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10/1/62 <br />::IIIUTI=S OF THE I-IEETIlJG OF THE EDIMA VILLAGE COUlJCIL, <br />HELD IIOI?DAY, OCT(33ER 1, 1962 AT 7:30 P.'T. <br />AT THE EDI2A VILLAGE HALL <br />Xernbers answering Rollcall vere Dickson , llaclfillan , Tupa , VanValkenburg ilnd <br />Bredesen. <br />The Proposed i3udget for 1963, as presented by the Pillage ?tanager, was explained <br />by the Nanager and the Finance Director. 'Ir, Hyde pointed out that the proposed <br />salary and wage levels for public works employees were based primarily on the <br />amounts agreed upan by many of the suburban municipalities after considering <br />requests from Local 49 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, <br />An explanation of the reasons for the increase in assessed valuation was given <br />the Council, and it vas pointed out that there had been an increase of slizhtly <br />more than 4% in the assessed valuation due to new buildings. <br />Judge Burris anpeared to present his budget request and gave the Council a <br />tabulation shor.lin5 increases in volume of court cases. <br />After considerable discussion and consideration of various expenditures, it was <br />agreed that the proposed expenditures for 1963 should not increase more percentage- <br />wise than the increase in assessed valuation due to new building. This resulted in <br />decreasing the proposed expendi-tures from $1,514,037 to $1,464,550 w'nich requires a <br />tax levy of 26.59 mills, or a decrease of 1,73 mills from the present Village rate. <br />Hr. VanValkenburg offered the following Ordinance and moved its adoption: <br />ORDINANCE NO. 16-6 <br />OXDIIJANCE ADOPTING BUDGET FOR THE VILLAGE OF EDIlJA FOR <br />THE YEAR 1963, AND ESTABLISHING TAX LEVY FOR THE YEAR <br />1962 PAYABLE IN 1963 <br />THE VILLAGE COUXCIL OF T3E VILLAGE OF EDIIUA, 'IIIJNESOTA, DOES ORDAIH AS FOLL0:JS: <br />* Section 1. The Budget for the Village of Edina for the calendar year 1963 is hereby <br />ado$ed as hereinafter set forth; and funds are hereby appropriated therefor: <br />GXERAL FUND <br />LI_1 GENERAL GOVERNEIEMT <br />IIayor and Council $ 9,770 <br />Administration .- 59,032 <br />Finance 36,714 <br />Assessing 41,684 <br />Legal Services ' 17,963 <br />14un ici pal Court 27,090 <br />Library 3,763 <br />E le c t ion 2,390 <br />Planning 10 , 835 <br />TOTAL GENERAL GOVERNMEI4T <br />PUaLIC . .. ._ ;.!QRKS - <br />Engineering $111.473 - - Highways 348 ; 812 <br />TOTAL PUBLIC SORKS <br />PROTECTION OF PERSOX AND PROPERTY <br />Police $232,343 <br />Fire 118,832 <br />Civilian Defense 6,351 <br />Public Health 13,859 <br />Animal Control 5,400 <br />Inspection 21,986 <br />TOTAL PROTECTIOii OF PE3SOHS <br />AND PROPERTY <br />ilON-DEPARTVEiJTAL EXPENDITURZS <br />con t inzn ci e s $ 20,605 <br />Settlement of Suits 500 <br />Special Assessments on Village Property 27,000 <br />Unallocated Capital Outlay 3,332 <br />Capital Improvements 50,000 <br />TOTAL t:ISCELLANErSUS AND <br />CO:?TItIGEKIES <br />PARK FUXD <br />Supervision and Overhead <br />$ 209,241 <br />$ 460,285 <br />$ 398,771 <br />$ 101,437 <br />61.169.734 <br />Recreation <br />I la in t en an ce <br />Capital Outlay <br />TOTAL FAW< FUND <br />$ 32,j.w <br />40,250 <br />52,518 <br />11,245 <br />$ 136,160