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7/8/63 <br />IXiXJTES OF TIE PGGULAR HEETING OF TIE . <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUXCIL, HELD HOXDAY, <br />JULY 22, 1963, AT 7:OO P.X., AT THE <br />EDIMA VILLAGE HALL <br />I-Ienibers answering Rollcall were Uac14illan, Rixe , Tupa and VanValkenburg. <br />Pro Tem VanValkenburg presided in Ialayor Bredesen's absence, <br />Mayor <br />H1;;IU'TES of Regular l4eeting of July 8, 1963, were approved as submitted, by' motion <br />I.lacHillan, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />TRAFFIC ACHIEVENEXT AHARD FOR YEAR 1962, made by. International Chiefs of Police <br />Association for excellence in traffic supervision, was explained to audience. <br />Hyde reported that Edina is the only the state to receive this award; one <br />of four in the nation of 25,000 to 50,000 population, and one of 32 communities in the <br />entire United States to be so honored, <br />I+?: <br />COUNCIL DENIES PETITIOU OF STON DEVELOPNENT COkIPANY FOR THE RFZONING OF "TRACT L", <br />IELSOH FARH FOR FILLING STATION USE, <br />Public Hearings on the petition of Stow Development Corporation for the rezoning from <br />Continuation was had of June 24th and July 8th <br />"Office Building District" of "Tract L" , Nelson Farm, for Gasoline Filling Station. <br />Council had received opinion by Village Attorney pointing out that ll--petitioners do <br />not have per se a legal right to the zoning which they seek and that the Council <br />must judge the petition on its own merits, keeping in mind the effects of the <br />petition on the community, health, safety, and welfare, and weighing such factors <br />against the adverse effects upon the petitioner in the event a rezoning is denied." <br />June 24 and July 8, 1963, arid to the Xnutes of the Planning Commission relating to <br />the Nelson Farm Development and this petition, reviewing briefly the location of the <br />site and the problems presented. <br />the \?est side of Highway Xo. 100 is as yet undeveloped in this area, the East side is <br />almost completely developed by the Lake Edina and Normandale Center Additions. <br />Wite showed a plan of the Highway 100-W. 77th Street interchange, explaining that the <br />statfon is pMQosed adjacent to the exit ramp from Highway 100 to W.77th St. for <br />traffic traveling South on Highway 100, and that at the intersection of the ramp with <br />#.77th St. the grade is ten feet above the grade of the surrounding property--which <br />will make this station clearly discernible from the North--whereas a station south <br />of 11~77th St. would be behind the-hump and not so easily seen, <br />reasons for the Planning Commission's recommendation for denial oE the petition, Mr. <br />Hite told Council the Commission feels that if the station is located south of 17.77th <br />Street, in the Planned Industrial District Zone, it can provide the same amount of <br />service without interfering with residential zone, <br />are necessary in both cases, to get from Highway 100 into a station and return to the <br />highway. <br />being planned and discussion was being had with lab. Stobi relative to his proposed <br />Nelson Farm Development, LIr. Stow had indicated he would like the same type of * <br />consideration for his development as that given to Normandale Center; that the Planning <br />Commission had not expected to have a request for a service station north of k7.77th <br />Street; that the Commission is convinaed it would be inadvisable for any filling <br />station to go north of Hi77th Street because, once a filling station is constructed <br />where it is proposed, there is no valid reason to oppose another either south of <br />k7.77th Street, or immediately to the west of this proposed station; that any precedent <br />establishing a filling station north of W.77th Street will cause the Village a great <br />deal of difficulty. <br />lead him to believe I-Ir. Todd has no idea of the'limitations on the power of the <br />Planning Commission; that to grant this petition would not establish a precedent because <br />in this case all property for 1500 feet in every direction is owned by the petitioner and <br />nobody else would suffer in any way from the granting of this permit; that he and the <br />petitioner are convinced, and customer for station is convinced, that this is the <br />proper site for this station; and that petitioners are the only ones who will kuffer <br />any loss on residential property, should there be such a loss. lh. Brill asked for <br />Council action tonight, <br />Mr. Carl Struck, 4745 Hibiscus Avenue, stated, the objections of the Lake Edina <br />Additions residents had been reported at the Village Council kleeting of Harch 25; that <br />everybody around the lake has stated they do not want to see any revision of the zoning <br />as already planned for the iJelson Farm; that what they are mainly concerned about is <br />that if their objections are not voiced at this time, the next request will be for a <br />hamburger stand with a big f4ashy sign, or additional signs north along Highway 100 <br />to advertise this proposed filling station. 14r. John Knutson, 4733 Hibiscus Avenue, <br />added that all Lake Edina residents are against any Commercial encroachment on this <br />area, and in favor of keeping filling stations south of V.77th Street. Hrs. IS. D. <br />Corah, 4805 Hibiscus Avehue, told Council she believes the station would not be used <br />their way to and from work. <br />Planning Director Hite referred louncil to the Minutes of its own meetings of <br />With the aid of Vu-Graph slides he showed.that while <br />Iir. <br />Revieying the <br />It was noted that two left-turns <br />Planning Commission Chairman Todd told Council that when Normandale Center was <br />Attorney Josiah Brill, representing petitioner, remarked that 1.k. Todd's statements <br />,by area residents; that they will go north, rather than south, to get service, on <br />-.