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1/19/63 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD WITH THE <br />AT THE VILLAGE HALL, SATURDAY, <br />.. OF THE EDINA <br />EDINA PXRK BOARD <br />JANUARY T9,1963 , <br />AT 1:30 P,M. <br />Pursuant to due call and notice given, the Village Council and the Park Board <br />convened in Special Session at 1:30 P.EI., Saturday, January 19, 1963, in the <br />Village Hall. Meeting was held for the purpose of making a decision as to how <br />to proceed with work on the Hays Farm Golf Course, now that Village Attorney <br />has notified Council that contract on Proposal No, 1-BASIC EARTHWORK, SODDING <br />AND SEEDING-cannot be awarded on a negotiated basis, <br />* <br />All members of the Village Council were present, <br />and Mr. Whitlock of the office of Dorsey, Owen, Marquart, .Windhorst and Nest <br />attended the meeting, as did Assistant Manager Hite, Finance Director Dalen, <br />and Clerk Alden. <br />Village Attorney Hasselquist <br />Park Board members attending the meeting were Chairman Stephens, Golf Course <br />Chairman Diercks, and members Adams, Giebink, Jacus and Lewis. <br />Parks Director Rosland, and Mr. Donald Brauer of Harrison, Brauer and Rippel, <br />planning engineers, also attended. <br />Recreation and <br />Finance Director Dalen reported that bonds to finance the Golf Course Project <br />should be sold in March if it is determined that work is going to be done this <br />year, because the school will be coming into the bond market with its issue <br />in June or July. <br />Mr. Brauer explained in detail the revisions and deletions which have resulted <br />in a negotiated low bid of $438,175*60 by Carl Bolander and Sons as compared <br />with the Bolander formal low bid of $580,842.60; first, the decision to dredge <br />the ponds and chennels to a depth of only four feet, rather than the ten feet <br />listed in the specifications; and, second, the decision to eliminate items <br />which can be accomplished by golf course greens keepers at an estimated cost of <br />some $55,000 . <br />Mr. Hasselquist informed those present that under State Statute competitive bids <br />are required, and the acceptance or award of a bid must be exactly in accordance <br />with bid and specifications; that the Statutes make no provisions for negotiations <br />with the low bidder. <br />received, lump sum bids, but that in deleting some items from the bid and <br />negotiating others we have made the low bid %on-competitiveff and not conforming <br />to specifications. <br />negotiated basis the Village Council has no authority for paying the contractor. <br />Mr. Hasselquist reported that change orders are permissible after the contract <br />is awarded, but only if they are inconsequential, . <br />He pointed out that the Village had asked for, and had <br />He added that if the contract should be awarded on the <br />1 - <br />Some discussion was had on the work schedule, relative to the delaying of work <br />until next year. <br />for the dredging of the ponds compZetion. date for the earthwork will not have to <br />be changed materially if the Village can take bids for this work by February 18. <br />Mr. Hasselquist advised that if adveytisement for bids is made on January 24, bids <br />can be taken February 8 and awarded on February 11. Presenting a revised schedule <br />of work to be done on the course, a11 based on an award date of February 18, Mr, <br />Brauer showed that sodding and seeding could be finished in August and September, <br />stating that if this work is not done this fall there can be no play on the course <br />in 1964 but that if it is done, there will be at least CaGtidL $la$ in ,f6$$.Yhat <br />tbe%&or earthwork, and at least 75% of the irrigation system should be completed <br />by the time sodding and seeding is begun, <br />Mr. Brauer reported that because of the change in specifications <br />Mr. Brauer submitted a new proposal, which set forth a base bid, plus several <br />alternates, with a separate proposal for sodding and seeding in order that proposals <br />might be received directly from the sod and seed canpanies, <br />was informally approved by Council and Park Board. <br />reject all bids taken January 9 on Proposal No, 1, and re-advertise for bids to be <br />taken February 8 on revised Proposal No. 1, subject to approval of Village Attorney <br />on said revised proposal and specifications prior to submission o€ proposal to <br />contractors <br />This new proposal form <br />MacMaillan moved that Council <br />Blotion seconded by VanValkenburg and carried <br />L ... <br />4. <br />I <br />Discussion then turned to Proposal No. 2-IRRIGATION SYSTEM-on which four bids had <br />been received. <br />Tor0 Manufacturing Company was second-low at $122,263 . 95 ; whereas, on an Alternate, <br />being on a design by the bidder, Toro was low bidder at $108,623.85 and Astleford <br />& Van Buskirk was second low at $113,623.85, Mr, Brauer reported that, since the <br />receipt of the bids, Toro Manufacturing Company has volunteered to change its own <br />design to more closely conform with Base Bid specifications, at the price bid for <br />its own design. <br />On the Base Bid, T.D. Gustafson was low bidder, at $L16,000, and <br />Village Attorney ruled that this, too, would be considered a