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11/6/62 <br />"eeting convened at 8:45 ?.'l., at Villa3e 3al1, with Council ?lernbws Dj-ckson, <br />"ac':illan and Tu?a actin? 3s Canwssing 3card for Village Zlection for this <br />date , Tuesday, :lovenbar 6, 1962 * <br />and absentee ballots in tiie eight Voting Precincts; and it vas then novad, <br />seconded and carried thzt the Canvassing Board certify the returns of the <br />Village Election held llovemfaar 6, 1362, to be as FO~~SWS: <br />P??E - BALLOT- SPEC1 AL i UIIC 1T.Q.L <br />CIIJCT "SI-IALL 9KS 3E :.?UU;QICI PAL JUDcZ <br />:Pie.nbers canvassed returns of Votknf: ?:achines <br />OX ADVISORY <br />- LEASHED 12 3iO3THS <br />OF TI-IE YEA??'' -.- iI0 - YES <br />7 1 773 447 <br />2 1,101 <br />3 845 <br />4 1,339 <br />5 697 s 281 <br />7 643 <br />8 842 <br />TOTAL 6m <br />442 <br />3 44 <br />381 <br />344 <br />154 <br />3 47 <br />2 85 - 2,744 <br />TRUSTEE - JUDTE- BER7.I 6 iTS TOTAL <br />TEF.:? 3 YES, .TEE!; 6 W'S. 3RUCE 2. RICYPY?D E. TOTAL PEG. <br />VOTE !7@TE -- L, 9, RIXE DCUALD S.3URRIS JAYIES 3LSC:J <br />1,163 1,372 926 3 12 1353 2374 <br />1;313 1; 450 <br />1,116 1,253 <br />1,529 1,605 <br />451 461 <br />962 1,012 <br />964 1,019 <br />910 1,021 - 8,408 9,193 <br />926 <br />774 <br />979 <br />6 83 <br />30 8 <br />693 <br />675 <br />5 ,YE4 <br />454 <br />42 9 <br />576 <br />332 <br />142 <br />284 <br />292 <br />2,821 <br />2288 2865 <br />1923 2370 <br />2395 2975 <br />1473 1794 <br />652 881 <br />1396 1717 <br />1556 1929 <br />13632 16985 <br />7;I;dUTES OF THE QEGULAI? PZETIXC 3F TdE EDIXA VILLAGE <br />Cr?Ui3CIL, HELD ?OXDAY, XOVE'IBER 12, 1962, AT 7:30 P.Tr, , <br />AT THE ZDIXA VfLLACf: HALL <br />Although Regular Tine for Iketing is 7:OO T.'!., this !:@@tin2 did not convene until I 7:30 P.X. , because of School Board Dinner, td tt'nich Council and Administrative <br />Staff had been' invited , <br />- <br />"embers answerin2 Sollcall sere Dickson , YacVillan , TuFa , VanValkenSurg and <br />Sredesen. <br />'.II;IUTES of Ilzetings of actober 1 and October 8, 1952, vier2 a??roved as submitted, <br />by ?lotion Yan?aLkenburg, seconded by Tu?a and carried <br />VALLE'I VIE:J 3F,RXICrLDZS TO 33 RE:!OW,D , fOrZ FURTHE? TRAFFIC STUDISS 2eporklnZ <br />to the lal-ze audience present, that in accordznca with Ccuncll direction many <br />traEfic counts have been taken on valley Vieo Timd and surroundin? straetr; durin: <br />the past fe~ r:eeks, ?!ayor Sredesen asked I:r. Ceorze Hite, Flannin? Dirzctor, 20 <br />?resent the results of these counts. 31ith the aid of the Vu-?ra~,h, I:r, Hite <br />a-x?laEned the results c'utained fron the counts taken relative to bcti wd.uqe <br />cf traPfic, and turnfn,? mwcxents. The t:.!o slides shvn 7:t-e the pasults <br />oE -In "Origin and Dest Ination'' 3tudy mad)? bePore inst3xllxtion oF the ?~lle:r ?kc:: <br />Sarricades; an5 31imr31 that 5% of th2 Ilest-bound trr.F-F.ic on !blley Vie:? road Z:?L=t <br />turned :lorti-1 omtc -3ifn:wT 100, 105 turned South on Xiyhr.:a!r :io. 100, and that a <br />surprising 318 ccnt.i.nu3d :?esterl:y across Xighvay ;Io. 102, onto ?zlley Viev Zest. <br />Relative Zc Zast-bound tnffic on Ii'alley Vkr Rcad Sas-t, rasults shr3t:::3d that 66$ <br />100 to the Sout:i, snc2,, a surnrisin2ly hZy,h 225; cme frc~ ?alley ~iew ::est. <br />Pel~tive tc Total Trsffic ?~lu~e, Tk, Hite reyrtad that 24-hour counts taken <br />hefore the onenin.: of the Cross Town Ei$xray OP installation of the l?alley '?ie:.i <br />barricades shoved a total vnlume. of 10,000 vi?h.i.cles per day on !!alley ~5-m ?c~d <br />just East of I-IiThmy k, 100; 1900 vehicles'psr dqy on Concord Avenue just iqort'n <br />of ':.60th Street, and 750 vehicles par day cn 7,GOth Straet just Esst of :-i.igii:.rl~y <br />100. ,L:e added that the 10,000 per-day fi2urz for V3lley vie!: Pcad vtzs as F~P a <br />re?ort by the County; that actual count as taken by V5.llaze was 7,000 per day, <br />He compar2d the above fic.,ures with thz results of counts talcen just this past v~ezl;-- <br />xhich counts total voluple of 1,000 vehicles ner dq7 on Valley YistJ ?bad. <br />just East of Xghxay :lo. 100, and 3,030 just Yest of Xooddale; 2600 veh.i.cles cn <br />Concord just 3orth of 3.6Oth Street; 1500 on 1l.Gi)th St'rP-et just East of I-;igh:ray <br />100, 375 on 7.59th St. just East of Highway iTo. 100; 6000 cn :7ooddale Ava. ahcrut <br />nldaay betwsen '.'alley I7hr Foad and Vr5Qth St. , and scxe 6,000 vehicles cn the <br />Cross Tarn Highway (this last being Henne?in County estimate). lb. Hite addJd <br />that volune for a nornal r.Zsident?aP street is 300 to 500 vehic.le-, asr dsy; that <br />nighray ;To, 190 c3rriss sone 18,000 vehicles ?er day, ?layor 3redesen inquired as <br />to tinether t3ere wc3re any questions r2lative to the results of tests, as reported <br />oE tiie total ~701~~2 cme frm :Iiz'nway \? 1'40. 100 to the ilerth, .?'rc-q :-I?'.+\:,qr :fa. <br />-7.