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11/26/62 <br />'femlzers msvrer?-ny ?ollcall were Dickson, 'laciTillan, Tu?a 2nd ?anV~lI~enbur~. <br />IIqor Fro Tern Dickson nresided in :layor Bredesen's absence. <br />I'IiJUTEc of the "egular 'leetiny of October 22, 1962, Irere annroved a2 -,ubmit:tcd, <br />by lW5m Tu?", seconded by f'anValkenbur~ and carried, <br />of Hearing on Street Oiling €or 1962"; also affidavit of mailiny: of notice to <br />affected 7roperty omers. Pursumt to Notice, Public Hearin2 GY~S held nn the <br />proposed assessment of $,21 ?er assessable foot for properties abuttin? streets <br />oiled, BS follows: <br />Adam Avenue fron 3elmore Lane to Thbd Street <br />Arthur Street from Ualoney Avenue to T~!atermm Avenue <br />3clrriore Lana froq John Street to Iiarkison Pivenue <br />3rclolcvie:r 4venue from !lest 58th Street to Tlest 59th Street <br />Code Avcnuz from Benton Avenus to ?rove Str,c?et <br />Dalmta Trail fro3 end of yesent Blacktop South tc South line of Lot 3, <br />Dale Avenue from 'Test 56th Street to '!est 57th Stmet <br />E!.?;n? Avenue fron 85 Feet South of Chomn Curve to :!35t 63rd Strcet <br />C-rovs Ytreet Erm Traclr Avenue to Jo:inson. Drlve <br />,,m~:~ncn \venue -Frm Interlachen 3lvd. to "93t 52nd Strsst <br />!i;ri*r;son i;venuc from ;lortli U511qe TJ?.ni-t-s to Ijelrlcre Lme <br />I-ir,lhorn ."venue frog 'Test G4th Strent to r!h;.t :nZ Ctrest <br />T,:~rl:xd. :?POT S.=~<ofiy ?..rjiad tc a?prQ:!:;, 114.7 -Fz,?t iIorth <br />,Jcl-tn Street fron i;!aloney Avenue to IJorth turn-around <br />Jchn Street from Spruce Plzce to 3eLnnr2 Lane <br />L.?Tw Drive frm 31ake Road to Edien PrairLe poad <br />.<r?we Ci-rclc fron %loner Fvenue to and i ncluc-ijn-, turn-around <br />Lcslie Lane Eiqcjm Jeffrey Lane to deA end <br />'"ait Lane frc3 LierElane to Annamy Drive <br />I'gloncy pivenue frcliis Sl&e 9oad to €111 end cf T.:alnney !.venuE <br />'3i~t1ane fro3 Scuth lot line of 4704 'qerilrme ?i*!l;r mcl :iEl;~ to am2 inc1udbn.t <br />' <br />3lock 1, nserholt Hills Sally Addn. <br />77 <br />rejr Lane frm 31.ake !bad to Kay-mr Dri.7~~ <br />turn- amur12 .,. ,1 1-1.lrcd ,!.vznue fro-n \lest 63rd Street to :!est 64th Stmet <br />nnrn:? Quenue Zroi North fTrillqc linnits to r'alone;r fivenu3 <br />:7i.ll Pond 'lace fron Yestbrook Lqme tc ?!XES 77 <br />p8mell Pv5nuc frm :lest 62nd street to 'last 63rd S'tr2e-t <br />Phils.rco!: Lzne frm Jest 5Sth Strzet to TIr?oddele Avrmue <br />~. L'olS P.vmue FPCT !.rest 64th Street -to '!zst 65'ch Straet <br />~i~tlxl~c 4venue From Divis%on Street to 'lotor 3trazt <br />22ruce ?oad ii-09 31ake "ad to Grovs Flsce <br />Tin,+.le Avenue fron Vest G3rd Stmet tc ;?est 64th Street <br />T.'!n.jd.-._le Avenue from !'est 65t5 Strezt tn ',13st 66th street <br />T.!atn.Cmm Avnnue frm Arthur Street '!est tci dwd lend <br />' J 2 t: e :PE an C i r c le <br />'.fi.lliam Avenue From Vest 51st Street to Yest 52nd Strezt <br />:!?-lrym P.venue 1Cro-n 7est 63rd Street to -?est 64th Street <br />:?ar,t 43th Street frm Hi.ghway No, 100 to 2reoksido P.vanuo <br />!!?st 56th Street From 3ernard Place to TIanssn ?o?d <br />'leqt 57th Street :fro3 Dale Avenue to 3ernard "lace <br />'kst 53th Stxet FrQm Tingdale Avenue to Code Avenue <br />:?,??t 60th Streat fro3 Abbott As.erme to Drex Avanua <br />'?a.q;% E2nd Street from !?i.lryan Ahvenue to Valley Viet-: Fosd <br />'?a.-,t 63rd Street from Psrnell 4venue to 121 feet Cast <br />Yest 63rd Street F~om Valley Vlebr %ad to '.!ilrym .qv$nue <br />'.Jest 64th Street fro9 Ti.7arren Avenue to Holborn /\,venue <br />':!est 66t'i Strzet from Hi$nray No. 100 to Tin7dale .?venue <br />7, <br />'rQiql< f\TJ%W,.Ie fP0v1 >lest 5L$;t& StFeZt tG '?est 5s.t.h ?tiq2et <br />Vilhye Encinser '?egnw mcomended thst the ?ra?oSad aswssnent For -the rXlin2 <br />of 'V.62nd Street frm 'lilryan Avenue to Valley l?ie.;r Foad be abandonad, for thz <br />reason tht a Curb and 21acktogj-nz In3rovement had been ordzmd i-n on this <br />street vcry sOon after it.rr;?s oiled, and there ws consequently little iF an:? <br />bene Fit 4ron the Oilinz. <br />carried. <br />There rrere no objections made aqainst the bzlance of the nroFo-,ed asyessnent, <br />an6 fbciiillan oFfereJ the folloving ?esolution and moved its ado?t.i.on: <br />?!ac!Cillan so moved. 'lotion seconded by Tupa and