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SALAR'I SCHEDULE ADOPTED FOR VILLAGE EMPLOYEES FOR 1963. Pursumt to budyt discu~c' -, -,iais <br />had zqrlisr this year, Yan-1ger Hyde prasmted a Schedule OF ??eccmmendpd ''i~xCmum S;113riG?y <br />2nd '!.qe V.stes for 1963", vrhich 5:fas reviewad at sone length by the Council. 'fr. Charl~:.~ <br />ST;renc,on oF T-oc,al #49 was ?resent, to request 2n adjusiment unrward of $3.00 aer mont3 <br />ifi ?roPosed r?te for Heavy Equipment and Light Enpi?ment Operators, <br />pc'port, shmin? that most of the local conmunitics hme .xcedecl 'to thn, Union's request, <br />Statinn; that he faels the 'meetinzs between tknagers and Union vere very effectivs, 3nd <br />that it is uifortunate cns more meeting could not have besn he16 bcFore Councils took <br />,acticn, 'Ir, Svrenson said general Flqreenent has been raached on a11 but these two <br />classif ic~at,irsns, iimager :-Iyde 5ras querj.ed as to vrhether the 1963 3udyt ?rovid.zs for <br />this increzs3, s.nd ansvered afFim.ativeLy, <br />request is ?ranted, nolice and fire salawies should b? adSusted accordinzly, <br />considerib12 &iscussion and consi.deratiois-i of salaries cf surroundinq cmmunitiss., <br />!Iayor 3Feds331i suypsted t?-iat the hroFoskd schndile 3e chanzed to meet the Union <br />request 2nd that tha police and r'4r.I salaries bs changsd accordinc$y. <br />th? followin:: Xesolution and noved its adonti-on: <br />IIa ?resented a <br />Be added he feels that if ths Union's <br />4.Fter <br />Tu?a offerd <br />n- --.LJ~LIJTI@~T 0 ESTA3LISHIi,IS SCBEDULE OF !il?XITlUii <br />SALAEIES PJJD '.!AGE P.ATZS T3R 1963 <br />3E IT R.ESOLlJED, That !laximum Salaries and l?aps for T,?lllla..;e Snl?lo:ya.?;; for the ;rear <br />1953 be estgblished as fol1or.r~: . 52. Y3:JT:i cEIT%"rZL RD'I1:IISTrlATIQ;J <br />TiYancs Director $975 <br />Deputy Assessor 565 <br />Clsrk-Treasurer 620 <br />Jdmlnistrative P.sst. 45 0 Qffice Clerical-fiscal-secretarial; <br />Clerical T: (5) 331) <br />As cjes sor 8 00 <br />Dsputy Pksessor - Part Time 1.53 73er hour <br />Clerical 11 (4) ' 380 <br />Clnrical 111 (4) 43 0 <br />Clerical 117 (2) 480 <br />Trcsecuting Attorney 500 <br />Lsp.1: <br />?sst. %nqer-Pl? Dj-rector 800 <br />"USLIC SAFETY <br />POLICE <br />--??-- dlrnctor of Public Safety E Police Ciiief 975 <br />Liautenants (2) 650 <br />Szrzean-ts (4) G 10 Patrolinen : <br />I - 3 yrs, Sarvice 558 <br />11 - 2 yrs. Service 538 <br />111 - 1 year Service 5 18 <br />IV - Le3s than I, year Service 480 <br />Dlsnatchers - Desk Clerks 370 <br />Dispatchers - Desk Clerks-hourly 1,80 3cr hcrur <br />3% the total comnensation for members- of the Police Dcpartnen?, $25 aer <br />iontk shall be considered as palpent For takj-nz at lzast 30 hour-; osy-c;utg <br />train?-n.i frm tha sire Departnent i-n fire fiThtin2 techniques, -For aj-zinz in <br />the cxtinguishin7 of fires, and For rpali.? foy n,&- Cros-, .First aid <br />csrti-Ficates. <br />?I% <br />-* ,>.c ChiLi 715 <br />P%st, Chief 650 <br />Lieu'cznan-ts (2) 585 <br />? - 3 yrs. Service 558 <br />11 - 2 grs. Service 532 <br />I? - Lt25s than 1 year S3rvice <br />Flrmsn <br />111 - 1 yr. Servi.ce 518 <br />483 <br />2.55 ner hour Vcluntetrs : <br />+25 ?.3r nonth of thz cm?jcnsat:.on ?i;!rl sl~a11 k,e ecnsj.dt.pi2d <br />2.25 Sa. DrTill <br />8. <br />nint foi? suc3 duties outside norqal ,Fj.raT*.n's Ciutj.e,q 8% ~a~,r be ;1~~i7$~d b;? %h~ <br />!T<ll~.y~s ':,2ntq7,2p I