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3 /l1/6J 43 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />MARCH 11, 1963 AT 7:OO P,M. <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa and VanValkenburg. <br />of Mayor Bredesen, Mr. VanValkenburg acted as Mayor Pro Tem. <br />EIINUTES of the Special Meeting of February 23 and Regular Meeting of February 25, 1963, <br />were apmoved as submitted, by Motion Rixe, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />In the absence <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO "MULTIPLE BESIDENCE" SECTION OF ZONING ORDINANCE <br />CONTINUED FOR TWO WEEKS, <br />Meeting of March 6, 1963', that the Proposed Amendment Zoning Ordinance draft of February <br />27, with revisions of March 6, be transmitted to the Council with recommendation for <br />passager <br />not been approved by the Village Attorney. Mr, Hyde stated the Planning Commission had <br />been working on this for some time and had met with some of the builders in the area to <br />discuss and clarify the tfbluZtiple Residence" amendment which raises the standards to <br />make dwellings more sound proof and provide for more Living and storage space. <br />Hite, Planning Director was out of town and had not as yet seen the document, Mr, Hyde <br />suggested that the hearing be continued for two weeks, to March 25th Meeting, <br />for continuance of Hearing to March 25 made by MacMillan, seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />Mr, Hyde announced at this time that at the Planning Commission <br />The document was drawn up Thursday and Friday (March 7 and 8) but as yet had <br />As George <br />Motion <br />CONTRACT AWARDED FOR GOLF COURSE PLANT MATERIALS. <br />showing receipt of bids on March 4, 1963, <br />replied that bids had been taken on reduced sizes for shrubs and trees and the use of <br />some village-grown plantings as indicated in the revised plans for Golf Course Plantings, <br />The Park Board recommended award of the contract to Greguson's Nursery, low bidder on <br />the Base Bid (no guarantee), at $19,862.00. <br />and third-low bid was Minnesota Tree and Garden Service at $28,721.94, <br />award of contract to low bidder; motion seconded by Mactlillan :and carried. <br />Tabulation of Bids was presented, <br />In .response to Mr, Tupals inquiry, Mrr Hyde <br />Next-Low bid was Ray Jovdan, at $27,307,00; <br />Tupa moved for <br />REZONING OF PEARCE-OWNED TRIANGLE AT W.66TH ST. AND YORK AVENUE DISCUSSED, Mr, Hyde <br />read from Attorney Schwartzbauer's letter of March 11, 1963 relative to' the rezoning <br />of this property. <br />the property, or to condemn it--and stated that the situation hadSbeen discussed with <br />Messrs, Schwartzbauer and Hasselquist, attorneys €or the Village. Mr, Hyde suggested <br />that Mr. Schwartzbauer be authorized to arrange a meeting with MY. Brill, who represents <br />the Pearce interests, to see what could be worked out, and that a report be made to the <br />Council at its next meeting, <br />able with him, <br />He exDlained that the Village two alternatives--to either rezone <br />Mr. Brill was in the audience and stated this was agreed <br />PETITION ACCEPTED FOR SANITARY SEWER FOR 5020 BLAKE ROAD, DR. A, SI SHEA. Petition was <br />presented bearing the name of Dr, Shea only. Mr. Hyde reported the Village is working <br />on plans to serve this area with sewer, and recommended that the petition be accepted, <br />He also recommended installing watemains along with the sewer pnoject, and that the <br />Village defer assessment of the watermain until such time as homes are connected to <br />the water system. <br />Mr, VanValkenburg's inquiry as to how close this would be to Hopkins' water, Mr, Tupa <br />inquired as to whether sewer would be put in for all, and was Jnformed that this would <br />be the case, <br />Mr. Hyde showed Council area proposed to be served, in response to <br />Motion to accept petition made by Rixe, seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />EDINA REPRESENTATIVE ON BOARD OF "SUBURBAN RATE AUTHORITY" TO BE J. N, DALEN, FINANCE <br />DIRECTOR, Mr, Hyde read letter from Mr, Kenneth If!. Person, Vice President of the <br />Minneapolis Gas Company., acknowledging that the Uniform Gas Franchise has now been <br />adopted by the required 66-2/3% of the total customers, and is, therefore, now in <br />effect. <br />of the Suburban Rate Authority should be chosen, <br />Director, be appointed, since his accounting experience will'be a valuable asset, <br />Roxe moved that Mr, J, N, Dalen, Finance Director, be the Village of Edha representative <br />on the Board of the Suburban Rate Authority. Mr, Tupa seconded. Motion carried. <br />Mr, VanValkenburg pointed out at this time that a representative for the Board <br />Re suggested that J. N. Dalen, Finance <br />Mr, <br />ROGER FIMDELL PETITION FOR MULTIPLE RESIDENCE ZONING AT 4246 VALLEY VIEFT ROAD tabled by <br />Planning Commission for further review. <br />on the Planning Commission's recommendation of March 6, 1963, that request be tabled for <br />further review, <br />In the absence of Mr. Hite, Mr, Hyde reported <br />STOW~PETITION FOR MULTIPLE RESIDENCE ZONING (R6), AND ZONING ORDINANCE VARIANCE, TO HAVE <br />PUBLIC HEARING MARCH 25, <br />appli-for a 32-unit apartment building be approved, with a variance to be granted on <br />the shortage of 1,400 square feet, and the property to be rezoned R6 Multiple Residence. <br />At this time, Mr* Josiah Brill., representing petitioner E,= , Stow, asked that the CounciL <br />recommend approval, subject to the adoption of the zoning ordinance, so that work might <br />be expedited on the project; in 'other words, that the Council approve the zoning of this <br />property in &-I principle, now. Mr. VanValkenburg asked Mr, Brill if he was simply <br />assuming that the ordinance was going to be passed, <br />about the effect produced in the event that the Council, should indicate approval before <br />the Public Hearing was held on the ordinance. <br />E&anning Commission recommended at meeting of March 6 that <br />Mr, Hyde stated he was concerned <br />Village Attorney,Hasselquist, stated