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11/26/G2 m 3& <br />CLAI'iS PAID, <br />General Fund, $10,633.29; Construct<.on Fund, $110,017.38; Fark, Par!; Construction <br />and Sxix Pool, $E,819,70; '7aterworks Fund, $1,519.73; Li2uor Fund, $65,780.21; <br />Sever ??ental Fund, $356.72 ; and Iywovenent Funds, $213,62--Tot31~ $197,31Q 65. <br />Tupals motion for 9aymen-i: of the fol1o::inz Claim, as per Prs-List ) &ate2 Xovembar 26, 1062, :pas seccnded by !!ac:iillan and carried. <br />*'I~TE:; nr T;IE PEWLAT YEETIJ': qr TX EDIM <br />'!ILLD,GE Cr?ili:CIL, 3ELD ':O!IDhY, DCCE:i3Zn 10,1962, <br />AT 7:OO D.", AT T;E EDZXP ?ILTd4CE I-IALC. <br />'Te-qbers answwiny ncllcalL :.rere Dickson, 7'ac"'illm, Tuna, Van7!alkenDurc, and <br />3redesen. <br />'"IXJTZS nF :I@?E'lX" 12, 19G2 A??WED PS A;'E:?DED: "1;:UTZS :IWE':3CP 26 19G2 <br />cPp?l?'!ED ES S'&'"TTTI=D. <br />12, 1962, be arlended rel-ittve to the p?3yranh on Fqe 294, 3csk 25, entitled, <br />~~CW:JCIL ~;ICRS ?~UZST C)F ''2s. EUCEXIR :IELEVZ rr?n YEZWJTXC vwi OFE:: DEVZLW*E;~T <br />DISTSICT TO AUTQ3"'r?31LC I'AnXX DIST"\CT----ll. <br />reads, "Ik. ;;ire also reported that there is a +Clrellibz on the '?est ?art OF the <br />?ro?erty, and Yrs. Heleve is rnquestiny: that she be a1lo:;ed to subiri17ide Lgt 41 <br />in order to Demit ssle a2 the Yest 155 feet to ;:re %de". <br />Clerk reported, shoxld rezd, "Vr. fIite ~lso reported th& thera Is a d:;.sll;.n=: on <br />the Yest ?art of the nrcperty, and 'frs, Heleve is requesting that she 53 3lloi:ed <br />to subdivide Lot 41 in order to Termit sal5 of "A11 that Dart of Lot 4L Prin-, <br />East of the 7est 145 feet thereof to 'IT, Gale". <br />:Iinutes of ths Keetin7; of iicvember 12, 1962, be anended as requested by Clerk, <br />that the amended l"inutes be approved; and that the Vinutes of the :'eetin.r, af <br />ilovenber 26, 1362 be approved as subdtted, vas seconded by Tup and carried. <br />Clerk s~kcd that the ':inUtes of the :'eet;.n? OF Kove-tbsr <br />One scntenc 3 in this par82ra-h <br />This sentance, the <br />nickson's notion,that the <br />c(1UIJCIL HOMWS n?EQUEST rnF, T:IO-FOOT SIDE YARD AT 406 JACKSON AVE:IUE. <br />Director 3ite ?resented Affidavit of "failing of ";lotice of Kesrinc;" on the <br />Planning <br />above entitled request, exnlainins that the Planninz Cornmission has reconmended <br />favorabl;r on the request, <br />lots on Jackson Avenue fall off z.bru?tly, aild it is, therefore, necessary to <br />construct garazes very close to the houses, and five-foot side yard setb3cks <br />are impossible to achieve if double garages are built. <br />made at the Iiearinz, and none had been received prior thereto, <br />he is in favor, and asked if he cculd have the sme three-foot vzriance rrhen he <br />vanted to build his yaraze, :-IC vas inforned that the r,renting of such variance <br />is probable, but thst he rrould have to make formal ann1;cation to the Flaming <br />Ccmission. <br />Triliinance requirements vas seconded by ::acHfllan and cqrried. <br />The re2son for this recoxnendation is that the rear <br />There vere no objecticns <br />A nei@hr reported <br />Tuys's notion qrantin.r, requested three-foot variance fro-i Zcning <br />DO35 TO. 3E LEASHED 'IEA?-P,QU:JD: ALL DOG TO 3E LICEXSEB, <br />iiscussions, and the advisory ballot of Xovmber G, Yayor 3redesen advccated the <br />zqending of Village Ordhmce Ho. 33A to require that dags be lesshed year-round, <br />:lana~er Hyde rsported that Folice Chief 3ennett has suggcst5d that Section 2 of <br />the ordinance be anended to yovide for the lic&inz of all dozs over ninetg days <br />old. (The present ordinance states, "Any person o:ming, harboring or 1:ee~ing a dc2 <br />in the vLLtSage over ninety dags old, escept a dog t2iich is at all ti.rn9s kept <br />confined on the oxner's ymises, shall secure a license for such 'do? fc0-I t5e <br />1,'ilLa~e Clerk". l~iere ms also sone discussion abcut msndiny the' ordtnan'ce <br />refati773 to Section 16 , ::hich provides for the in?oundlnz 02 dcys tdiich :?we <br />bitten, to incluZc all aninals rriiich have bitten--hut inzsmuch as Ordinance 20. <br />31-1, adopted in -,iay, 1962, dc3s Provide For this, it :EG decidzd not tr? <br />inccrrorate this into tile proyossd mzndaent. After sone further discussion on <br />Yropsed action, Dicksm ofyered the f@llO~in$ nrdinsnce, movin? that Council <br />disptnse vith seccnd rzzdins therzof and adopt Ordinance as subnitted : <br />Fursuant to recent <br />-1 <br />O'?.DI:IAXCE iiCl* 33/?-1 <br />XJ @?DI:IFJCE 1I'TEi:DI;lG T!DI~IA.~ICC ;TO, 33A ( @??DIiTk:ICE LICEIiSI;Ts ii;JD <br />nS%JLt?TI;lC DXS , ?"QVIDI:!G FnR 1'1FTJ;:DI;IG D3C:S, A:JD FTXSC~I~IIIC <br />93 DAYS OLD, 3i' "E(?iJI?JiiG TTIAT DQCS 3E F?';T??:ICTZD Ti) O:::fETIS' P2E'IS:SES <br />u;&zSS. LEASGD., ,<.:ID 3'f Ci4tq2:TIXC PLACES <br />PEIALTIES vCn'? ?InLPTI(?'IS) 3'T PE2UIPIiSG L1:C"LISES F'?? $.LL DQnS nx!E? <br />P*STTiIC ::QTICE 0' I:TP~LI~JDI:.]C THE fEZEk CCXJCIL qF THE '!ILLAT;E OF EDIiIP, ORDE.I?!S: <br />Section 1. <br />10 rz3d as follot:~: <br />2ectton 2, License '?zequired, af Ordinance 33,4 is hepcky 3n3ndod