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228 10/21/63 <br />the Post Office already lists "Nine Mile Creek Circle" and"Nine Mile Creek Parkway" <br />in the metropolitan area; that it is doubtful that a like name would be approved. <br />Nr. Hite suggested that a name must be found for the street because it will no <br />longer be "Highway No.- 169" when No. 169 is re-routed along the Crosstown Highway. <br />Ilkager and Planning Director directed to names for road and report back to Council. <br />TRE;ASURER'S REPORT, showing Funds Cash Balances as at August 31, was presented, <br />reviewed and ordered placed on file. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />dated October 21, 1963, was seconded by MacMillan and carried: <br />and Swim Pool Fund, $69,795.28; Water Fund, $24,135.70; Liquor Fund, $61,075.96; Sewer <br />Rental Fund, $503.56; Improvement Funds, $230.43--TOTAL, $471,028.83. <br />There being'no further business to come before this meeting, Maci4illan moved for <br />adjournment. <br />Tupa's motion, for payment of the following Claims as.per Pre-List <br />General Fund, $129,974. 26 ; Construction Fund, $185,313.64; Park, Park Construction <br />I <br />Motion seconded by Rixe and carri <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY; <br />NOVEHBER 4, 1963, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Members answering Rollcall were MacMillan, Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />14INUTES of the Regular Meeting of October 21, 1963, were approved as submitted, by <br />Notion VanValkenburg, Seconded by PiacMillan and carried. <br />$2,625,000.00 GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS' SOLD TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK, bSINNEAPOLIS, AND <br />ASSOCIATES. The Village Clerk presented affidavits of publication of notice of sale <br />of $1,400,000 Improvement Bonds of 1963 proposed to be issued for the financing of <br />various water main, sanitary and storm sewer and street improvement and for the <br />retirement of the Temporary Improvement Bonds, dated September 13, 1963, said affi- <br />davits also showed publication of the notice of sale of $400,000 Waterworks Bonds of <br />1963 and $825,000 Golf Course Bonds of 1963, all in accord with the resolution adopted <br />by the Council on September 9, 1963. Said affidavits were examined and found satis- <br />factory and directed to be placed on file in the office of the Clerk. <br />The Village Clerk reported that five sealed bids had been received in her office <br />prior to the time of this meeting, which bids were thereupon opened and publicly read <br />and considered and were found to be as follows: <br />I <br />Name of Bidder <br />Iialsey, Stuart E Co., Inc. 1 <br />Kidders Peabody E Co; 1 <br />R.W. Pressprich E Co. 1 <br />Goodbody & Co. 1 <br />A.G.Becker & Co., Incorporated ) <br />Walston E Co., Inc. <br />Barret, Fitch, North & Co., Inc,) <br />blullaney, Hells E Company <br />The White-Bhillips Company, Inc.) <br />Kalman & Company, Eianager 1 <br />Barcus, Kindred & Company 1 <br />Juran & Moody, Inc. ) <br />American National Bank ,St .Paul ) <br />Hartford National Bank E Trust, ) . Hartford, Conn. <br />Paine, Nebber, Jackson & Curtis ) <br />E. J. Prescott & Company 1 <br />Channer'Newman Securities 1 <br />I <br />F. S. Smithers & Co., New York, ) <br />New York ) <br />Maturity Dates Interest -Rate Premium <br />(December 1) <br />1965-1968, Incl. 2.80% <br />1969-1973, Incl. 3 .lo% <br />1974 3.20% <br />1975 and 1976 3.30% <br />1977-1980, Incl. 3.40% <br />1981-1985, Incl. 3.50% <br />1986 and 1987 3.60% <br />Plus Additional Coupon on All Bonds <br />at 2.40% from 12/1/63-6/1/64 <br />Net Effective Int. Rate - 3.3893% <br />1965-1967, Incl. 2 . 50%. <br />1973 and 1974 3 .lo% <br />1975-1978, Incl. 3 . 30% <br />1979-1984, Incl. 3.40% <br />1985-1987, Incl. 3 . 50% <br />Plus Additional Coupon on All Bonds <br />at 2.50% from 12/10/63-6/1/64 <br />Net Effective Int. Rate - 3.29419% <br />1968-1972, Incl. 2 . 90% <br />$681.50 <br />None <br />1965-1970, Incl. 3.00% <br />1971-1977, Incl. 3.25% $4,961.25 <br />1978-1982, Incl. 3.50% <br />3983-1987, Incl. 3.60% . <br />Plus Additional Coupon on All Bonds <br />at 2.00% from 1/1/64-6/1/64. <br />Net Effective Int. Rate - 3.3979%