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100 5 /13 /63 <br />TREASURER'S REPORT as of Islarch 31, 1963, and LIQUOR DISPENSARY FUND REPORTS as of <br />February 28, 1963, were submitted, reviewed and ordered placed on file. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />dated May 13, 1963, was seconded by Rixe and carried: <br />Tupa's motion for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List <br />General Fund, $28,253.75; Park, Park Construction, Park Sinking Fund and <br />Swimming Pool, $7,757.00; Water Fund, $30,379.26; Liquor Fund, $80,806.88; <br />Sewer Rental Fund, $57.22; Improvement Funds, $125,237.07; Poor Fund, $718.32-- <br />TOTAL, $273,209.50. <br />There being no further business to come b <br />adjournment. I4otion seconded by Rixe and <br />he Meeting, HacMillan moved for <br />I Village Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD ElONDAY, WAY 27, <br />1963, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />tlembers answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rke, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 13, 1963, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />COUNCIL CONDUCTS PUBLIC HEARINGS ON SANITARY SEHER AND WATERMAIN FOR BLAKE ROAD <br />AREA: TABLES BOTH PROPOSED II*PROVEl*ENTS. <br />Mayor Bredesen announced to the large audience present the Continuation of the <br />April 8th and 22nd Public Hearings-on proposed Sanitary Sewer in BLAKE ROAD FROM <br />INTERLACHEN BLVD. TO 566 FEET NORTH OF PINE GROVE ROAD, SCRIVER ROAD FROM BLAKE <br />ROAD TO CUL-DE-SAC, AND LAKE RIDGE ROAD FROM BLAKE ROAD TO CUL-DE-SAC. Estimate <br />of Cost was again given, being $91,417.09 proposed to be assessed against 35 <br />connections for $2,611.91 per connection. Manager Hyde reviewed for the audience <br />the preliminaries leading to the Council's proposal for this improvement--and the <br />action taken at the April 22nd 1-leeting, continuing Hearing to this evening in <br />order that investigation might be made of a possible public health problem in the <br />area. He reported that tests made of Dr. Shea's property have revealed that a <br />septic tank can be installed but there is no guaranty as to how long such a.system <br />will handle sewage disposal; that trouble fa&ther south on Blake Road seems to <br />have been solved; that Mirror Lake is highly polluted. He added that the need for <br />a second resurfacing of Blake Road, were the watermain improvement to be delayed <br />€or a time after sewer construction, rather ties the proposed watermain improvement <br />to the sewer improvement now being discussed. <br />evidence shows that the one lot which has had sewage disposal trouble can support <br />a private system; that residents feel that a delay in constructing these improve- <br />ments would be helpful to them; that while he does not concede that it is necessary <br />to have public sewer in this area he does not feel that one improvement should go <br />in without the other. <br />Shea private sewage disposal system draining into the Dr. Boos well. <br />replied it appears that the flow is in this direction but that this is not fully <br />known because Blake Road cuts through the area at this point. <br />residents are looking for a little reprieve from high taxes, rather than <br />additional improvement assessments. <br />they are badly in need of sanitary sewer, and asked that arrangements be made for a <br />connection from this proposed improvement. Manager Hyde told her that Sanitary <br />Sewer had been proposed for Schaefer Road some time ago, but had been abandoned <br />because of objections by residents. Hrs. Roy 17. Larsen inquired as to why this <br />connection cannot be made from the trunk sewer in the area, and was informed that <br />engineering details on the trunk sewer are not available at this Hearing but can <br />be seen in the office. <br />and Vatermain will cost him a total of $28.40 per assessable foot. <br />good, commercial property on Nicollet Avenue will soon cost no more than his Edina <br />residential property, and asked that Council stop adding additional costs to <br />property already extensively taxes. <br />Attorney Charles Spring, representing owners of affected properties, stated <br />Hayor Bredesen asked Village Sanitarian Hensley if there is danger of the <br />Mr. Hensley <br />Nr. Bieber, Lake Ridge Road, reported that nobody wants sewer, now; that most <br />for <br />A lady at the Southwest corner of Interlachen and Schaefer Road reported that <br />Dr. Ralph Boos, 5000 South Blake Road, reported that proposed Sanitary Sewer <br />He added that <br />I'ROPOSED TRUNK AND LATERAL WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENTS were at this time formally <br />brought to Public Hearing, the proposed Trunk Main being along the following route: <br />"Highwood Drive from Hwy.#169 to Pine Grove Rd.; Pine Grove R&. from West Highwood <br />Drive to Blake Rd.; Blake Road from Pine Grove Rd. to Interlachen Rd.; Interlachen' <br />Rd. from Blake Rd. to Ridge Road; Ridge Road to cul-de-sac; thence northerly along <br />easement between Lots 1 & 9, Block 1, Schwantes Addition to Waterman Ave. and Arthur