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"$2 / c <br />9/24/62 <br />;IIdJTES OF TilE RE2ULA.2 ;EETIi?G OF TiiE <br />EilIIJA VILLAGE COU,{CIL, KELD 'iI3;3DAY, <br />SEPTEFI3ER 2&, 1962, AT 7: 00 P .fE. , AT <br />TdE CDIiJA VILLAGE; iikLL <br />f.lembers answering Rollcall were Dickson , l:acldillan, Tupa, VanValkenbur?, and <br />aredesen. <br />ffIlIUTES of tile Regular Ileeting of August 27, 1962, were approved as submitted, <br />by ?.lotion Tupa, seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />:.fLIUT€S of the Regular IZeeting of September 10, 1962, were approved as submitted, <br />by :.lotion Tupa. &fore Second could be had, Xr, VanValkenbur2 asked that Xinutes <br />be amended to show the follor.ling, as part of the paragraph entitle6 "COUI~CIL <br />APPROVES PURCiiASE OF SITE F0;P PU3LIC IIORiS GARAGE AND 'JAREdOUSE, SU3JECT TO <br />APPROVAL OF VILLAGE ATTONIEY Oil STIPULATIOi?S OF PURCiiASE AGREEIWT" , (Page 237 <br />of this 3ooF- beginning after the words "contained therein", the phrase, !land <br />-including an agreement by the seller that Ready-Hix Operation will be off the <br />prcperty by IIarch 1, 1963, or such later date as may be agreed on between purchaser <br />and Ready-Xix , that purchaser will collect all rent from Ready-Nix accruing f rom <br />the date of the closing of the sale; that if any costs accrue from the removal of <br />the structure now on the permises the seller trill pay such costs; and assurance <br />by the seller that the lease to Roy L. Lindgren, Sr. €or the residence he now <br />occupies at 5136 Arcadia is to be for the life of Hr, Lindgren, Sr,, only,11 Tup <br />then amended his ilotion, to approve iiinutes of rleeting of September 10, 1962, with <br />the amendment offered by ilr, VanValkenburg , <br />seconded by Dickson and carried. At September 10 Xeeting, question had <br />been directed to seller regarding RetaininE Hall. <br />September 24 Neeting that Xetaining Yall is in, needs no immediate maintenance, <br />I <br />Kotion €or approval of amended IIinutes <br />(iiote: <br />Planager Hyde reported at <br />and should stay there.) ,- <br />COUnSCIL APPROVES REQUESTS FOR VARIKdCES FROH ZONING OF!DIi?AdCZ REQUIREI!ENTS. <br />Planning Director Hixe ?resented hff idavits of Mailing of iliiotices of Hearings" <br />to owners of affected properties, and, pursuant to said ilotice, Public Hearings <br />were Conducted on the following requests for Variances from Zoning Ordinance <br />Requirements, <br />EAST SIDE LOT LIiX. Kr, iiite reported that tiis <br />variance is requezed for the purpose of remodeling hone on this lot (Lot 18, <br />i3lock 6, Laauena Vist Addition; that Planning Conmission recommends favorably <br />thereon. <br />prior thereto. <br />~7as seconded by Tup and carried, <br />POillT DXIVE (Lot 14, 3lock 1, Southdale Third Addition) - Ordinance requires 30- <br />foot setback, <br />favora3ly on this request, because of the terrain of this lot and the typi of <br />home to be constructed there. <br />none had been received p-ior thereto <br />front yard serback was seconded by Didison and carried. <br />Action was taken by Council as hereinafter recorded. <br />1. REQUEST OF 3R. E. 3. HAEDECKE, 5524 I.J.70Til ST., FOR 8-FOOT SETBACX FRON <br />(Ordinance requires 15 Ft. 1 <br />Ilo objections were registered at the Hearing, and none had been raceived <br />Dickson's motion granting request €or E-foot side prcl seeback <br />2. REfJJEST OF DX, X. D. XcCA!:P3ZLL FOR 25-FOOT FRO:?T YARD SETaACK AT 6700 <br />iIr. Hite inforned Council that Planning Conmission has recoxmended <br />;do objections xere rezistered at the Hearing, and <br />Tupa's motion pantino, request far 25-foot <br />11:GRiCA;'T XATZR fC'ORXS ASSOCIATIOJ - .. . llAVARD OF 14ERIT1' , awacded to Hanagement and <br />Zmployees of the Edina ';later Department I'In recognition of an Excellent Safety <br />Record in the ;!ater Vorks Industry", and the TROPHY FOR ltACdIEVEIEXi' IiJ TAE <br />Ji-ilE~JO.R<S FI+D1l awarded to Edina Saterworks Supt. , Ben Yoehler , were presented <br />by ilr. klyde, who reported that 3en Joehler is the first public official to recelve <br />inis axard <br />T .- <br />SPECIAL ASSESS:IE;ITS LEVIED FOR IWPRQVEMEJJT COSTS , <br />m1icatGd of Hailing of llRotices of Assessment Hearings" j publication having <br />been in Edina-Xorningside Courier on Septenber 6 and 13, 1962, <br />idotices, Public Hearings were conducted on the following proposed Special Asssss- <br />ments for completed Improvement Projects, and action was taken as hereinafter <br />recorded: <br />SAiUTARY SEYER IIiPROVEtlEXT 1JO. 191 - In ifarcien Ave. from Johnson Drive <br />to Gate Park Ko-Pdr:( Road fron Narden Ave, to Johnson Drive; Gate Park <br />Road from Varden Ave. to Hrry. 110. 169. Total Assessable Cost was read as $17,034.16, <br />proposed to be assessed against 36 Assessable Tracts, for $474.56 p'r Connection, as <br />compared with the Improvement Hearing Estimate of $551.10. <br />made from the floor, and none had been received prior thereto. <br />motion approving proposed assessment was seconded by Tupa and carried unanimously, <br />(See Resolution of later in Iketing, Adopting and eonfirming Assessment). <br />2, SAiilITAfiY SEBE;R I?IPROVE!4EIIT NO. 193 - In lialifzx Avenue froin tIanhole 400 <br />feet South of !1.62nd Street to Crosstown Highway. Total Assessable Cost given as <br />$7,368.20, proposed to be assessed for 20 Connections , at $368.41 per Connection, <br />as Compared with Improvement Heaping 2sthate of $636.76. <br />at the Hearing, and none had been received prior thereto. <br />ing proposed assessment vas seconded by VanValkenburg and carried unanimously. <br />(See Resolution of later in liesting, Adopting and Confirninz Assessment). <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of <br />Pursuant to said <br />1. <br />I?o objections were <br />VanValkenburgIs <br />;lo objections were made <br />Dickson's potion approv-,