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1/14/63 <br />NINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />JANUARY 14, 1963, AT 7:OO PIMI, AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg, and Bredesen, <br />MINUTES of the Meeting of December 28, 1962, were approved as submitted, by motion <br />VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION OF EDINA MORTUARY FOR REZONING POSTPONED TO JANUARY 28, <br />Mavor Bredesen announded to the audience that the Public Hearing scheduled for this <br />evkng on the petition of Edina Mortuary for the Rezoning f rom-Open Development <br />District to Automobile Parking District of the tract known as 5101 Hankerson Avenue <br />will be postponed to January 28, Postponement has been requested by petitioner, 1' <br />PETIQ'J!ON.FOR SPECIA-L PERMIT FOR GASOLINE SERVICE STATION, AND FOR REZONING FROM <br />COMMUNITY.STORE DISTR REFERRED BACK TO PLANNING COMMISSION, Planning Directop Hite recommenaed that the <br />OFFICE BUILDING, LOT 1, BLOCK 1, STOW'S EDGEMOOR ADDN, <br />_~_ - <br />mararing schedulenor this evening on the petition of Skelly Oil Company be <br />cancelled, and that the matter be referred back to the Planning Commission, <br />stated that the proposal is not strictly in accordance with the Planning Commission's <br />understanding of it, VanValkenburg's motion, that Public Hearing be cancelled, and <br />that petition be referred back to Planning Commission for further study, was seconded <br />by Tupa and carried, Matter to have been heard was petition of Skelly Oil Company <br />for Special, Permit for Gasoline Service Station on the Easterly 110 Ft, of Lot 1, <br />Block 1, Stow's Edgemoor, and €or Rezoning from Community Store District to Office <br />Building District of the Westerly 90 Ft, of Lot 1, Block 1, Stow's Edgemoor, <br />He <br />COUNCIL GRANTS ZONING ORDINANCE VARIANCE AT 4517 CASCO AVENUE, Planning Director <br />Hite presented Affidavit of Mailing of 'lNotice of Hearing" on the Petition of Mr, <br />Alden Syverson for variance from the llside-yard" requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, <br />to permit him to build a garage within 1.6 feet from his south lot line, at 4517 <br />Casco Avenue. Notice was approved as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />to said notice, Public Hearing on the matter was called, <br />less-than-five-foot setback for garages is common in this block, that Mr, Sylsrerson <br />has obtained asseht from the ownel? of the adjoining property; that the Planning <br />Commission has recommended favorably on the request, <br />at the Hearing, and no written objections had been received prior thereto, Tupa's <br />motion, that the requested variance from zoning ordinance requirements be granted, <br />was seconded by MacMillan and carried. <br />Pursuant <br />Mr, Hite explained that a <br />No objections were reaised <br />VALLEY VIEW ROAD TO REMAIN OPEN, <br />View Road traf-ant to the action taken at its November 12, 1962 <br />Meeting. <br />during the first week in December, 1962, <br />hour period, travelling both East and Vest on Valley View Road, averaged 2,117 <br />vehicles; this as compared with some 10,000 vehicles before the "eduEationaL <br />barricade" had been installed, and 1,000 vehicles per day during the time the <br />street was barricaded. <br />Valley View Road just West of Brookview Avenue to be 4,883 vehicles, and in front <br />of the National Tea Store, 4,523 vehicles, <br />vehicular traffic on W,6Oth Street had dropped back to an average of 315 vehicles <br />(it had reached 1500 during period of Valley View barricade), and that Concord <br />Avenue traffic averaged some 1700 vehicles in December, which compared with 2600 <br />during the Valley View barricade. Stating that the Crosstown Highway traffic <br />averaged some 6,928 vehicles per day during the December count, Mr, Hite told <br />Council he believes it is obvious that the barricading of Valley View Road has <br />had a very definite impact on traffic; that the December count reflected the <br />Christmas traffic generated by Southdale--which should be some 10 to 15% above <br />normal traffic; and that while Valley View traffic East of Highway LOO is still <br />greater than that on a normal residential street, it should decrease further as <br />soon as the Cross Town is open as far as County Highway No, 18. He pointed out, <br />too, that the area in the immediate vicinity of Valley View Road from Wooddale <br />Avenue to Highway 100 generates considerable traffic, which accounts for part of <br />the 2,117 vehicle count; and that an estimated 2/3 of the count is East-Side to <br />Nest-Side of Edina and back, <br />present method of control on Valley View Road at Highway LOO, <br />the signal is now a two-phase signal, with the greatest proportion of time given <br />to Highway LOO movementsI <br />Men's Association, presented a petition asking that left turns from Valley View <br />Road East, onto Highway 100, be permitted, <br />now permitted but that the sign at Valley View Road and Highway LOO is placed at <br />such an angle that it is confusing, (Note: <br />Council once again considered the matter of Valley <br />Planning Director Hite presented traffic counts taken East of Highway LOO <br />Counts showed that traffic during a 24- <br />The December count showed the average 24-hour traffic on <br />He added that this count showed <br />Mr, Hite recommended that there be no change in the <br />He pointed out that <br />Mr. James Larken, attorney for the Valley View Business <br />Mr, Hite reported that these turns are <br />I <br />present treatment of this intersection