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I <br />63 <br />-4 iL T3 <br />p7 m <br />1 <br />7/8/63 <br />CITIZEN ASKS FOR MORE WATER. Mr. A. A: Teeter, Jr., 4500 Drexel Avenue, asked <br />that Council follow through on its plans for two additional wells--and secure <br />more, if necessary to eliminate the annual sprinkling bans. It was explained <br />that Edina's difficulty results in the great disparity between the volume of <br />water used per day during 95% of the year (for which the present system is <br />entirely adequate) and the great volume used for sprinkling during the summer <br />dry spells--this being the highest per-capita volume in the country; that the <br />Council feels it is impractical to burden water users with high rates year- <br />around for the privilege of full-time sprinkling ten or iwelve dagSvr$gh year. <br />Telling Council he would be willing to pay higher rates2 &5°?,daer sald he <br />believes that taxpayers may be paying as much in repairs for ruined lawns as <br />they would be paying in increased water rates. He also suggested that Council <br />spend attitional moneys for laboratory equipment, saying the Hater Superintendent 's <br />present laboratory is one which %auld make any high school kid stick up his nose". <br />CLAIMS PAID. Tupa's motion, for payment of the following Claims as per Pre-List <br />dated July 8, 1963,--General Fund, $57,371.78; Construction Fund, $132.45; Park, <br />Park Construction E Swim Pool Funds, $3,486.08; Water Fund, $8,331.65; Liquor Fund, <br />$22,990.18; Sewer Rental Fund, $145.28, Poor and PIR Funds, $3,958.18--TOTAL, <br />$96,415,60--and Park Construction Fund Claims $3: %hunts of $4,621.23 to Harrison, <br />Brauer E Rippel and $14,662.60 to T.D. Gustafson Company, Was seconded by Rixe <br />and carried. <br />There being no further business to come before this meeting, Tupa moved for <br />adjournment . Motion seconded by MacMillan Adjournment at 9:50 P.M. <br />VilIage 'Clerk <br />MINUTES OF <br />OF REVIEW, <br />5:OO P.N., <br />THE NEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD <br />HELD THURSDAY,.JULY 11, 1963, AT <br />IN TEE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Board of Review Meeting", published in Edina-Horningside <br />Courier June 27 and July 4, 1963, the Edina Board of Review convened at the <br />Village Hall on Thursday, July 11, 1963, at 5:OO P.M., Trustees klacI4illan, <br />Rixe, Tupa and VanValkenburg acting as the Board. Elr. VanValkenburg presided. <br />Village Assessor Kearns presented his books of valuation, which were reviewed <br />by *he Board, in the presence of Mr. Kearns, County Supervisor of Assessments, <br />tlayne Johnson, Assistant Village Manager Hite and Clerk Alden. <br />No one complained to the Board, either that the property of another is assessed <br />too low, or that his own property is assessed too high. <br />1-fr. Johnson reviewed for the Board the policy for assessment of public utilities. <br />Tupa moved that Board approve Books of Valuation as submitted for year 1963. <br />Plotion seconded by MacMillan and carried. <br />T'nere beina no further business to come Liefore this meeting it was adjourned v <br />by motion Tupa, seconded by Rixe and car <br />I'