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162 8/2 6 /6 3 <br />BINUTES OF THE FSGULAR 1-IEETIMG OF THE EDINA VILLAGE <br />COWCIL, ELD HOMDAY, AUGUST 26, 1963, AT 7:QO P.I.1. , <br />AT THE EDIMA VILLAGE HALL <br />Xerriiers answering Rollcall were I4acMillan, fixe, Tupa , VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. <br />L <br />I.II??UTES of the Regular Ueeting of August 12, 1963, tiere approved as submitted, <br />by motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />FIRE:iE2 RECOGXIZED FOR EFFORTS TO SAVE LIFE OF CARDIAC ARXEST VICTI:4. Firemen <br />Ed Sherman, Frank t7ellman, and Robert Soslberg were recognized by I-layor and <br />Council for their successful efforts to restore tha heartbeat of a cardiac * <br />victim, who collapsed at 4609 Arden Avenue on August 20. This emergency squad <br />had continued chest massage from the time they arrived at the scene until <br />the man had been transported to iifethodist: Zospital, even though they could not <br />hear a heartbeatewhen they arrived. By the time they reached the hospital the <br />heartbeat had returned. <br />"RESUSCI&EJE1f DEHOUSTltiATZD TO COKK'IL. llResuscianne*f, a most life-like <br />manniken, engineered for aid to emergency workers in chest massage and mouth- <br />to-mouth resuscitation training, was demonstrated to the Council by Firemen <br />Robert Buresch, Ed Sherman, Fr&k ?lellman, and Robert Soelberg. <br />told Council the "young lady" had been purchased from the receipts of their <br />Annual Firemen's Dance; that she cost $234.00; that she is so made that she <br />responds to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation only if her head is in the correct <br />position; that the chest is so constructed that workers can determine proper <br />pressure for chest massage on a human being. They reported that in their <br />efforts to keep abreast with the latest first-aid methods they have taken <br />training from Drs. Rockwell, Guard, Lillienthal arid others in both chest <br />massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. <br />Edina's demonstration at Southdale during Fire Prevention Week, Council was <br />inf orned. <br />The Firemen <br />Resuscianne will be a part of <br />PUBLIC HEARING COIJDUCTED ON PETITION OF PURE OIL COIdPAVY FOR PERNIT 03 REVISED <br />PLAXS FOR GASOLINE SERVICE STATION AT HIGHWAY ;If169 ATTD SUHIIIT AVEtJUE: PETITIOIJ <br />DEBIED, <br />to Council by Pure Oil Company at the Council Ileeting of July 22nd had been <br />re-reviewed by the Planning Commission in public hearing at its meeting of <br />August 22nd; that several of those persons who had originally assented to <br />this revised plan had changed their minds, objecting at the August 22nd Hearing; <br />and that Planning Commission had recommended denial of Pure Oil's request. <br />added he feels that Pure Oil Company must have dropped its proposal inasmuch as <br />its representative is not present this evening. Council reviewed Planning <br />Commission's recommendation of August 22nd, as contained in 1-Iinutes of that <br />date, and VanValkenburg moved that Council concur in Commission's action and <br />that request be denied. Motion seconded by 14acBIillan and carried. <br />Planning Director Hite reported to Council that the plans presented <br />He <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON REVISED PLANS FOR HERITAGE BOARDING HOI-E POSTPOIIED TO <br />SEPTELBER 23. Planning Director Hite asked for postponement of this meeting to <br />the second regular meeting in September, and it kas so ordered, by motion axe, <br />seconded by VanValkenburg and carried, No one was present at this meeting, for <br />hearing on this matter, <br />PUXPS AND CONTROL SYSTE1.I FOR GOLF COURSE IRRIGATIOI? AYARDED TO EAYIE-l'iI8XESOTA <br />COHPAi?Y. Chairman Stevens of the Park Board presented Tabulation of Bids, showing <br />receipt August 23rd of two bids on Pumps, Control Equipment, and Electrical Feeder <br />Line for the Golf Course Irrigation System. <br />at $13,020; T*D. Gustafson Company, high bidder at $13,982.00. <br />recommended award to low bidder, even though bid is higher than estimate, because <br />of urgency of installation. <br />Layne-Minnesota Company , was seconded by t4acI4illan and carried. <br />Layne-Hinnesota Company was lotr bidder <br />Hr. Stevens <br />Tupa's motion that contract be awarded to low bidder, <br />PAVIXG FOR PLAY AREAS AT GARDEi? PARK, DIVISIO?l-RUTLEDGE PARK AXD JACKSOX-BELi-IOFS <br />LANE PARKS AYARDED TO VICTOR CARLSON & SONS. <br />tabulation or' bids received August 23rd, two bids having been received. <br />Carlson & Sons was lotr bidder on a Base Bid of $13,561.00; Berglund-Johnson, Inc. , <br />high bidder at $21,200.00, l4r. Stevens' recommendation was for award of contract <br />to Victor Carlson E Sons Company at ilase Bid plus two alternates, for fencing at <br />Division-Rutledge Park, $2,550, and Jackson-Belmore Lane Park, $1,450.00 , for a <br />total of $17,561.00. VanValkenburg's motion for award of contract in accordance <br />with Park Board's recommendation vas seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Park Board Chairman Stevens presented <br />Victor <br />I