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82 <br />Members <br />Pro Tem <br />MINUTES <br />4/22/63 <br />.. MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />APRIL 22, 1963, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa and VanValkenburg, <br />VanValkenburg presided, <br />Mayor <br />of the Regular Meeting of April 8, 1963, were approved as submitied, by <br />Motion Tupa, seconded by E4acl4illan and carried. <br />COUNCIL APPROVES CONSTRUCTION OF SANITARY SEVER AND WATERl4AINS FOR HILLDALE AREA . <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier April 11 and <br />18, 1963, of "Notice of Public Hearings on Sanitary Sewers and Watermains", and <br />of mailing of notice to owners of affected prbperties, which affidavits were <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on file, <br />Hearizlgs.;nere7Ea~~ed on proposed construction of SANITARY LATERAL SEVER AND <br />WATERMAIN to serve the Hilldale Area and some surrounding property, all as set <br />forth in the noticer <br />ments and area proposed to be assessed, and Estimates of Cost were given as <br />follows : <br />Pursuant to said notice, Public <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown, setting forth route of improve- <br />FOR THE SANITARY SEVER IMPROVEMENT - Total Estimated Cost, $149,591.67, <br />Droposed .to be assessed against 50 connections (lots), for $2,991.83 per <br />connection (lat). <br />proposed to be assessed against 45 connections (lots), for $845'75 per <br />FOR THE WATERMAIN IMPROVENENT - Total Estimated Cost, $38,058.57 , .. <br />connection (1st 1 <br />Manager Hyde reported that a sewer improvement had been proposed for about this <br />same area approximately four years age, but had been voted dovm, although some <br />residents were even then in need of a public sewer system; that the cost of this <br />improvement is high because a lift station and force main are needed, and because <br />about $40,000 of the estimated cost is for street surfacing. <br />neighborhood meeting had been held, with Village personnel, a week ago, at which <br />the need for the improvement was frankly discussed; that it is urgently needed by <br />several property owners; that there was a digision of opinion on part of property <br />owners as to need, with those on the West side of Hilldale objecting that the <br />improvement is not needed in this section of the subdivision. He added that an <br />alternate plan has- been sWdied <br />the Fear lot lines, and that while the estimate of cost is slightly less, there <br />would be problems obtaining easements, and constant problems relative to <br />maintenance. <br />the improvements froill the Deople in the northern half of the assessable area, <br />together with a letter,from Mr. E.C. Krafft, <br />is about time the fact is faced that urban livin2 cannot be had without sanitary <br />sewer; that there is definite evideqce of pollution of ponds in the northwest <br />section of the subdivision, as well as the evidence of sewage running 2n the streets <br />in other parts, <br />Dr. W, L, Hoseth, 3 Circle West, asked for an opinion from the Village <br />Sanitarian as to evidences of pollution; and Nr. H, T, Battin, 2&, Circle Nest, <br />inquired what measures have been taken by the Sanitarian to make residents aware <br />that there is pollution and it should be eliminated, <br />Hensley reported that samples taken of the pond in the western part of the <br />subdivision showed no contamination at the shore line, but that there was <br />considerable evidence of sewage running into nond. <br />in technical terms the evidence he obtained. This evidence is documented in the <br />office of the sanitarian for future reference, <br />discussed at the nei5hborhocd meeting, Mr, Battin gave his opinion that it should <br />have been covered with gravel and then sodded so that unsanitary condition could <br />be corrected. blr' Hensley was asked if commercial fertilizer could have caused <br />some contamination of the ponds, and reglied that evidence obtained indicates <br />pollution from household sewage; that commercial fertlizers do not add to this <br />type of evidence. <br />that grounds of six of these homes will not support septic tanks. <br />ever since they moved into their home eighteen months ago; that the grounds are <br />fully absorbed and tests have shown they can absorb no more sewage; that there is <br />a terrible condition existing, here, when children must stand in drainage from <br />septic tanks, running in the streets, <br />7 Circle West, asked that Council review in detail the <br />petition presented this afternoon, in objection to the improvement, which has been <br />signed by some 21 property owners, and listing as objections - 1. Pr?ohibitive <br />expense and lack of necessity; 2, Adequacy of private disposal systems for <br />present and future needs; 3, <br />opportunity for development of additional drainage fields; 4. Minimum outlay <br />expended by those now having sewage troubles; 5, <br />having trouble to either remedy privately or request limited public sewer in <br />Eastern part of subdivision; <br />who do not need sewer to provide for those who do need service. <br />He added that a <br />which would involve constructing sewer line along <br />l4r- Hyde told Council that this office has received petition against <br />Mr. Hyde told Council he feels it <br />Village Sanitarian James <br />He explained in detail and <br />As to the triangle, which had been <br />He added that fourteen residents ase having sewage troubles, <br />Mrs. E. b?. Nelson, 2 Circle East, reported her family has had sewage troubles <br />Mr. E. 11. Krafft, <br />Extensive rear slopes which provide unlimited <br />Responsibility of those now <br />Unfairness of imposing large sewer tax on those <br />Nr. Krafft asked