right- <br />hand corner of the map shows: <br />A. The estimated assessment per <br />square foot announced at the <br />public improvement hearing at <br />which the project was authorized. <br />These hearings were held prior to <br />construction bids being received. <br />B. The proposed assessment rate <br />per square foot. This rate, multi- <br />plied by the number of assessable <br />square feet in the area produces <br />the amount needed to pay for all <br />construction, engine e r in g and <br />other costs incurred in the project. <br />FOR EXAMF'LE-A lot in Area C with a width of 90 feet and a depth of 125 feet has 11,250 square feet. The proposed trunk and lateral assessment for residential lots in Area C totals $0.02770 per square <br />foot. 11,250 multiplied by $0.02770 equals $311.63, the proposed assess- ment. This can be paid with the taxes in 10 yearly payments, wit,h interest of 5% on the unpaid bal- ance. The annual principal payment in this case would be $31.17. <br />. , <br />HOW TO USE THE MAP: <br />If you live on the corner of West <br />Shore Drive and Upper Terrace, for <br />example, you will note you are in <br />Area F. By referring to the tabula- <br />tion on the map, you will see that <br />your property is to be assessed only <br />for Trunk Main 1. It was estimated <br />that you would be assessed $0.00490. <br />Your proposed assessment is lower- <br />$0.00400-four-tenths of one cent.